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The Pixies, an American alternative rock band, started up in Boston Massachusetts in the year 1986. The original lineup featured Black Francis on vocals and rhythm guitar, Joey Santiago on lead guitar, Kim Deal on bass and singing backup, and David Lovering on drums. In addition to their 1987 mini-LP, Come on Pilgrim, the Pixies released four studio albums, before disbanding in 1993. After their breakup, the band saw a massive rise in popularity in the U.K. and across Europe. The band got back together in 2004 (in 2013 Kim Deal was ultimately replaced with Paz Lenchantin on bass) and has been going on sold-out world tours since. This is the best time to buy Pixies tickets. Look for some of the best seats in the listings below.

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The Pixies music is best described as a cross, or marriage, of two genres: punk and surf rock. Their music is known to shift dynamically from heavy sounds with cracking drums, to soft, out-there tones with floating guitar and vocals. Black Francis, the group’s main songwriter has gone on record saying the band can only play two ways, “loud or quiet.” Francis’ lyrics reflect a similar dichotomy, as he includes both space age and Old Testament themes. Two songs, “Here Comes Your Man” and “Monkey Gone to Heaven”, on the band’s 1989 album Doolittle exemplify this range. Both Radiohead and Nirvana were inspired by the group’s sound as they were forming.

The album Doolittle charted at 98 in the U.S. and number eight across the pond. The Pixies have always had more popularity overseas and this fact was evident with the group’s successful Sex and Death tour in support of Doolittle. The group presents an interesting vibe on stage with Francis playing the stoic frontman. Kim Deal, before her departure, was known to offset the lead singer’s emotionlessness with folksy charm. Pixies fans fell in love with inside jokes of the group like playing their set in alphabetical order. When the group got back together in 2004 they played 15 U.S. dates, festivals including Coachella and Pinkpop, and gigs throughout the U.K and Europe. After another brief hiatus in 2007, the band kicked off their reunion with another European tour in 2009. The band toured with their original material until 2013 when they began creating new music once more.

Buying Tickets to See the Pixies Live in Concert

When the Pixies announce a North American Tour, it will be time to jump on some tickets. In March the Pixies will be in Louisville, New York, and Montreal, to name a few cities. Those interested in the Pixies should also be on the lookout for the announcement of new European dates. To buy tickets for a Pixies concert, use the listings above.

More on the Pixies

The Pixies did not enjoy overwhelming commercial success, or popularity with American audiences when they first began releasing albums in the late eighties. They are, however, a band, said to have laid out the blueprint for the stop/start dynamic that would become so popular in nineties alternative rock. Kurt Cobain went on the record in 1994, saying that while writing the hit, “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, he was, “[B]asically trying to rip off the Pixies.” David Bowie, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, and Kings of Leon, amongst many other artists, have all voiced their admiration of the Pixies innovative sound.

Despite being adverse to shooting videos because of the requisite lip-syncing, the band has stayed current by utilizing new media platforms as they have evolved. The music released after 2013 by the Pixies has been made available only through download or limited release vinyl. Also, the band announced that they are beginning a podcast, “Past is Prologue, Pixies” starting on June 27, 2019.

Witness the Pixies Live

The Pixies are one of the most influential groups in the history of alternative American rock and they are still selling out venues. If you want to take a trip with diehard fans through the wavy and thunderous sounds of the Pixies then act now. The best time to buy Pixies tickets is right now. You’ll want those close to the stage seats so you can really enjoy the show.


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