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This is your chance to see the Kraken live. The newest NHL franchise will bring some great action to the city of Seattle. We know how loyal the fans are in Seattle and it’s just a matter of time until the Kraken joins the elite. Let us help you find cheap Seattle Kraken tickets as well as find you the best seats.

In the listings below you will find tickets to all of the upcoming Kraken games. This will include from the start of the season all the way up to the Stanley Cup finals. You will notice games that are both home and away. Keep the location in mind when sifting through the results. A parking pass may also appear on the list. These are important if you plan on driving to Climate Pledge Arena.

Right Time to Buy Seattle Kraken Tickets

Our goal is to help you get your tickets at the right time. There are many times when patience will get you the best price. We will go over a couple of ways you can save money when buying your seats.

The NHL is filled with games all year long. In fact, it is a pretty brutal season for the players. Around 10-14 days before the game you want to see is a sweet spot. This is when most people will have decided to go to a game or not. Demand at all of the major ticket providers will be down. This gives you the opportunity to see how sellers react. They will most likely reduce their ticket prices to make sure they get back their investment. There will be a lot of sellers that will still hold out for that premium price.

Consider going to a weekday game over a weekend. A game on a Tuesday night will most likely be less than a game on a Friday night.

We suggest you watch a couple of sections in the arena and see how prices fluctuate. You’ll start to notice prices go up or down. Once you see prices take a dip, you should make your move.

Also, consider the NHL team the Kraken are facing. A game against the Vancouver Canucks will most likely be more expensive than a game against the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Where Should You Sit at Climate Pledge Arena

You are here for the seats. Let’s not beat around the bush. Tickets to any professional sporting event can cost you. Our goal is to get you in the seats that not only meet your budget but will give you the best in-game experience. Making memories is what it’s all about. Listed below are some of the different sections around the arena. Here is our breakdown of the Climate Pledge Arena seating chart. There are many different ways to take in a game.

Ice Seats – These are the in games seats you are looking for. These seats are located right across from the player’s bench. They are labeled as AA and BB. If you can get one of these seats you’ll be set.

Tunnel Club Seats – These are elevated seats above the benches and ice seats. These will carry a premium cost as well.

Lower Bowl – The lower bowl seats are the rest of the seats in the lower level outside of the different clubs. This is where you should start your research and upgrade from here.

Upper Bowl – These seats are not terrible for an upper-level seat. However, we suggest you always go down to a lower bowl seat if you can.

Suites – There are suites all around the arena. You will have not only good views but private bathrooms, VIP entrance, in-suite attendants, complimentary parking, and many other perks.

Parking Around the Arena

Parking is definitely one of those things we tend to forget about. If you plan to bring your car to the arena, you’ll have to find a parking spot. Although you could find parking spots using one of the major parking apps for $5, you will most likely pay around $15 to park your car. Proximity to the arena will also dictate how much your parking spot will be.

Kinds of Tickets to Buy

For all major sports, you have many different ways of getting tickets. We will go over some of the different options to consider. You may be surprised at what you can do. This will all come down to how many games you want to attend.

Season Tickets – If you ever thought about season tickets, this is your chance. With such a new team you can be sure prices will be quite fair and can be negotiated. If you want to go to more than a couple of games each season then this could make sense. The games you don’t attend is where you can sell your tickets. You can ask for some premium on the seats and pay back what you spent on the games you attended. With a good season and big crowds, you can possibly even make money on your seats by the season’s end.

Single Game Seats – This is most likely the case why you are here. A single game ticket will carry a pretty heavy premium. This is usually the case when it comes to going to only one game.

Group Seats – Most NHL teams including the Seattle Kraken provide their fans with group tickets. This can vary in size. You can choose one of these deals and get a decent price on more than one game. You won’t be able to choose the teams you want to see Seattle face. You also won’t be able to select which day of the week the games are going to be on. Make sure you check your long-term calendar for any scheduling commitments.

Last Minute Tickets – A nice thing about this day and age is the way you can get tickets to the games. You can decide to go to a game on the day of the contest. You can use a site like SeatGeek and see if there are any last-minute sellers trying to get some money for their seats. You may not always get a deal. This is a much risker way to get seats, however, if you score, you can save a lot of money.

Some Seattle Kraken History

The Seattle Kraken was founded in 2021. They are located in Seattle, Washington. They are part of the Western Conference and are in the Pacific Division.

The Kraken currently have no Conference Championships nor do they have any Stanley Cup Titles.

This is the first professional hockey team to enter Seattle since 1975. This is when the Seattle Totems were part of the Western Hockey League.

Being in the upper northwest of the United States, you can expect some big rivalries to commence against the Vancouver Canucks, Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, and San Jose Sharks.

Making it Out to a Game

Now is your chance to go to a Seattle Kraken game. The prices are reasonable if you know when to look and where to sit. The information we’ve provided should give you some clues on what to do. Always remember to put the experience ahead of the budget if you can. A great seat will cost more money, but it will also provide a much better memory when the game is over. If you have any questions about buying Seattle Kraken tickets please contact us. Good Luck!


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