Planning to Buy NFL Playoff Tickets

Buying Playoff Tickets at the Right Time

When Should You Get Your NFL Playoff Tickets?

The NFL Playoffs are one of the hottest times of the year when it comes to sports fans searching for tickets. Typically, tickets to the postseason are really hard to find—but that doesn’t mean that they are impossible. Here, we’ll show you the best way to find NFL Playoff tickets and when the best time to buy them. This won’t guarantee that you will be able to find tickets with ease, but it will drastically improve your odds.

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So, if you’re favorite team is headed to the playoffs this year, or if you’re just interested in seeing one of the most exciting football games of the year, keep reading. Hopefully, you will learn the tricks that you will need to score great tickets at just the right time.

How to Purchase Tickets

For teams that look like they are guaranteed to go to the Playoffs, teams will often start selling tickets directly before any official announcements are made. You know who these teams are—they’re the ones that you either absolutely hate (like the New England Patriots or the Baltimore Ravens) or the ones that you absolutely love (like the New England Patriots or the Baltimore Ravens).

When a team is a shoo-in for the playoffs, it makes sense for the teams to sell these tickets early. People want to buy them and guarantee themselves a seat at their big games. Additionally, the teams don’t have all that much to lose by not selling them early. If for some weird reason, the team doesn’t make the postseason, refunds are issued.

So, the best place to start if you’re thinking about going to the playoffs is with the team directly. Hit up their website or give the box office a call. This will let you know what is going on with tickets and help you to find tickets early, guaranteeing yourself a seat.

This is also the hardest way to get tickets as these early-demand tickets tend to sell out within hours—or sooner.

A much easier method involves buying from third-party ticket sellers. The price tag can be a little bit higher than the original seller’s, but not always. If you time your purchase just right, you might find that you’re able to spend less on tickets than you would have if you were one of the lucky few that bought tickets the moment that they went on sale.

Let’s learn how.

The Right Time to Buy

The best time to buy tickets is sooner rather than later. However, if you don’t find playoff tickets when they first go on sale, there are still ways to buy tickets without spending too much.

Timing playoffs tickets purchases is a lot harder than purchasing regular season tickets, and unfortunately, getting a good deal revolves more around luck than other times of the season do. You can still get a good deal, though. Checking in on multiple occasions will help you to get an idea of how prices will fluctuate. And when they do drop down to a manageable price, it’s time to act. This way, you’ll be certain that you will get the best deal possible on tickets.

For NFL regular-season game tickets, traditional wisdom says that waiting until the last minute will help you to save money. This works because the demand for these tickets for these games is not as great as playoff games. You might find that you need to wait until the last moment because tickets are hard to find, but this isn’t a good strategy for saving money on playoff tickets.

Saving Money

In addition to timing your purchase right, there are other things that you can do to help save money on your playoffs tickets purchase. Using a SeatGeek coupon or promo code during your purchase will help offset some of the cost of the tickets. These are pretty easy to find, but you will want to ensure that you’re using the ones that will help you the most. Spend a few minutes searching for the best promo codes before you start your ticket search to make sure that when you do find the tickets that you’re hoping for that you don’t lose out on the chance to buy them. This way, you will be prepared for action when it’s time to buy.

Purchasing electronic tickets can also help you to save some money. These are downloadable tickets that you either print out or store on your smartphone. They work just like paper tickets but tend to have lower fees when purchased.

Playoff tickets are always going to be more expensive than regular season tickets. However, by checking out ticket prices over a few days, using promo codes, and buying e-tickets, you will cut down on some of the costs and save as much money as you can—all while still getting to the biggest NFL games of the season.


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