The new NFL season is here, and you want tickets for your favorite team. We’ll help you discover the best time to buy NFL tickets and share tips to make it more affordable.

In this guide, we’ll cover essential topics like where to buy NFL tickets, how to handle postseason games, when to get Super Bowl tickets, tips for primetime games, choosing seat locations, and more. Get ready to learn handy tricks to enhance your ticket-buying experience.

Best Place to Buy NFL Tickets

Let’s start by discussing the best places to buy NFL tickets. There are dozens of online ticket sites, but we have our favorites and offer reviews about each.

Some of the best sites to buy NFL tickets are Vivid Seats, SeatGeek, and StubHub. Each has unique features. For the most part, you will be in good hands for buying and selling tickets. We cover each in great detail on their specific review pages.

The process is pretty straightforward, but knowing the best way to buy NFL tickets can save you time and money. Using one of these three top ticket sites, you’ll be off to an excellent start.

August 10
11:00 pm
August 10, Sat, 11:00 pm
Nissan Stadium - Nashville
August 19
12:00 am
August 19, Mon, 12:00 am
Levi's Stadium - Santa Clara
August 24
02:00 am
August 24, Sat, 02:00 am
Allegiant Stadium - Las Vegas
September 09
06:59 am
September 09, Mon, 06:59 am
Levi's Stadium - Santa Clara
September 10
12:15 am
September 10, Tue, 12:15 am
Levi's Stadium - Santa Clara
September 15
05:00 pm
September 15, Sun, 05:00 pm
US Bank Stadium - Minneapolis
September 22
08:25 pm
September 22, Sun, 08:25 pm
SoFi Stadium - Inglewood
September 29
08:05 pm
September 29, Sun, 08:05 pm
Levi's Stadium - Santa Clara
October 06
08:05 pm
October 06, Sun, 08:05 pm
Levi's Stadium - Santa Clara
October 11
12:15 am
October 11, Fri, 12:15 am
Lumen Field at Lumen Field Event Complex - Complex - Seattle

Timing is Everything

Best Time to Buy NFL TicketsKnowing the best time to buy tickets to an NFL game can make a significant difference. You can find better seats and save money by timing your purchase right. There isn’t a precise science to this, but there are tips to help you get great seats without overspending.

Major Tip: Teams like the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers have large national fanbases. They attract fans everywhere they play, meaning tickets sell out quickly. But you can still find last-minute tickets depending on the teams’ performance. For a regular-season game, ticket prices drop up to a few hours before kickoff. Waiting until the last minute can save you cash. We talk about patience later on.

Timing Primetime Game Tickets

Sunday and Monday night games sell out faster and are more expensive than afternoon games in most cases. It doesn’t matter who’s playing; these tickets are in high demand.

Pricing Trends for Primetime Games

Just like postseason games, prices for these tickets can increase even up to kickoff because of high demand. You can follow the prices on your preferred ticket site to watch for changes.

Best Time to Buy NFL Primetime Tickets

Typically, ticket prices for Sunday and Monday night games hit their lowest point between two to four weeks before the game night. If you’re looking to attend a primetime game, this window is likely the best time to buy NFL primetime tickets.

Postseason and Super Bowl Tickets

Postseason rules can be different, and timing is crucial. Playoff tickets are released about a week before the game, and prices rise until the very last moment. If you find postseason tickets, it’s best to buy them right away.

Buying Playoff Tickets

Try the original vendor first, then check third-party sites immediately after tickets are released. People often resell tickets for profit, and prices increase the longer you wait. The rule for postseason games is simple: if you find tickets, buy them. They will sell out, and prices will keep rising.

Specific Seats and Super Bowl Tickets

If you have specific seats in mind, be prepared to pay a premium. For the best time to buy Super Bowl tickets, consult our Super Bowl page. The pricing for these tickets requires careful study, as they are notoriously expensive. If you find ways to save, don’t hesitate to use them.

Seats at an NFL Game Matters

When seeking great seats, timing is everything. Don’t wait until the last moment unless you’re relying on sheer luck. You might find tickets, but not the desirable ones.

Start Early but Watch the Market

Begin your search around six weeks before the game. Prices may be high, but this is when people start listing tickets they can’t use. For the next couple of weeks, monitor the listings. New tickets will cause prices to drop.

Prime Time for Premium Seats

Three to four weeks before the game is the prime time to buy premium-level seats at the best price. This is when prices tend to be at their most reasonable for quality seating.

Focus on Specific Sections

If you’re interested in a certain section of the stadium, check multiple websites to give yourself the best chance of finding what you want. Some sections are resold more frequently, so a broader search will increase your chances.

Do You Have Patience?

The common notion is that ticket prices drop as game day nears, but this is not a universal truth. Several situations may contradict this idea.

Planning for Special Occasions

If you’re bringing family or friends to a game, like a Seahawks game in Seattle, planning is wise. The extra cost you might incur is worth the certainty of securing your seats and solidifying your plans.

Unexpected Team Performance

Unexpected performance can also change ticket price dynamics. For example, if the Buffalo Bills start winning tough games mid-season, demand will spike. Ticket prices will rise swiftly, and your last-minute deal strategy may fail.

Tip for the Laidback Fan

If you don’t care about specific seating, patience can work to your advantage for last-minute NFL tickets. The timing for these starts now and ends around the opening kickoff. Many buy at the last possible moment across various sports. But be aware of the situation before choosing this approach, as it won’t always result in savings or desirable seats.

NFL Ticket Prices and Expectations

Some of the Best Seats are AvailableTiming your purchase is paramount when it comes to NFL ticket prices, as it’s the cornerstone of finding cheap NFL tickets. Finding these affordable tickets can be a complex task requiring diligence to locate the most favorable deals.

During later stages of the season, opportunities to find better deals often arise, especially if the team you wish to watch is underperforming. This alignment of supply and demand in the buyer’s favor leads to discount NFL tickets. While you may not witness your team at their peak, these circumstances allow for more affordable experiences.

Among the available options for the cheapest NFL tickets, targeting games involving teams with smaller fanbases or prolonged periods of lackluster performance can be advantageous.

For instance, you’re likely to secure a more economical ticket at a Jacksonville Jaguars game compared to a Kansas City Chiefs game. However, be mindful that this scenario could swiftly reverse with unexpected factors, such as a dramatic change in the Chiefs’ fortunes led by Patrick Mahomes or a sudden surge in the Jaguars’ performance, causing ticket prices to escalate.

The ever-changing nature of the league requires constant attention to the fluctuations in ticket costs. Timing remains pivotal, reflecting the week-to-week variability in both performance and pricing, and requires a flexible approach to seizing the best opportunities for affordable tickets.

More NFL Ticket Information

Lots of folks wonder about the best time to buy NFL tickets, so we put together some quick Q&As to help out. These answers are just the tip of the iceberg, so make sure to dig a little deeper and look around for more info if you need it.

When Can You Buy NFL Tickets?
The timeline varies each season, but NFL tickets generally become available right after the NFL draft. Once the schedule is released, tickets for big games will be announced and made available to the public, followed by the rest of the schedule.

When Do NFL Tickets Go on Sale?
The answer is similar to the one above. Tickets are first released on the primary market, and then they become available on the secondary market and the NFL Ticket Exchange.

How Much Are NFL Tickets?
Several factors determine the cost, but you can typically expect to pay around $150 for a decent seat. Keep this figure in mind and try to find some more affordable options if possible.

Which Team Has the Most Expensive NFL Tickets?
This can vary each year, but teams with high expectations, such as the San Francisco 49ers, New York Giants, New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers, or Dallas Cowboys, often have more expensive tickets.

Are There NFL Tickets with No Fees?
Fees are a standard part of the ticket business. While some sites may claim to have no fees, they usually include them in the total cost. The best way to get fee-free NFL tickets is to buy them directly from someone in your area at face value.

Is it Better to Buy My Football Tickets at StubHub or SeatGeek?
Although you will be in good hands with either, we do provide a look at the competition. We have a page dedicated to a StubHub Vs. SeatGeek battle. This will break down everything from ticket fees to whatever else you want to know.

Make Your Move on NFL Tickets

You now have the opportunity to buy NFL tickets with valuable insights to guide you. Understanding that NFL tickets can be costly, we’ve outlined these guidelines to help you save money. Timing is key in getting the best seats, so keep that in mind as you plan. Be aware of factors like team performance and demand, as they can affect prices. The best time to buy NFL tickets will depend on your individual preferences and the specific game you wish to attend, but following these principles can lead to a satisfying purchase and an enjoyable game-day experience.