Rusted Root Jams On After All These Years

By on December 11, 2017
rusted root keeps jamming
(Last Updated On: December 11, 2017)

Rusted Root is one of those bands that seems to have been around forever. However, much of that is just because of the unique, timeless nature of their music. Tickets to Rusted Root and their new tour have been incredibly popular thanks to the band’s popularity, so if you’re trying to get tickets, you might have a tough time. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get tickets. Keep reading to learn more.

Rusted Root started out as the house band for a club in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Originating in 1990, the band has seen some small changes over the years, but is still true to its roots rock feel that it started out with. They have an international feel to their music, and combine a lot of these sounds with a jam band approach, similar to Dave Matthews Band. But Rusted Root is so much more than a jam band. They transcend genres and have almost a feel of their own style of music, one that can’t really be summed up with a label. This has set them apart from other groups, and has given them their own unique niche in the music business, and quite a few fans as a result.

Songs like “Send Me On My Way” helped propel the band from a house band to an international phenomenon in the early 1990s. They have put out a handful of albums and Eps over the years, but today, they focus mostly on touring. Members of the band, like percussionist Jim Donovan, have also put out solo albums with varying degrees of success. It’s as a group that the band has seen the most success, and they continue to find new fans during their tours.

If you’re looking for tickets to Rusted Root on their new tour, you have a good chance of getting good seats, but only if you move quickly. This is a tour that will see a lot of attention, and some venues may sell out quickly. If you have trouble finding seats, be sure to look to SeatGeek or another third party ticket site so that you can guarantee yourself a chance to see this awesome group one more time.

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