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A native of Merrylands, Australia, Rick Springfield was born in 1949. He has become a popular musician in both Australia and the USA. One of the biggest power pop and pop rock singers, he has made numerous hits that will forever be radio gems. These singles are played everywhere even decades later. This is the best time to buy Rick Springfield tickets. Listed below you will find all of his upcoming concerts.

Springfield joined many different bands when he was a teenager. The first notable band he joined was called Zoot. They had a lot of teenage fans and were considered a boy band. Many rock critics and magazines did not take them seriously as musicians. This type of controversy continued after the band broke up. His debut album did well commercially because it was revealed his record label had paid people to buy his albums.

It wasn’t until his hit single “Jessie’s Girl” that Springfield’s name was cemented as a legitimate musician. This song is one of the most popular songs in all music history. It was a worldwide hit. He won a Grammy for the song and the song would continue to become used in pop culture years after the song was released. It continues to be a popular song for radio stations and music playlists.

In 2014, Springfield was rewarded with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his work as a musician.

While Springfield is based in Australia, he returns to America for tours annually. The attracts crowds in the thousands and he is one of the most cherished musicians that performs. His concerts are always sold out and he has played in some of the biggest venues in the world. He loves touring in Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley.

Ticket Buying Guide

An active performer, Springfield does not let his age get in the way of traveling. He loves going around the world and playing music. He performs in America and Australia annually so there will be a show you can go see if you want to. There are always ticket discounts. You just need to know where to find them. Just make sure you check promptly so you do not miss them to other people who are looking for cheap tickets.

What’s Exceptional?

Springfield is an ageless rocker and many of his hits are as timeless as he is. His music is full of energy. Catchy and poppy, no one can deny his music is extremely fun. His music seems to burst with emotion. He is a talented songwriter and many of his guitar riffs stand out and are memorable.

Watching Springfield play live is a special event for any music lover. His audience is always in the thousands with fans screaming and losing their minds as he plays his classic hits. He still has a charismatic swagger that can steal anyone’s heart even at his age. His smile is just as charming and you can tell he loves performing. He sings his heart out and the crowd responds by singing their hearts out too.

The Talented Rocker

You do not want to miss out on seeing this talented singer play. He has captured an era of culture in the pop-rock genre. He reminds all of us of the best parts of the 80s. Anyone nostalgic for that period should be happy they have an Australian to represent that feeling.

Rick Springfield’s reputation as a singer will always also include a bit of fandom in it. Many of his fans treat him as a celebrity as well as a musician. People may start following him because they think he is sexy but they soon realize how much they love his music. This is the best time to buy Rick Springfield tickets. You have a chance to get the best seats at a venue near you.


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