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We talk about all kinds of bands here and we want to share a group worth checking out this year. This is a great time to get in on the Shovels and Rope concert tour. You’ll have a chance to see some great live music in a venue near you. We’ll discuss where you should sit at a concert, and some history of the group, and we’ll discuss some current metrics worth keeping an eye out for as well.

Listed below are tickets for upcoming Shovels and Rope concerts. If you don’t see a location close to you, be sure to check out the load more button. This page will carry every event they will be performing whether it is on their own or for a festival.

Where to Sit at a Shovels and Rope Concert

This will certainly depend on the stage layout and venue. Currently, they are going to be an opening act for The Wood Brothers. Between the two acts, you’ll certainly see more fans come to the concert. We’ll only look at venues with seats. A lot of locations may have some, but a lot have general admission.

Taft Theatre – Located in Cincinnati, OH, the Taft Theatre is a pretty cool spot to check out a concert. This is a perfect venue for Shovels and Rope. The boxes are where you want to be if there are still tickets available. If not, look center stage within 10 rows of the mixing board. The sound will blow your mind away. If you do go balcony, consider the first 5 rows only. You don’t want to be too far back.

Ting Pavilion – This is a location in Charlottesville, VA that has enough seats for this concert. Look in any of the lower sections for seats. The closer the better. If they are sold out below, you’ll be stuck in general admission which may not be that great.

Shovels and Rope Ticket Prices

How much are the ticket prices for a Shovels and Rope Concert? This will fluctuate all of the time leading up to the event. Here is a quick look at some of the upcoming shows and the get-in prices. We want you to remember, these prices will change both up and down. We are seeing ticket prices for an average of around $70. This could change based on location so always keep that in mind when comparing ticket prices.

Location Lowest Ticket Prices
Tennessee Theatre – Knoxville, TN $67
Duling Hall – Jackson, MS $59
The Salt Shed – Chicago, IL $71
Goodyear Theater – Akron, OH $75
Taft Theatre – Cincinnati, OH $81

Looking Deep A Shovels and Rope

Shovels and Rope is an American folk duo, made up of husband and wife, Michael Trent and Cary Ann Hearst. The couple had led individual musical careers in the 80s and had somehow become an item together. They dish out a blend of rock, folk, and country rocks from their unique vocal talent to continually entertain their fans. Both of them can sing melodically and play instruments like guitar, keyboard, drums, and percussion. This is the best time to buy Shovels & Rope tickets. Don’t miss out on some of the best seats in the venue near you.

They hail from Charleston, South Carolina, and Cary Ann Hearst started playing music in local bars as she attended the College of Charleston. They released their first album together titled “shovels and rope” in 2008 under their names. They got married in 2009, still performing individually to their fans.

The couple never had a plan of becoming a duo even after the release of their first album, “Shovels, and Rope” together. Carry Ann started performing at local bars till after her graduation when she began touring and recording. Before going solo, she had performed under various groups such as Caravan and Borrowed Angels until she released her first solo in 2006. Trent came into the limelight with his solo album in 2007. The couple had performed on stage, thrilling their fans live with their unique voice and instruments.

Catching Shovels and Rope Performing Live

Shovels and Rope has a huge fan base spread across demographics. A broad group of people appreciates Their kind of music, so they have a massive number of fans waiting for them anywhere they visit.

Grabbing tickets for their shows has become hectic for their fans. Keeping track of when they will visit your city or a city close to you can be difficult. Fans have missed their shows for these two reasons: unawareness about the tour close to them and difficulty getting affordable tickets.

You can be assured of being updated on the tour activities of your favorite duo above. You will not have to miss them as they come to perform in your city or a place close to you. Keep yourself updated, as we provide you with the latest information about Shovels and Rope.

In the past Shovels and Rope performed alongside several big acts in the industry. They played in Red Rocks with The Lumineers. They also played with Bradii Carlile, The Avett Brothers, and the Alabama Snakes. They do show up at different music festivals around the country as well.

Enjoy the Duo Live Performance

Shovels and Rope are well known for their natural performance and unique voices. Both of them can play various instruments, and both can sing as lead vocals and backup.

The duo performs a blend of music that includes rock and roll, folk, and country music. The blend of music is appealing to different groups of people, which makes the duo very appealing to a vast fan base. Both of them are excellent songwriters and can deliver melodic songs that people can sing along with while they perform on stage.

Being present in their live performance is magical, and you can only grasp this experience by watching them on stage. They are passionate about their act on stage. Both of them are unique together, and you will be left appreciating this couple as they perform love songs together.

Some Interesting Statistics

We have several things we use for our metrics calculations when it comes to popularity for concert supply and demand. We use Spotify as one of our sources to help find real-time listeners. In the case of Shovels and Rope, we see just about 600k listens per month. This is nothing great but steady enough to bring in some fans.

The other mechanism we use is the following on YouTube. This tells us people are looking for live shows. With just about 20k YouTube Subscribers they have a long way to go. They are definitely a niche band made for those that love their music.

Great Instrumentalist on Display

One thing that leaves you mesmerized by their performances is the instruments they play. Both are so good on the keyboard, guitar, percussion, and drum. You can say this couple does everything when it comes to music. They can do it all by songwriting, and playing different kinds of musical instruments. They have both kept their fan base going through with them from the days of their solo act. Carry Ann has fans that have been with her right from the days she performed at small bars in Charleston. This is your chance to get the best seats at a Shovels and Rope concert. Don’t miss your chance at the upcoming shows.


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