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Rod Stewart is a world-famous British singer and songwriter. He has been creating and chasing new musical creations since his childhood. Rod Stewart’s signature voice pairs with clean rock rhythms that flare between rock and roll and pop-rock. Rod Stewart has recorded over 25 smashing solo albums and continues to rock on and solo in his music career today. He is known worldwide as an exceptionally talented and passionate singer and songwriter. This is the best time to buy tickets for Rod Stewart in Concert. You should look for the best seats which will help elevate the time you have watching him live.

When Rod Stewart was very young, he would write music in his father’s newspaper shop. It is reported that he would even turn the “Open” sign around so that he would not be interrupted by customers. He reports having been greatly influenced by the famous Bob Dylan, an American singer, and songwriter. Stewart had a flash of 80’s pop flare into his music, which resulted in a heated debate amongst Stewart fans, but eventually, he listened to feedback and reattuned his style to his signature down-to-earth sound.

Rod Stewart has a listening rate of 10,062,930 plays per month on Spotify®. Some notable hit singles by Rod Stewart include:

  • “Maggie May”, from Every Picture Tells a Story
  • “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy”, from Blondes Have More Fun
  • “All For Love”, from If We Fall In Love Tonight
  • “Sailing”, from Atlantic Crossing
  • “Have I Told You Latley”, from Vagabond Heart
  • “The First Cut Is The Deepest”, from A Night On The Town
  • “I Don’t Want To Talk About It”, from Atlantic Crossing


As a musician and lyrical artist, he has covered a great deal of ground in terms of what it means to be a craftsman. Rod Stewart knows all angles of his chosen craft. In addition to musicianship and lyricism, he knows how to perform and deliver an entertaining musical experience to an audience. He is nearly 80 years old but still continues to give smashing, classic, rock and roll concerts for fans to enjoy worldwide.

Notable Performances by Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart had a special performance at The Amalie Arena in Tampa, FL along with a special guest, Cyndi Lauper on July 8, 2017. Cyndi Lauper sang “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” not long after Stewart sang “The First Cut is The Deepest”, and the throwback was almost too good for the crowd to handle. Even at 74 years old, Stewart knows how to give a proper concert and make sure that the audience is not short of entertainment. It was reported that soccer balls were kicked out by the crowd and that his outfit was spectacular, as usual. The musical energy that Stewart is still able to exert is phenomenally fresh and downright intoxicating to his true-fan audiences.

At this particular concert, fans report Stewart to have arrived in his usual fashionable dress, which included white pants and a blue suit. He is said to have wrangled the very large and lively crowd with humorous commentary in between rockin’ and soulful performances.

Fans report that Stewart takes his audience on a trip through the past of his old songs, and blasts them away with the new ones. His notorious hairstyles are still in-check, and his Christmas albums have even made the Spotify hit lists.

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