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Buying and selling tickets on resale sites has changed the way consumers engage with live events. Whether you’re looking to resell concert tickets you can no longer use, or searching for the best ticket sites to get tickets for less, resale platforms present an efficient option. From no-fee tickets to an expansive selection of ticket websites that put the big boys on the run. Seeking the best place to buy or sell tickets online is what we are all about. This complete guide will more than likely answer all of your questions, so let’s get started.

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Ticket Resale Sites Best Ticket Resale Sites Buying Resale Tickets
Selling Tickets Fees and No Fees Legitimacy and Safety

Ticket Resale Sites

The resale ticket market is a space for those looking to tap into an alternative way to buy and sell tickets. While the idea of resale tickets has always been a part of the ticketing world, online platforms now offer more reliable options for tickets to concerts, sporting events, and other live experiences.

Resale ticket sites like,,,,, and have become go-to platforms for consumers looking to navigate this space. These sites differ from locations like AXS, Live Nation, and Ticketmaster, which are mainly known as primary ticket providers.

Check Out Live Nation for TicketsFor those looking to buy tickets for less, the resale market offers a dynamic pricing model that often allows for more competitive pricing compared to primary ticketing websites such as Ticketmaster and Live Nation. However, it’s not just about tickets for less; it’s also about verified resale tickets, a crucial feature that offers buyers peace of mind.

Most ticket resale sites have some form of verification process to ensure that sellers are legitimate. For example, SeatGeek has a transparent system that ranks the value of each ticket, while StubHub provides a FanProtect guarantee, ensuring the legitimacy of the purchase.

The resale market isn’t just for buyers; it’s equally lucrative for sellers. If you find yourself asking where or how to resell concert tickets, know that ticket-selling sites like TickPick and VividSeats offer straightforward processes for listing your tickets.

On these platforms, you can even set your price, guided by market analytics they provide, to ensure you get the most for your ticket. For those who are more experienced, the best resale apps can streamline the selling process even further. You’ll have many options like uploading your tickets, adjusting ticket prices, and tracking your status.

Differentiating between the multitude of ticket websites can be confusing. That’s where reviews of ticketing websites become invaluable. Sites like StubHub and TicketSqueeze often feature user reviews and rankings, enabling you to compare the best ticket sites and make an informed choice.

Always consider the metrics of what makes for the best ticket resale site, which can range from low fees to an extensive selection, as well as the quality of customer service.

The notion of the “best site to resell tickets” is ever-evolving, influenced by factors such as user experience, fee structures, and ticket availability. Online resale sites are in fierce competition to offer the most seamless experience for both buyers and sellers.

Whether you’re looking at resale websites or specific ticket resellers, understanding their terms, features, and benefits can significantly impact your success in securing the perfect seat or making a profitable sale.

Whether you want to attend that sold-out concert or you want to make some extra cash from a ticket you can’t use, it’s up to you to make it happen.

Best Ticket Resale Site

Verified StubHub Tickets There are so many platforms available for you to choose from. However, not all resale sites are created equal. Whether you’re looking to buy last-minute tickets, score the best seats at a Taylor Swift concert, or even sell your own tickets, choosing the right platform matters.

We’ll break down some of the most well-known resale ticket sites, highlighting their key features and confidence levels to help you make an informed decision. We’ve talked or worked with all of these brands and feel comfortable mentioning them to you.

Resale Ticket Site Significant Features Confidence Level
SeatGeek Cool Technology like Deal Score and Mapping. 🙂 High
Vivid Seats Guaranteed Tickets with VIP Options. High
StubHub Biggest Selection of Resell Tickets. 😉 High
Ticket Squeeze Strong Sales Team and Simple Layout. Moderate
Ticket Network Huge Volume. 100% Money-Back Guarantee. 🙂 Good
Ticketmaster Resell Trustworthy Brand with High Fees.  Good
TicketCity Longevity in the Business with a Trusted Brand. Moderate
Event Tickets Center Variety and Selection is High and Very Secure. Good
TickPick 100% Money-Back Guarantee, Lower Fees – 😉 High


SeatGeek stands out with its Deal Score feature that rates the value of each ticket. The visual maps for seat selection also add confidence when buying resale tickets.
VividSeats offers a buyer guarantee and a variety of VIP options. The platform provides a secure environment for both buying and selling tickets online.
StubHub offers a wide range of tickets for concerts, sporting events, and theater. With its reliable buyer guarantee, it’s considered one of the best ticket resale sites for those wanting to buy or sell tickets.
TicketSqueeze is known for its lower fees and transparency, making it an attractive option for those looking to engage in verified ticket resale on a budget.
TicketNetwork has a large inventory, offering everything from sports to concert tickets. Its 100% money-back guarantee adds an extra layer of trust when engaging in ticket resale.
TicketSqueeze is known for its lower fees and transparency, making it an attractive option for those looking to engage in verified ticket resale on a budget.
Ticketsmaster Resell
Sometimes people wonder, as a primary ticket seller how does Ticketmaster become a viable ticket reseller? The brand alone makes Ticketmaster a good source for buying and selling on the secondary market, however.
With a long history, TicketCity offers a high level of trust and transparency in fees, making it a strong choice for those interested in ticket resale websites.
Event Tickets Center offers a wide variety of events and a secure checkout process. This makes it a moderately trustworthy site for buying concert tickets or reselling tickets online.
TickPick adopts a no-fee model, which makes it one of the most appealing resale ticket sites. Its graded listings help buyers assess the worthiness of tickets easily.

Buying Tickets on the Resale Market

Price is often the most significant factor, but cheap doesn’t always equate to value. It’s tempting to gravitate toward the cheapest ticket sites but bear in mind that service fees and other hidden costs can quickly add up.

You may want to consider the best concert ticket sites or the best sports ticket sites that have transparent pricing and low fees.

While cost is a crucial factor, some platforms distinguish themselves by offering exclusive tickets that are hard to find elsewhere. These online ticket-selling sites often have partnerships with venues or ticket distributors, providing access to VIP sections or sold-out shows.

SeatGeek Tickets on the Resale SitesUser experience is increasingly becoming a differentiator. Several platforms have introduced mobile applications that make the process of buying or selling tickets a breeze. Optimized for both iOS and Android platforms, the best ticket apps provide a streamlined user experience that includes features like mobile entry and real-time updates on ticket availability and pricing.

One overlooked but increasingly popular category within the resale market is parking tickets. Convenience and proximity can significantly make attending an event better. Some of the best places to buy tickets also offer the option to purchase parking passes in the same transaction. This not only saves time but also ensures that your parking spot is guaranteed.

In the rapidly evolving ticket resale market, staying updated on the best websites to buy concert tickets or the best place to buy sports tickets is critical. The ideal platform offers a mix of fair pricing, an extensive selection, a seamless user experience, and amazing customer service. You can not only find tickets for less but also enhance the entire experience surrounding the event you’re attending.


Selling Tickets

Selling tickets on the resale market also presents its own set of challenges and opportunities. The landscape is all over the place, with various platforms each offering a unique blend of features. Whether you’re trying to sell concert tickets, event tickets, or even parking passes, the key is to choose a platform that aligns with your selling objectives.

The first step in the process is deciding where to list your tickets. Different platforms cater to different types of events and audiences. For example, Vivid Seats and SeatGeek attract a wide range of consumers, making them ideal for those looking to sell tickets across multiple categories. For niche events, a specialized platform might offer better chances of making a successful sale.

If your main concern is selling concert tickets online quickly, consider platforms that offer instant uploads and easy-to-use listing tools. The quicker your tickets are listed, the more exposure they get, which enhances your chances of a sale.

Another factor to consider is pricing. Some platforms offer dynamic pricing tools that automatically adjust the price of your tickets based on real-time market data. This feature can be invaluable if you’re uncertain about how to price your tickets, ensuring you get the best possible return on your investment.

Keep in mind that understanding the best way to sell concert tickets involves more than just pricing; the timing of the sale and the platform’s user engagement also contribute to the success of your listing.

For those looking to maximize their profits, platform fees are an often-overlooked aspect that can eat into your gains. Certain platforms offer lower seller fees, making them the best place to sell concert tickets. Some platforms offer tiered services that include marketing your tickets to a larger audience for a higher fee. The benefits of this exposure will help sell your tickets.

Selling tickets online involves strategic decision-making that balances multiple factors. From choosing the right platform and pricing strategy to understanding timing and fees, sellers need to get their hands dirty at times. The more information you arm yourself with, the better your chances are of successfully selling your tickets in the resale market.

Fees and No Fee Tickets

Fees can significantly impact the cost of a ticket in the resale market, sometimes turning what seems like a deal into an expensive outing. Typically, most ticket platforms include a range of fees, from service to processing to delivery fees.
Understand the Fees When Buying and Selling TicketsHowever, the industry is also seeing a rise in platforms that offer no-fee tickets, thereby potentially changing the dynamics of buying and selling in the resale market. We are also seeing more and more offerings of All-In Ticket pricing. We go into a great discussion about all-in pricing.

Platforms with Fees

For instance, Vivid Seats generally includes a service fee that varies depending on the ticket and the event. The fee is a percentage of the ticket price, and while the company is transparent about these costs, they can quickly add up.

No Fee Platforms

On the flip side, certain platforms like TickPick market themselves as no-fee ticket sites. These platforms include the cost of the ticket in the listed price, ensuring no hidden charges. When you see the price, that’s what you pay, making it easier to budget for an event. You are seeing the big sites show upfront fees more and more to avoid customer frustration.
Ticket Price Service Fee Total Cost
SeatGeek $100 $20 $120
TicketPick $120 $0 $120

Do Prices Get Cheaper as the Event Nears?

There’s a common misconception that tickets get cheaper as the event date approaches. This is not always the case. While some tickets might see a price drop, it’s often high-demand events that actually see prices increase. On fee-heavy sites, these fluctuations can significantly impact the total cost, making no-fee tickets an attractive option for last-minute buyers.

The Bottom Line on Fees

The concept of no-fee tickets has disrupted the conventional resale market, presenting an appealing alternative to fee-laden options. However, it’s crucial to note that ‘no fee’ doesn’t necessarily mean cheaper. In some instances, no-fee ticket sites might offer tickets at a slightly elevated base price to compensate for the lack of service charges. Ultimately, the absence or presence of fees should be one of the multiple factors you consider when choosing where to buy or sell tickets. Always compare the final, ‘all-in’ price before making a decision.

Resale Legitimacy and Safety

The legitimacy of a ticket resale platform is often a critical concern for buyers and sellers. It’s one thing to find a ticket for your favorite artist or sports event, but how can you be sure that the platform you’re working with is safe and credible?

Security Measures

Firstly, most reputable sites have robust security measures in place. For example, SeatGeek employs multiple layers of security to protect your data and financial information. Similarly, TickPick and TicketNetwork also boast secure transaction environments, reinforcing the notion that these platforms take safety seriously.

Verified Resale Tickets

Make Sure You are Getting Verified Resale TicketsAnother factor contributing to buyer confidence is the feature of verified resale tickets. StubHub, for instance, ensures that all listed tickets go through a stringent verification process, practically eliminating the chance of counterfeit tickets. Verified tickets also exist on TickPick and VividSeats, which have dedicated teams to validate the authenticity of listings.


SeatGeek sets itself apart by offering a buyer guarantee; if the event is canceled and not rescheduled, you’ll get a full refund. This makes the site not only safe but also risk-averse for the buyer. Similar guarantees are offered by Ticket Squeeze and other platforms, adding another layer of assurance for those diving into the resale market.

Customer Reviews and Reputation

Online reviews can provide vital insights into a site’s credibility. Platforms like TicketNetwork and TicketSqueeze have been reviewed positively across multiple platforms, signaling a strong history of customer satisfaction. While newer platforms might not have a history long enough to fully verify their legitimacy, existing customer reviews are a good place to start for gauging reliability.


Finally, transparency plays a significant role in determining the legitimacy of a resale platform. A site that clearly lists all fees provides a transparent refund policy, and offers customer service accessibility is generally more trustworthy.

The next time you wonder, “Is Event Ticket Center legit?” or “Are SeatGeek tickets guaranteed?”, remember that most established platforms have several layers of protection and assurance built into their system. A careful examination of security measures, verification processes, customer reviews, and transparency can help you gain the confidence to buy or sell tickets in the resale market.

Resale Tickets for Less FAQs

Yes, the Event Ticket Center is a legitimate platform for buying and selling tickets. It employs robust security measures and offers a range of tickets to various events, gaining a reputation for reliability.

Reselling concert tickets is straightforward. List them on a reputable site like SeatGeek, set your price, and wait for them to sell. These platforms handle payments and distribution.

Sell concert tickets on platforms like TickPick or These sites offer a secure environment for transactions and often have features that help you set the right price.

To sell concert tickets, list them on trusted resale platforms like StubHub or VividSeats. Provide all essential details and set your price, often adjustable based on demand.

Purchase tickets from verified platforms like StubHub,, and These sites offer tickets for concerts, sports events, and theater, ensuring a broad selection.

You can buy concert tickets from various platforms such as, SeatGeek, and StubHub. These platforms offer both primary and resale tickets for a wide range of events.

A resale ticket is a ticket being resold by an individual or broker, usually on a specialized resale platform. These tickets are often available when the primary market is sold out.

To resell tickets, list them on a reputable ticket resale site like StubHub or VividSeats. Ensure your listing is accurate and complete, then wait for a buyer to make the purchase.

SeatGeek is a safe platform for ticket transactions. It offers a buyer guarantee and utilizes multiple layers of security to protect your personal and financial information.

A verified resale ticket is one that has been authenticated by a trusted resale platform, like StubHub or Verification ensures the ticket’s legitimacy, reducing the risk of purchasing a counterfeit.

You Are Now Prepared

We’ve covered a wealth of information to help you make an informed decision when using ticket resale sites. The key takeaway is that these sites want your business and are generally legit. Resellers set the ticket prices, and the platform controls the fees. The resale world is growing with both ups and downs. If you’re looking to buy or sell tickets on a resale ticket site, the odds are in your favor for a good experience. It’s up to you to take the next step.