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Sevendust, formerly known as Crawlspace, is an American metal band based out of Atlanta, Georgia. They entered the metal scene in 1994, and have since performed alongside iconic masters of metal, like Metallica, Godsmack, Korn, and Disturbed. They appeared in Woodstock of 1999, and have rolled with all of the changes their band has undergone since its founding. The band’s hard-metal quintet is currently composed of: Vince Hornsby, Morgan Rose, John Connolly, Lajon Witherspoon, and Clint Lowery. This is the best time to buy Sevendust tickets. Get the close-up seats to have a better time.

Sevendust has a listening rate of more than 980,000 monthly plays on Spotify®, and their most popular hit singles include: “Denial,” from Sevendust, “Risen”, All I See is War, and “Praise”, from Animosity. In short, Sevendust is an American metal staple. If you enjoy Sevendust’s music, be sure to check out similar artists, like Nonpoint, Flaw, Taproot, Soil, or Spineshank. These metal artists are sure to leave your metal ego properly inspired, and your music library refreshed.

Sevendust delivers all of the generic criteria for a classic metal performance, but they add their own twist to the scene. The band’s venue is always decorously grungy, and is in no way complete without skull and rose graphic prints, ripped denim jackets, head-bangs, dramatic lead guitar shredding, crowd surfing, and high audience interaction. The artists cater to their fanbase as they sing and tell stories to express what it means to be a metal artist in modern-day America. See Sevendust live to explore your metal side, and let them show you how it’s done best.

Sevendust has been nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance in 2015, where their song, “Thank You”, from Sevendust was noted as one of the most memorable performances in their history. Sevendust has worked to be on stage next to some of the most significant bands in American metal history, and they uphold their genre in action, décor, and musicianship. Sevendust is a must-see band for an iconic American metal experience. Sevendust is a band for dedicated, silver-blooded metal enthusiasts, or for anyone who wants a unique concert-going experience. Secure your ticket to get ready to rock out with Sevendust, and be sure to take a stole through our archives to discover bands that peak your curiosity.

Notable Performances by Sevendust

Will to Rock reviewed Sevendust’s performance at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey to be absolutely guitar-smashing. The band’s performance took place on a warm, June evening in 2017. Blue and purple lighting permeated the muggy venue, and Sevendust’s members entered the stage after the lights dramatic faded to black. All was preluded with excited, energetic chants of the band’s name from the crowd. The band sported their tattoos, flannels and bone-ridden graphic T’s, and angular guitars. Their music was reported to be thunderously loud, and fans had their hands raised for the open-firing of hard, rollercoaster rock.

When Sevendust performs live, they interact with the crowd. Members onstage will reach out or leap into the audience, and set the scene for a non-hierarchal, talented performance. See Sevendust today for an amazing metal experience that you’ll be raving about for weeks. Seeing Sevendust live is a great option if you are interested in entering a classically metal scene, or if you just want to experience a new wave of top-quality metal. Snag a ticket and bring a friend.

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