SeatRetriever is a Trustworthy SiteJust recently launched, SeatRetriever joined the ranks in the third-party market for selling tickets. We all know that tickets are astronomically expensive for most types of events.

Unless you have a pretty good hookup or have some kind of corporate setup, you’ll be paying a lot of money for the tickets.

SeatRetriever decided to take on the big boys like SeatGeek, Barry’s Tickets, and StubHub to see if there is any room in the space, Being part of the ticket industry for over 10 years, they do know a thing or two about the business. However, how will this help you save money? Let’s look at some of the details and break down what we found.

Ticket Price Comparison

When it comes to going to an event it comes down to price. This will most likely sway you one way or another if you will go. Once committed to going, however, you will do your best to compare all the different ticket sites for the best price. This is common practice across the board and the ticket sites know this. SeatRetriever knows this as well.

No matter which ticket site you choose, you’ll pretty much find the same seats or similar to any event.

Unless the event has an exclusive ticket release, if you see certain tickets on StubHub you will see it on SeatRetriever and so on.

The SeatRetriever ticket database is gathered from the company, TicketNetwork. You can read their review as well.

If you look at the tickets at SeatRetriever you will see the same tickets on TicketNetwork. The interesting thing is, that the prices on SeatRetriever are less, sitewide compared to TicketNetwork. So, if you like to use TicketNetwork as your resource for seats you might as well use SeatRetriever and save money. They provide the same customer service and the ticket delivery system will be the same. The safe and secure transaction will always be in play or your money back. It’s that simple.

Events Offered at SeatRetriever

If it has a ticket, you’ll most likely find it at SeatRetriever. When it comes to sports we are talking about.

  • NFL
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • College Football
  • College Basketball
  • MLS
  • and much, much more.

If you are looking for concert tickets they have you covered.

  • Rock and Pop
  • Blues
  • Classical
  • Country
  • Hip Hop
  • and much, much more.

They also provide tickets to all kinds of theaters around the country and also comedy shows. If you check out their site you probably will find the tickets you are looking for. If they don’t have tickets listed for a particular act they are either sold out or the tour has ended. You can always contact support to find out more information.

Is There a Mobile App?

As of right now, they do not offer a mobile app for their site. The responsive version of the website will act the same if you wish to purchase your tickets from a mobile device. This definitely shouldn’t stop you from making your purchase. Although an app is a nice feature to have they are most likely not ready to build out a super expensive app. We’ll let you know as soon as this does happen.

Pros and Cons

We didn’t find too many cons when it came to the SeatRetriever sites. They offer all the same tickets as everyone else so it is hard to mess that up. The listing of tickets is very straightforward as well. We believe they do offer a 5% promo code on ticket prices but this doesn’t include the service fees. This could change at any time so it is best to ask when you put in the code. If they could build out their mobile platform it may make things a little easier but overall their site will handle everything you need.

As far as tickets offered and fees on those particular tickets, you will find them right in the middle. No one in the industry is playing too many games to outprice each other since it is a marketplace. This is what you have to remember, it’s not SeatRetriever setting the prices of tickets. It’s the market. When the price drops at one site it will be dropping on others as well. This is why when you search for seats the prices are technically the same.

Final Thoughts

Being the new kid on the block it will be difficult for them to take on the big boys but at the same time, it’s nice to support the little guys as well. Aren’t we tired of paying money to big corporate companies like TicketMaster and StubHub? They pretty much control the marketplace. They won’t be hurting if a few tickets are purchased from other companies, especially small ones like SeatRetriever. We say unless you see enormous savings, use SeatRetriever instead. Get the same seats and support while helping a small business grow.

As they grow, we will continue to share what we learn about SeatRetriever. We think you’ll be satisfied. Use the link below to get your tickets today.