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Each season, it seems like the San Antonio Spurs put out a great product. Here’s your chance to make it to a San Antonio Spurs game. With so many games to select from each year, it’s up to you to find the right one. We put together some information to help you make a better decision. We know how expensive NBA basketball games can be and want to help you save some money. Always remember to put the experience level ahead of the budget if possible.

In the ticket listings below you’ll find seats to all upcoming San Antonio Spurs games. This includes both home and away games. You will also find games from the beginning of the season all the way through the championship. In some cases, you will find parking passes to the AT&T Center. This is something you will need to consider before heading out to a game.

Right Time to Buy San Antonio Spurs Tickets

When is the right time to buy San Antonio Spurs tickets? This is the question we get asked all of the time. With dozens of games to choose from it’s up to you to find the game, you want to attend. Some of the things will list below will help you get a better idea of when you should purchase.

Around two weeks before the game you want to see where supply and demand will be fairly equal. The goal is to wait for demand to diminish. This is when ticket sellers will get a little edgy and want to sell their seats. By doing this, they will reduce the prices. They will still be asking for a premium but it will certainly be less than what it was. Once you see the price reduction is when you should make your move. Keep an eye out on several different sections in the arena as you get closer to the game you want to see.

You can also consider the day of the week. A game on a Tuesday night will be less expensive than a game on a Saturday night. People that want to have a really good time will spend more on a Saturday night which causes tickets to go up. Look for tickets during the week if you would like to save a little bit of money as well.

San Antonio has a lot of rivalries. Games against certain teams will cost a lot more than games against others. Consider going to games against the Charlotte Hornets or Washington Wizards. Games against the Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks will always be more expensive.

Seats in the AT&T Center

There are thousands of seats to consider when looking for tickets. The AT&T center will provide you with multiple levels throughout the arena. We’ll go over some of the sections and hope to help you make better decisions when looking at the seating chart.

Charter Level – This is a cool section to get access to. Just off the courtside, you can have some decent seats. Look for section 6 if you want to sit behind the Spurs bench and look for section 10 if you want to sit behind the opposing team.

Plaza Level – Just above the charter level consists of seats in the plaza level. The seats are still considered the lower level at the stadium. These are some great seats to check out the game and get close to the action.

Courtside Club – These seats are right next to the court and consist of the first two rows. You will have an amazing experience when watching the game from this location.

Courtside Boxes – If you have access to a courtside box you will have access to a lot of amenities. Anywhere from a VIP entrance, entrance into sweet clubs, comfortable seating, and much more.

Upper Level – The upper level is one area we wish you avoid. We know how expensive NBA tickets can be, but we don’t feel like this is the location for you. Upgrade your seats to a better section.

Suites – There are a lot of suites around the arena. This is a great way to take in a game. You will have access to private restrooms, in-suite attendants, VIP parking, and much more. Consider this if the budget is not a problem.

Find that Parking Spot

Parking your car is considered a pain when attending a sporting event. We suggest you get your parking passes ahead of time. This can save you not only money but will save you the hassle when you arrive. On average you will spend around $20 to park your car. Use some of the mobile apps available to you that may give me some discounts.

Purchasing Tickets in Different Ways

With so many games in the season, it’s finding what works for you that counts. There are a lot of different options than just going to one game. We want to share these with you below.

Season Tickets – Grabbing season tickets for the San Antonio Spurs can be quite expensive. You need to consider this as an investment and a way to make money on the games you don’t attend. There are no guarantees, but we want to make sure you know that this option is out there.

Single Game Tickets – You’re most likely here looking for a single-game ticket. This is pretty much the norm, but just remember you’ll most likely pay a premium for your seats.

Group Tickets – NBA teams such as the San Antonio Spurs will offer group tickets throughout the season. This can be anywhere between two and eight games. You won’t necessarily be able to choose which games you’ll be able to attend. Keep this in mind when you have a busy schedule.

Last-Minute Seats – If you decide to go to a San Antonio Spurs game at the last minute you do have some options. By using your mobile phone as you walk up to the stadium you can seek out some of the seats available. Using sites like SeatGeek and StubHub will allow you to find these particular seats.

Some San Antonio Spurs History

The San Antonio Spurs were founded in 1967. They were once called the Dallas Chaparrals, then the Texas Chaparrals, and eventually became the San Antonio Spurs in 1973. They are part of the Western Conference and in the Southwest division.

The San Antonio Spurs are one of the winningest teams in the NBA. They have six conference titles and five NBA championships. They also have around two dozen divisional titles and many playoff appearances as well.

You can expect some serious action when the San Antonio Spurs face-off against the Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks, Phoenix Suns, and Houston Rockets. You most likely pay a premium on your tickets to these games.

With so many winning teams the Spurs definitely had many great players come through the organization. Some of these great players include Tony Parker, George Gervin, David Robinson, Sean Elliott, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and Avery Johnson.

Grab Some Food on the Town

If you aren’t into stadium food there are some food options for you outside. Some local food in the area will ease your appetite. We listed a couple of options for you to check out.

Texas Burger Company – If you want to fill up on a tasty burger and this place is for you. You have some excellent food and the prices are really good. You’ll also receive decent service to go along with a quick meal.

Ma Harper’s Creole Kitchen – This is a Creole-style kitchen. This is a fun way to make your night very interesting. They have some excellent food from fish to shrimp. It’s a family-friendly location and it will provide you with excellent service.

Looking for a Place to Spend the Night

Whether you are coming from a far location or just want to crash in downtown San Antonio you should be covered. We listed a couple of hotel options but make sure you do your research to fulfill your requirements.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites San Antonio SE by at&T Center, an IHG Hotel – This hotel provides you with a two-star stay. There is nothing really exciting about it except the price. You have access to a fitness center and a free breakfast. On average, you will pay around $120 a night

Drury Plaza Hotel San Antonio Riverwalk – This is a great hotel for you to enjoy. You have access to a great location. You’ll have access to free breakfast and a comfortable room. On average will pay about $140 a night.

Make This a Reality

This is a great time to head out to a San Antonio Spurs game. With the information we provided, you should be able to find tickets at a reasonable cost. Make sure you do your research ahead of time. With some great players to watch and some fast-moving action, you’re most likely going to have a good time. Never settle for the upper level and always increase your budget when you can. If you have any questions about the seating chart or buying tickets please contact us. Good luck!

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