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Best Time to Buy Portland Trail Blazers Tickets

Portland Trail Blazers Tickets are Cheap

We know buying Portland Trail Blazers Tickets can be a hassle. Just like all professional sports leagues, you can expect to pay way more than you want to. We’ve put in a lot of time to help you save money on your purchase. Be sure to put the experience ahead of anything else if possible.

Below, you will find tickets to all upcoming Portland Trail Blazers games. You will find both home and away games listed. These tickets are all seats from the beginning of the season all the way through the championship if they are so fortunate to make it that far.

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Right Time to Buy Portland Trail Blazers Tickets

This is the season to attend a Portland Trail Blazers game. When it comes to buying tickets for any professional team, we feel like we can give you an edge. Saving a little bit of money on a very expensive ticket can go a long way.

When you start your research, around two weeks before the game you want to see is going to be your sweet spot. There is a lot of supply and demand which will keep the prices relatively straightforward. As the demand starts to diminish look for prices to drop. If the Trail Blazers are having an excellent season you will not see a significant price reduction.

A couple of things to consider when trying to save a little bit of money is the day of the week you want to go see them play. A game on a weekend will be more expensive than a game on a Monday night. If you can make it out to the weeknight game you could end up saving a lot more money.

The opponent is another thing to consider. A game against the Los Angeles Lakers will be way more expensive than a game against the Miami Heat. Traveling fan base will be a significant reason for price increases.

Where Should You Sit at the Moda Center

Finding the right seat for your budget is what it’s all about. Always remember to keep experience ahead of your budget if possible. Of course, we don’t want you to overpay for something you can’t afford but a decent seat can make a better memory. Here is a deeper look at the Moda Center.

Lower Level – The lower level of any basketball arena will be your best option for a great view. You will not only get to see players up close but will also take in the sounds of the game. If you would like to sit behind the Portland Trail Blazers bench look for section 122. If you are a fan of the opponent look for section 102. If you like to give high-fives to players you can consider sitting by the tunnels in sections 119 and 121.

Courtside Seats – If you can afford a courtside seat then there is no reason to go any further. These will definitely be the best seats in the house. You will get access to so many different perks as well.

Upper Level – The most frustrating thing about upper-level seats is the location. You will be spending most of your time watching the game on the big screen versus watching what’s happening on the court in front of you. We only suggest purchasing upper-level seats if you can’t afford anything closer or your with a huge group of people.

Club Level – Anytime you have access to a club-level seat, you’ll find plenty of comforts. You will have all the amenities of a great setup. These include parking passes, private entrances, comfortable seating, and plenty of in-seat food and drink service options.

Suites – Another great area of the arena are the suites. The suites provide everything up to fine dining, plush seating, all-inclusive food beer, and wine, and much more. This is an amazing way to take in an NBA basketball game.

Getting a Parking Spot

One of the many things people forget about is parking their car. If you have to drive over to the stadium you must think about purchasing a parking pass. Many of the sites like SeatGeek and StubHub will provide parking passes on their sites. You will pay around $10 – $35 to park your car. Keep this in mind when budgeting your night out.

Ticket Options to Think About

There are many ways of purchasing tickets for a basketball game. We would like to share with you a couple of different options you may have not have thought about.

Season Tickets – Try to make season tickets a reality if you wish to go to more than a couple of games a season. You can make season tickets your new investment for the year. The goal would be to go to several different games during the season while selling tickets to the rest of the games to recoup your money. There is a risk to doing this, but if you are a big fan this can go a long way over the long run.

Single Game Tickets – This is probably the most sought-after ticket for a Portland Trailblazers game. Having a ticket to one game is usually what people need. The good thing is there are plenty of tickets available.

Group Tickets – One of the many things teams do is provide group tickets. The organization will group anywhere between two and eight games together. Over the course of the season, you can attend these games. The one thing that stands out is you don’t always have access to the best games or dates.

Last Minute Tickets – If you decide to go to a game the day of you have some options. All you have to do is get to the arena and use your mobile phone to find tickets. You can even find tickets available after the game starts. Many sellers that weren’t able to sell their tickets or were unable to go to the game will offer these tickets at a reduced price. This is a great way to take advantage. However, please remember that this can be risky in terms of not getting into the building.

Portland Trail Blazers History

The Portland Trail Blazers were established in 1970. They’ve been part of the Western Conference and are currently in the North West division.

The Trail Blazers have three conference titles and one NBA championship. They have won their division several times and have had many different playoff appearances.

The Trail Blazers have many great rivalries. You can expect some great games against the Denver Nuggets, Los Angeles Lakers, and Oklahoma City Thunder.

There’ve been many great players that have come through the organization. Some of these players include Clyde Drexler, Bill Walton, Terry Porter, Geoff Petrie, and Bob Gross.

Food Options Outside the Arena

Depending on your appetite, you do have several food options around the arena. If you are not into some nachos and hot dogs, check out some of the local restaurants/

J Cafe – This location is a pretty chill spot for deli-style food and drinks. Consider this a great place to go for a day game on a Sunday. You’ll get some great service and fairly cheap food.

Spirit of 77 – This is a cool sports bar offering a great place for your family. You will have access to some great food and beer options. Look for a great cheeseburger to go along with some excellent service.

Get a Place to Stay the Night

Portland offers some really nice places to stay the night. We listed a couple of options here but be sure to do your research.

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Portland – The courtyard is a fairly simple location for you to stay the night. It offers clean rooms and excellent service. It also includes breakfast and you can get rooms for around $120 a night.

Hotel Eastlund – This hotel will give you everything Portland has to offer. You will have a comfy style stay and some great service to help you out. The restaurant and bar inside are a must-see. You will get access to rooms for around $135 a night.

Making it to a Game a Reality

What is stopping you from going to a Portland Trail Blazers game? This is a great year to get out there and enjoy a live event. You have access to some great seats if you use the right process. We shared some great tips on saving money on some of the best seats out there. Look for games that fit your budget as well as make sure you keep your experience level high. Don’t settle for an upper-level seat. Always think about upgrading for enjoyment. If you have any questions please ask. Good luck!

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