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Portugal. The Man is an American rock group that was formed in Wasilla, Alaska in 2004. The current lineup consists of lead vocalist John Baldwin Gourley, his partner Zoe Manville as a backup vocalist, bassist Zach Carothers, Kyle O’Quin on keyboards, Eric Howk on guitar, and drummer Jason Sechrist. Gourley and Carothers are the two who have been there since the beginning. Before the group had a drummer they utilized drum machines and synthesizers to create the bass of their sound. These alternative and electro-pop influences still resonate in their playing. This is the best time to buy Portugal. The Man tickets. Get close to the stage with some of the best seats available below.

Before there was Portugal. The Man, there was Anatomy of a Ghost, another band featuring Gourley and Carothers. This was Gourley’s first experience singing. Once that band disbanded he and Carothers began Portugal. The Man. The name comes from a book Gourley was thinking about titling Portugal. The Man. The book was going to be written about his father and his adventurous spirit. Soon after forming PTM left Alaska for Portland Oregon, where they would have more opportunities to record and tour.

From the years 2007 to 2010, Portugal. The Man produced music independently. Their 2008 album Censored Colors was the first released on PTM’s independent label Approaching AIRballoons, in partnership with Equal Vision Records. Two more albums, The Satanic Satanist and American Ghetto were released in this fashion before the band signed with Atlantic Records in April 2010. Since then Portugal. The Man has collaborated with several artists including, Bear Mountain, Terry Urban, Passion Pit, Mike D from the Beastie Boys, and Mac Miller.

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The group’s greatest achievement since signing with Atlantic in 2010 is they received Best Pop Duo/Group Performance at the 2018 Grammy for their song “Feel It Still”. The song is about the feeling that existed in the late sixties regarding music’s role in popular culture and politics existing to this day. Hence the title of the album “Feel It Still” belongs to, Woodstock. PTM performed the song at the American Music Awards in front of a backdrop that read, “No computers up here, just live instruments.” Not only did critics feel this statement was ironic due to the group’s previous use of synthesizers and drum machines, but they also felt the statement was degrading to groups who do implement these tools. On stage at the AMA Growly sported a short mustache and a Vietnam-era army jacket.

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Portugal. The Man has been touring all over the US for over a decade now. They also book dates across North America, Europe, and Australia. Major festivals like Lollapalooza have played host to PTM in the past. The group has also performed live on popular television shows such as Conan, The Ellen Degeneres show, and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. These performances all featured “Feel It Still”. “Live in the Moment” a single released from the Woodstock album also became a popular live act for the band. If you are interested in seeing Portugal. The Man performs these hits live, so get to the next show with the listings above.

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Portugal. The Man is also notable for the creative music videos and short films they release. In the video for “Feel It Still” which has over 200 million views on YouTube, Gourley is shown walking through a junkyard post-apocalypse, and a burning newspaper with the headline “Info Wars” is also displayed. The video also contains thirty “easter eggs.” This means if viewers are to click on certain items in the video, they are taken to web pages that have been dubbed, “tools for resistance.” The group has shown pride in the activist efforts it has undertaken throughout its history.

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