San Francisco 49ers Tickets

Best Time to Buy San Francisco 49ers Tickets

Best Time to Buy San Francisco 49ers Tickets

Now is your chance to get out to a San Francisco 49ers football game. We are here to help you find tickets at an affordable price. We break down everything from when to buy tickets, the right seats to buy, and extra tips to make your experience that much better.

We provide listings to all of the upcoming San Francisco 49ers games right below. You’ll find everything from the preseason all the way up to the Super Bowl. The games listed will include both home and away games so be aware. You may also find parking passes for the upcoming games if you plan to drive. This is something you really need to consider in your budget when purchasing tickets.

Right Time to Buy San Francisco 49ers Tickets

When is the right time to buy San Francisco 49ers football tickets? This is a question that’s been asked for many years and we’ve come up with some strategies. It’s also important to remember when purchasing tickets that whatever price you do end up paying try not to let that affect you if you see cheaper tickets. Make sure you put the experience first.

We like to think that two weeks prior to the game you want to see is the best time to look. This is when supply and demand are both fairly equal. Ticket sellers won’t be able to up the price too much knowing that there are a lot of sellers trying to unload their seats. This also means when demand starts to fall off you can expect ticket prices to go down.

We recommend monitoring a couple of different sections around the stadium that you want to sit in. We will discuss this next. Another thing to consider is if the 49ers are coming off a loss or even two. Demand will reduce and sellers will want to try to sell their tickets immediately. This is when you can make your move on purchasing seats. Obviously, if you have a winning team, prices will not fall very much throughout the season.

Best Seats at Levi’s Stadium

Seats to a football game are obviously the number one priority. We like to think of seats as your ticket to an amazing experience and memory. This is very important when making your purchase. Although you have to be budget-conscious we still think that spending a little bit more money for a better seat is well worth it.

Lower level – If you want to take in the game with a full-on NFL experience, the lower level is the place to be. You will have field-level looks at some of the amazing action seen on the field. If you would like to sit behind the San Francisco bench look for sections C137, C138, and C139. If you would like to save a couple of dollars you can consider seating behind the opponent’s bench which is sections C114, C115, and C116.

Field-level seats – This is the premium seating location around the north and south end zones. Newer stadiums are offering these types of plush reclining seats that offer all kinds of amenities including food soft drinks and in-seat service.

Club Seats – The club level is one of our favorites and should be on top of your considerations for purchase. With over 9000 club-level seats in Levi’s Stadium, you can expect some great views and perks. You have access to private bathrooms, lounges, a semi-private entrance, and plenty of big-screen TVs.

Upper-level – Although we mention the upper level on all team’s pages, we feel like this is the one section to avoid. This is where a memory of entering the stadium ends. We still feel like you need to spend a few extra bucks to get into those better seats to really enhance the moment. Being too far away from the field will remove you from the action.

Suites – There are lots of different club-level and suite-level seats around Levi’s Stadium. The suite-level seats are a great way to take in a game. The comfort level is beyond belief. You have access to a VIP entrance, private restrooms, pregame field passes, huge screen TVs, premium parking, and some additional perks.

Parking Around Levi’s Stadium

We know that traffic can be a pain in the butt going to Levi Stadium. This is one stadium you definitely need to consider getting a parking pass ahead of time. You’ll have access to decent nearby parking for a reasonable price. You can expect to pay around $30 to park your car. Should you miss the stadium lots you will pay a premium for your car’s parking.

Restaurants in the Area

There are some great restaurants within a distance of the stadium. If you are not in the mood for stadium-style food, you may want to check out one of the many restaurants in the area. We’ve listed a couple for you to think about.

Mikayla’s Cafe – This is a great place to get some American food at a reasonable price. You have excellent service and you can even get breakfast if the 49ers have an early game. You can even consider brunch as well. This is a cool spot within reach.

Birks – If you are into steak houses this is the place to go. Although you will pay more money for a meal before or after a football game you will not be disappointed. You have access to great cocktails, beer options, and stakes.

Hotels Within Reach

Depending on where you live or where you’re coming from you may need a place to stay the night. We’ve listed a couple of options for you to check out, but be sure to look at all the different locations to stay. You will find certain deals on certain days and will most likely play more on a football Sunday.

Hyatt Regency Santa Clara – This Hyatt is in a great location and provides you with an excellent staff and a clean room. You can expect to pay around $175 for the night. Check the room sizes.

Santa Clara Marriott – The Marriott gives you exactly what you can expect. It provides you with a nice clean room that is only a couple of miles from the stadium. You have access to a nice breakfast and great service. You can expect to pay around $170 a night.

San Francisco 49ers Ticketing Options

There are a lot of ways to purchase tickets to upcoming games. Here are two more ways of purchasing 49ers football tickets. We like to think of these as two ends of the spectrum but make sure you hear us out.

Season Tickets – Not many people really consider season tickets as an option. We like to bring this to your attention because it is a possibility. You can purchase season tickets if you plan to go to one or more games. You can then sell the tickets for the games that you do not attend. The goal is to recoup some of the money or even make money on your full-season purchase. If the 49ers are having a good season you can expect your tickets to go up in value.

Last-Minute Tickets – If you decide you want to go to the 49ers game the day of, you do have some possibilities. Using many of the mobile apps, you can find last-minute tickets as you are walking into the stadium. Sellers will be trying to sell their last few seats for many different reasons. You may get left out in the cold so make sure you consider this risky move ahead of time.

A Brief 49ers History

The San Francisco 49ers are one of the winningest franchises in the NFL. Here is a brief history of how they came about and how they got there. The San Francisco 49ers were founded in 1944 and their first season commenced in 1946. Since the merger of the NFL, the San Francisco 49ers have been part of the NFC West division.

The 49ers have seven conference championships and have won five Super Bowls. This makes them one of the highest-winning teams in the modern era. They have also won many divisional championships and have dozens of playoff appearances.

You have some amazing divisional rivalries against teams like the Los Angeles Rams, Seattle Seahawks, and Arizona Cardinals. not only are these game tickets going to be more expensive, but games against the Green Bay Packers, and Dallas Cowboys will always carry a higher price tag.

What made San Francisco so great are the players that I’ve been through the organization. A few of those players that made great teams include Joe Montana, Y.A. Tittle, Ronnie Lott, Dwight Clark, Jerry Rice, Steve Young, Roger Craig, Charles Haley, Terrell Owens, and Tom Rathman.

Make the Game Happen

We know how expensive going to a San Francisco 49ers game can be. We’re hopeful that the information we provided can help save you some money while also enjoying your experience. Look for cheap seats but make sure they are the best seats for your budget. Always try to make memory the number one priority. Closer to the field tickets or club-level seats will make your experience one-of-a-kind. If you have any questions please ask. Good luck!

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