If you’re looking to buy tickets for an event or sporting event, SeatGeek should be on your list of options. We’ve had a close relationship with SeatGeek for eight years, not just working with them but also as customers. Our firsthand experience with their service gives us confidence in how SeatGeek will treat you. Not only do we think SeatGeek is legit, we think they should be one of your top ticket sources going forward.

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Our Initial Thoughts and Opinions

Before looking into the various aspects you might be curious about, we want to share our genuine opinions on SeatGeek. We’ve been involved with SeatGeek for nearly a decade, witnessing its evolution from the early stages to its current state. From our experience, SeatGeek is legit, and you can trust that you’ll receive your tickets. However, our love for them isn’t as strong as it once was.

We currently don’t view them as the top choice. They’re undergoing significant changes, which might be affecting ticket prices. While you can still buy and sell tickets reliably through SeatGeek, there seems to be something lacking at the moment. We find StubHub and Vivid Seats to be preferable alternatives. This perspective is the reason behind our update.

*** This reflects our current viewpoint. We still believe that choosing SeatGeek over many other platforms is a better option. We’re sharing our thoughts as they stand right now.

Event Options

One great feature of SeatGeek is its wide selection of tickets, covering everything from parking passes to front-row seats at an Olivia Rodrigo concert. You can find tickets for concerts, theater productions, comedy shows, and a broad range of sports events, from college to professional levels. SeatGeek has partnerships with teams, which could lead to savings on tickets. If you don’t find your event listed, check back the next day, as it’s likely to be added.

Deal Score

SeatGeek Deal Score Legend - What the Deal Score Means?SeatGeek puts significant effort into its deal score system, which is designed to help you find the best seats at the most favorable prices. This system adjusts as the event date approaches, essentially guiding you to the best options available at any given time. While a high deal score might indicate a good find, it’s always worth considering, as spending a bit more could secure an even better seat.

In their interface, you’ll notice the deal score highlighted at the top, for instance using the image, a 9.6, indicating a great price compared to other available tickets. SeatGeek categorizes tickets with labels such as Amazing Deal, Great Deal, Good Deal, Okay Deal, Moderate Price, Deluxe Price, Premium Price, and VIP Package. This allows for easy comparison, encouraging you to weigh each option against better ones.

Look for the darker green dots on the seating chart for the seats to which they give the best score. Always check out all of the details to see if there is a reason why they rank the tickets so high. A good deal may still be very expensive, so watch for how they put it in terms of all the available tickets for that event.

Customer Service

When a company is small, it’s often easier to provide excellent customer service. However, as SeatGeek has grown, there’s a sense that their customer service might not be keeping pace. The initial point of contact with their customer service is often through automated bots, which can be frustrating for many people. While it’s possible to eventually connect with a human representative, this can take some time, which is less than ideal, especially if there’s an issue with your tickets. On a positive note, SeatGeek offers a buyer’s guarantee, ensuring that if there are any problems with your tickets, you will receive a refund. They have an extensive FAQ guide that will answer a lot of the basic questions.


The technological advancements SeatGeek has made were a key factor in our initial excitement about them. The SeatGeek API and ticket listing presentation are both user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, searching for tickets straightforward. They ensure that all listings are updated in real-time, so you won’t miss out on a chance to purchase.

SeatGeek also offers a well-designed app available for both iOS and Android mobile users. Installing the app is easy, and once logged in, you’ll have access to your tickets, whether you’re buying or selling. This app will likely be your entry point to the event venue.

Seating Chart

One feature that has continuously improved over the years is the seating chart. For many large arenas and stadiums, you can expect to see a 3D zoom-in feature of the facility, which helps in choosing the best possible seats. However, this cool feature can have its drawbacks, such as causing you to focus too much on one section because it looks appealing on your screen, potentially overlooking other good sections.

3D Seating Chart at SeatGeek - Check for the Best Seats in Each Section

Discounts and Promo Codes

If you’re searching for a promo code, we’ve got you covered. SeatGeek often has specials based on the season, though not always. To save some money, make sure to use our exclusive code at checkout. Simply apply it, and you’re set. Thanks to our relationship with SeatGeek, we were able to secure this special discount code for you.

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Ticket Prices Compared to Other Sites

Ticket prices are largely determined by the event itself. We’ve observed that SeatGeek’s prices are often more favorable than those of many larger competitors in the ticket resale market. However, this may not always be the case, so comparing prices with those on Vivid Seats and StubHub is a good practice. Doing so can give you a clearer understanding of the various price levels. More often than not, you’ll be satisfied with choosing SeatGeek for your purchase.

Primary Seller Tickets

There are instances where SeatGeek acts as the primary seller of tickets. Typically, tickets are sourced from three main providers: Ticketmaster, LiveNation, or AXS. However, SeatGeek sometimes has access to primary tickets, meaning they sell the tickets directly, not as part of a resale exchange like many other listings. When you find a primary ticket option on SeatGeek with a reasonable price, you can generally expect lower fees and a better overall deal.

SeatGeek Ticket Fees

Yes, SeatGeek includes fees, which is common across most ticket-selling platforms. Even platforms like TickPick, where fees are incorporated into the ticket price shown on their site, have them. It’s difficult to calculate the exact amount you’ll pay in fees in advance, as they vary by event. Fees can be substantial, such as handling, delivery, processing, venue fees, and more.

All-in Ticket Prices

A significant update to our previous look at SeatGeek is the introduction of all-in ticket prices on SeatGeek, which helps with transparency and avoiding surprises at checkout. Except for sales tax, the price you see while exploring the seating chart is what you will pay. This approach helps you manage your budget more effectively. You have the option to toggle this feature on or off, depending on your preference. Our discussion on all-in ticket prices is thorough, ensuring you can buy tickets with confidence.

Payment Choices

Affirm Payments for Tickets - Buy Now and Pay LaterYou can use most major credit cards for your ticket purchases. If you’re interested in a buy now, pay later option, SeatGeek offers the Affirm payment system, allowing you to purchase your tickets and pay for them over time. Details about this process are available on their website.

For those in Canada, there’s the option to display prices in Canadian dollars, simplifying the process of understanding ticket prices and the checkout process.

Currently, SeatGeek does not offer gift cards or any form of pre-paid ticket certificates. It’s important to be cautious and avoid falling for scams that claim otherwise.

Selling on SeatGeek

The same platform where you buy tickets is also a good place to sell them. With its constantly expanding marketplace, SeatGeek ranks just behind StubHub in terms of inventory. Listing your tickets for sale is a straightforward process: you’ll upload your bar-coded tickets, provide details about the seats, and specify how you’ll deliver them. Next, you set your asking price, which you can adjust at any time.

Selling on SeatGeek does involve fees. Sellers are charged 10% of the selling price. Many sellers choose to include this fee in their asking price to cover the cost.

Guarantees on Timed Deliveries

All major ticket providers, including SeatGeek, offer a buyer’s guarantee. Some providers go the extra mile by requiring sellers to compensate buyers with not just 100% of the purchase price, but 200% if there are issues. This policy tries to deter sellers from listing tickets they don’t have. Thanks to digital ticketing, which simplifies the transfer process, these guarantees have improved significantly over time.

Buyers Guarantee from SeatGeek - Ticket Refunds and MoreHowever, there can be instances where a transferred ticket doesn’t work, usually due to issues on the seller’s end rather than a problem with SeatGeek itself. In such cases, SeatGeek will step in to help resolve the issue. They have an auditing team that investigates what went wrong with your purchased tickets, and once the issue is identified, you will receive a refund via your original payment method.

While encountering a problem with your tickets is a significant concern for many buyers, the likelihood of facing such an issue is low, as ticket providers are more aware so they avoid these situations for obvious reasons.

Refunds on Canceled Events

SeatGeek has a refund policy in place that, while not perfect, is relatively fair compared to some other sites.

Free Ticket Returns – SeatGeek Swaps: This feature allows you to return tickets for many events up to 72 hours before the scheduled start time without any additional cost. This has been a highly requested feature. However, it’s important to note that the refund will be given as credit to your SeatGeek account, not back to your credit card. This credit can be used for future event purchases within the next year. Make sure to read their guidelines for details, as they may include conditions like no partial returns on your order and the expiration date for your promo code.  You can read about the Swaps here.

Canceled Events: If an event is canceled and not postponed or rescheduled for a later date, you will likely have a few options. Typically, you will receive a full refund, with the money returned to your original payment method. Given SeatGeek operates as a third-party marketplace, there may be instances where you are offered credit for a future purchase instead of a refund. Often, they will also provide a promo code to help you save money on your next event.

Accessibility Choices on Tickets

Accessible Ticket to Major EventsSeatGeek highlights accessibility tickets within their seating charts, with sellers providing detailed information about available features. This often includes wheelchair access details. As long as the venue offers tickets compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which most do, these options will be listed on SeatGeek’s platform.

Additionally, SeatGeek incorporates a filter in the search criteria specifically for finding tickets with accessibility options. This feature can display messages such as “There are no accessible seating options left,” simplifying the process of identifying or excluding these options during your search.

14 Questions You May Have Answered

What is SeatGeek?

Through our guide, you’ve learned that SeatGeek offers a platform for buying and selling tickets to a wide range of events across the country and internationally. This includes tickets for sporting events, concerts, and theater performances, providing you with a variety of options to choose from.

Is SeatGeek Cheaper Than StubHub?

While SeatGeek may initially appear cheaper than StubHub based on listed ticket prices, this isn’t always the case when additional costs are considered. Processing fees, delivery fees, and other charges can fluctuate, potentially making SeatGeek more expensive than StubHub at times. These fees can vary and may be added or removed, affecting the final price of tickets.

How Much Are the SeatGeek Fees?

Fees can vary based on the event, but when purchasing tickets through SeatGeek, you might pay between 15-30% in fees on top of the ticket price. SeatGeek offers the option to include all ticket fees in your search results, helping you see the total cost upfront. If you’re selling tickets on SeatGeek, the platform charges a flat 10% fee regardless of the ticket price.

How Do I Sell My Tickets on SeatGeek?

Creating an account on SeatGeek allows you to easily sell tickets. Simply go to the “Sell Tickets” tab to upload your MLB, NFL, NCAA, or any event ticket. Next, upload the E-Ticket and proceed as directed.

How Do I Transfer Tickets on SeatGeek?

Transferring tickets on SeatGeek is straightforward. First, go to your “Tickets” tab, select the tickets you wish to transfer and click “Send.” Then, enter the email address and phone number of the recipient to complete the transfer.

How Do I Sell My TicketMaster Tickets on SeatGeek?

Just like the previous process, many tickets sold on SeatGeek originate from Ticketmaster. Simply upload these tickets into your SeatGeek wallet to get started.

What Are the Costs to Sell on SeatGeek?

The deduction from your sale on SeatGeek typically amounts to 10% of the total sale price. For instance, if you sell a ticket for $200, you can expect a deduction of $20 from your earnings.

Is SeatGeek a Legit Company?

This question gets asked all the time. Like many of the major players in the ticket marketplace, SeatGeek is one of the top sites currently. They’ve been around a long time and, although they’ve had growing pains, they continue to provide the value you would hope for.

Can I Get a Refund on My Ticket Purchase?

A convenient feature of SeatGeek is the ability to relist tickets you’ve purchased. It’s important to note that not all tickets are refundable if they don’t sell. However, some tickets do offer the option to be relisted up to a certain date before the event. You usually will end up with a 365-day promo code with the full value of your purchase.

What Happens if the Event Gets Canceled?

Previously, managing cancellations could be challenging. Currently, if an event is canceled and not rescheduled, a refund will become available at some stage in the cancellation announcement process.

How Reliable is SeatGeek Compared to Other Ticket Marketplaces?

SeatGeek fits well within the mix. We value other ticket sites in addition to SeatGeek, and we wouldn’t feature them on our site if we didn’t find them reliable.

What is the Best Way to Contact SeatGeek?

To address concerns, begin by visiting your profile page and consulting the help and support section. Initially, you’ll likely interact with a messaging bot to verify various details. However, if the issue isn’t resolved after a period, you’ll be transferred to a human representative. Keep in mind, that some tickets might not appear in your account until the day of the event. https://seatgeek.com/help

Can I Buy Tickets at the Last Minute?

Yes, you can purchase tickets on the day of the event you wish to attend, provided there is still inventory available. You’ll find available tickets listed for selection.

When Will I Receive My Tickets When I Buy From SeatGeek?

The delivery time for tickets can depend on several factors, with the expected norm being within 72 hours of the event. However, delivery methods vary, including instant delivery, PDF files, or even physical shipment via mail or FedEx. Sellers typically provide detailed information about expected delivery times in their listings, so it’s important to read these details thoroughly, especially if delivery timing is a concern for you.

You Made it to the End

Congratulations on reaching the end of our SeatGeek guide and comprehensive look at one of the largest ticket platforms out there. While our affection for SeatGeek may have diminished slightly over time, don’t let that deter you. We still believe there’s considerable value in using their platform for both buying and selling tickets. We encourage you to give them a try, whether you’re new to purchasing tickets or considering giving them another chance. Additionally, exploring other sites for potential deals is a good strategy. If you need further assistance or have questions about SeatGeek, feel free to reach out. Our goal is to help you get the best seats and find the cheapest tickets.