Seattle Seahawks Tickets

Best Time to Buy Seattle Seahawks Tickets

Best Time to Buy Seattle Seahawks Tickets

You have to admit this is a great season to go check out the Seattle Seahawks live. You are here because you are looking for tickets that are not only affordable but offer the best seats. We are here to help you find those seats at the cheapest price possible. We share some tips and tricks on how you can get below cost on the next Seahawks game.

Listed are tickets to the upcoming games. You will see a listing of both home and away games. You will also see games from the preseason up to the Super Bowl. You may also come across parking passes for Lumen Field. This is a big part of going to the game if you plan on driving. If you can find tickets that include a parking pass be sure to look into those ticket prices.

August 10
11:05 pm
August 10, Sat, 11:05 pm
SoFi Stadium - Inglewood
August 17
11:00 pm
August 17, Sat, 11:00 pm
Nissan Stadium - Nashville
August 24
11:00 pm
August 24, Sat, 11:00 pm
Lumen Field at Lumen Field Event Complex - Complex - Seattle
September 08
06:58 am
September 08, Sun, 06:58 am
Lumen Field at Lumen Field Event Complex - Complex - Seattle
September 08
08:05 pm
September 08, Sun, 08:05 pm
Lumen Field at Lumen Field Event Complex - Complex - Seattle
September 15
05:00 pm
September 15, Sun, 05:00 pm
Gillette Stadium - Foxborough
September 22
08:05 pm
September 22, Sun, 08:05 pm
Lumen Field at Lumen Field Event Complex - Complex - Seattle
October 01
12:15 am
October 01, Tue, 12:15 am
Ford Field - Detroit
October 06
08:25 pm
October 06, Sun, 08:25 pm
Lumen Field at Lumen Field Event Complex - Complex - Seattle
October 11
12:15 am
October 11, Fri, 12:15 am
Lumen Field at Lumen Field Event Complex - Complex - Seattle

Right Time to Buy Seattle Seahawks Tickets

We get asked all the time when the best time to buy Seattle Seahawks tickets is. A lot of people have different strategies when it comes to purchasing. We like to think that two weeks before the game you want to see is the best opportunity for both seat options and price.

Sellers will try to sell their seats around this time while keeping their prices pretty firm. Once they see that the demand starts to diminish, there will be a time when sellers will reduce ticket prices. This fluctuation is when you need to jump on the purchase. Always remember to find seats that will offer you the best experience within your budget. We will discuss this in the seating section below.

Depending on your budget consider looking at games against opponents that don’t travel well. This means teams with smaller fan bases that are playing Seattle. When the visiting opponent doesn’t have as many fans nearby then prices will drop based on the demand for tickets.

Where to Sit at Lumen Field?

Seating is probably the most important part to think about when purchasing tickets. Yes, budget is a major concern, but don’t let that stop you from upgrading to a better location. We break down some of the different sections around Lumen Field.

Lower-level – The lower level is considered the location of a true fan. You will have the best feeling of being at the game at the lower level both in visual and in sound. You can even have access to the Seattle Seahawks bench when you select sections 134, 135, and 136. If you are a fan of the opposing team try to sit behind sections 108,109 and 110. Prices will be a little bit cheaper on this side of the bench.

Field Seats – These are premium seats located in four different sections around the field. This will give you the best view and access to the game. You’ll have to spend a small fortune, but if the budget is right the experience will be amazing.

Upper level – We don’t really like to discuss the upper level because we don’t feel like it’s the best bang for your buck. We feel like the upper level gets you in the stadium but that’s about it. The views are not as great and even the sound won’t be as good. You’ll end up watching on the bigger screens more than on the field.

Club seats – Like many stadiums, club seats, and suites are some of the best seats in the building. If you can afford a club-level seat you’ll be looking at some great views. You have access to climate-controlled seating, complimentary game programs, access to different lounges with big-screen TVs, special bathrooms, and a lot more.

Suites – Some of the suites located around the stadium are fantastic. This is a perfect opportunity on cold wet days to watch a Seattle Seahawks game. You’ll have plenty of amenities including private restrooms, VIP parking passes, all-inclusive food and soft drinks, a staff attendant, a climate-controlled environment, and much more.

Parking Around the Stadium

Parking at a football game is notorious for being a pain in the butt. We want to make sure you include this in your ticket-purchasing budget. If you purchase your parking pass ahead of time you’ll be way better off. You’ll be spending around $30-$40 on a parking pass around Lumen field. Try not to wait until the last minute to get your parking pass to save a little money and hassle.

Restaurants Near the Stadium

Are you thinking about eating before or after the game without going near the nachos? There are a lot of great restaurants in the area for you to choose from. Here are two places to consider in your venture.

Elysian Fields – You have a wide selection of IPAs if you are looking to get busy early. Some delicious comfort food and a great atmosphere. This is a great spot to check out.

Jimmy’s on First – This is a great spot to catch a meal before or after a game. Looks for decent service and some yummy cheeseburgers. A good selection of beers as well.

Places to Spend the Night Nearby

You have a wide range of hotels to choose from in the Seattle area. It will be up to you to figure out what kind of money you want to spend on a night’s stay. We do our best to give you as much information as possible when it comes to making decisions.

Embassy Suites by Hilton Seattle Downtown Pioneer Square – This Embassy Suites by Hilton in downtown Pioneer Square is a great establishment for you to spend the night in style. You’ll be looking at around $240 for the night. You have access to some great service and excellent amenities.

Silver Cloud Hotel – Seattle Stadium – The Silver Cloud offers an affordable option when staying in downtown Seattle. Look for an excellent restaurant to go along with your accommodations. You’ll be looking at around $180 for the night. More on the rates are here.

Some Other Ticket Buying Options

You do have other ticket-purchasing options when going to a Seattle Seahawks football game. We like to mention these two to help you decide how you want to purchase your tickets. The normal spectator will purchase tickets for just one game.

Season Tickets – Although season tickets to any sports team can be quite expensive, this is a great way for you to attend more than one game a year. You can potentially cover your cost and even make money on the season by purchasing season tickets. Look for seats in a great location. The goal is to not only break even on your season-long purchase but to actually make some money in the long run.

Last-Minute Tickets – Now is your chance to go see a Seattle Seahawks game at the last minute. We mean that you can actually walk up to the stadium and purchase your ticket as you’re walking in. You’ll have plenty of sellers looking to sell last-minute seats trying to get back some of the money they spent on their tickets. This is your chance that is much riskier but may save you a lot of money if you go.

The History of the Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks were founded in 1974 with their first season occurring in 1976. They have been part of the AFC West and NFC West divisions. The Seahawks have provided their fans with some great entertainment over the past decade.

The Seahawks have made it to three conference championships and have made it have won one Super Bowl. They have also established many playoff appearances along the way.

Although divisional rivalries against the San Francisco 49ers, Los Angeles Rams, and Arizona Cardinals it’s also the Green Bay Packers that will bring a pretty expensive ticket. Keep these teams and mine when both buying and selling your tickets.

Besides the 12th man, the Seattle Seahawks have had some special players come through the organization. Some of the biggest names include Steve Largent, John Randle, Walter Jones, Kenny Easley, and Steve Hutchinson

It’s Time to go to a Game

This is a great year for you to go check out a Seattle Seahawks football game. We gave you enough information to make your experience great. Always remember to put your seating location ahead of your budget if you can. The best seats will go a long way if you let them. If you have any questions about attending a future game, please let us know. Good luck!

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