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Funny people can be hard to come by which is why Sebastian Maniscalco’s stand-up comedy provides for some of the most entertaining nights possible in America. In 1973, Maniscalco was born in Arlington Heights, Illinois. He has become a successful actor but he will always be remembered for his comedy. His comedy is rich with stories that anyone can relate to. He notices the small things in life and shares them in a hilarious way. This is the best time to buy Sebastian Maniscalco tickets.

Listed just below are the locations Sebastian will be performing at. Sometimes he will have multiple events occurring in one night. Keep this in mind when looking for the best seats. A lot of other comedians will perform two shows in a night. If he is on tour and you don’t see a location near you, go ahead and use the load more button. This will take you to the page that has every booked show. Make sure you act fairly quickly so you don’t miss out on those hard-to-get seats.

Maniscalco was born to Italian immigrants. He moved to Los Angeles in 1998 to pursue his comedy career. He had to work as a waiter part-time to support his comedy gigs. At first, he mostly performed only in open mics at bars and bowling alleys. He slowly gained more traction but it was a slow climb. In 2009, he finally was offered some television specials from comedy networks and he released his first special that year. He aired three specials after that on Showtime.

By 2017, Maniscalco was listed on Forbes’ highest-paid comedian list. He is one of the rare comedians that makes most of his money at stand-ups. It was calculated he sold an average of 4,000 tickets for each show that year. Maniscalco has performed on a ton of television including the Late Night Shows of Craig Ferguson, Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’Brien, and Steven Colbert. He published his memoir in 2018 and it was called Stay Hungry. Maniscalco starred in his first feature movie, Green Book, in 2018. He plans to continue acting and has a role in Martin Scorsese’s movie The Irishman. You can also see Sebastian on his newest Netflix original. It is called Is It Me? This is a one-hour episode of some great live comedy. This is a great interlude if you plan to see him live in the future.

Performances That Should Be Remembered

One of Maniscalco’s favorite spots to perform was The Comedy Store in West Hollywood. He was a constant guest there by 2005. Maniscalco has always put his comedy gigs as a priority and he continues to do that even today. In 2017, he performed in over 100 stand-up gigs. He also likes to perform at the same stage consecutively if the demand is high.

Getting Great Tickets

Everyone wants the ability to get the very best tickets for themselves. Let’s face it, you deserve them and nothing should stop you from seeing your favorite performers. All the available seats will be listed above. Look for the location near you and determine where you want to sit.

Best Seats to See Sebastian Maniscalco

We talk about experience quite a bit here. The main thing when it comes to that is making sure you have the best seats. Currently, Sebastian has a home at the Encore at Wynn. He performs quite a bit there but will go on the road as well. Using the Wynn as an example, we suggest you stay stage center. You don’t necessarily have to sit in the first 15 rows. You can go to the balcony level as well. We suggest you take the first few rows if possible and make sure to stay stage center. He looks around a lot, but he will focus on the center more times than not. The best seats for a Sebastian Maniscalco show are here. Look at the listings above and pick the seats that meet your budget and timeframe.

Everyday Laughter

What makes Maniscalco so special is his ability to deliver his stories. He is extremely animated and has very wild facial expressions. The stories he tells are so normal, any ordinary person has experienced the stuff he tells. However, he knows how to find comedy in it and point out the irony. You will feel like he is your friend who is just excited about telling you how his day was. There is an extremely warm and comfortable aspect of his comedy.

Maniscalco worked hard to achieve his dreams. He sacrificed a lot to perform gigs every day so more people could hear his jokes. You can hear that grind in his performances. He is comfortable and has been on stage many times. Yet, he continues to do it because he loves it and has found a way to keep things fresh for himself and for his fans.

Social Media Following

Sebastian was able to use social media to help boost his career even more. By having almost one million followers on TikTok, he has a large audience to hear some of his skits. If you were looking for comedy at some point on Tiktok, you most likely had him scroll across your screen. People will turn to YouTube as well when it comes to some shows. He currently has almost 600k subscribers. One of his most viewed videos is the Chipotle scene from one of his live performances. This video has over seven million views.

Comedy Gold

Do not miss out on this genius and get the best seats for Sebastian Maniscalco. He is a comedian on the rise and more and more people are becoming addicted to his personality and jokes. This is the best time to buy Sebastian Maniscalco tickets. Don’t wait much longer before the seats you want are gone. The comedy experience is waiting for you.


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