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Kicking things off at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Canada on July 24, 2023, Pink will be performing all of her big hits on some of the biggest stages. This is the best time to buy the best seats for a Pink concert. There are plenty of shows to choose from on this tour. We have the events that are coming up first but don’t let that stop you. You can find all of the tickets by hitting the load more button. There are plenty of seats still available to choose from. The Pink Summer Carnival is one tour you won’t want to miss.

Her opening act choice for this tour is “Brandi Carlile”, a folk-rock songwriter, who will provide some great opening act entertainment. You can also expect Grouplove and Kid Cut Up to perform several songs on the tour.

Jack Antonoff has a long list of musicians for which he wrote songs, from Lorde (“Green Light”)  to Sia (“House On Fire”) or Taylor Swift (“Out Of The Woods”).

The opening song of Pink’s “Trustfall” album has been seen as a plea for a little patience in a relationship that seems to have gone in the wrong direction. Also as a ballad, which denounces the disappointment with the government and White House.

The tour continues, after Phoenix, with shows in Wichita on the 3rd of March, Tulsa, on the 5th, Lincoln on March 6th, and Chicago, on the 9th. Pink is hitting the road after almost  5 years (since her 2013 – 2014 “The Truth About Love” tour), having scheduled performances in locations like Saint Louis (“Enterprise Center”, 14th of March), Toronto (“Air Canada Centre”, March 20), but also New York (“Madison Square Garden”, on 4th of April) or Washington DC (“Capital One Arena”, 16th of April).

Trustfall” album, released on February 17, 2023, brings “the most gifted and imaginative physical performer in pop right now”, as the “ Los Angeles Times” called Pink. Once again in front of her fans, with a musical masterpiece that seems to be centered around one theme: relationships. The relationship that Pink has with her adult self is one filled with anxiety, as she sings on the track “Barbies” (“I turned into someone that I swore I would never be”), while mutual revenge seems like the only remedy for a relationship gone bad.  Just like the one, she is having with Eminem on the track “Revenge” (“We can do revenge together” say the lyrics).

As the “Trustfall” album unveils, we discover that each song seems to express a different feeling or attitude when it comes to relationships: in “Whatever You Want” (released on October 5th, 2017, the same day the artist announced the 2018 tour dates), a song by Max Martin.  Pink seems decided to face all the problems in her relationship and, moreover, to do whatever is needed to save what is left. Although the lyrics clearly indicate “ I feel like our ship’s going down tonight”.

A couple of tracks later, she admits that uncertainty is the most prominent feeling she has in her relationship. Clearly stating “I don’t know, we don’t know, where we go”. The mixture of feelings and attitudes gets at its peak with the closing song of the album – “You get my love”, written by Pink and co-writer Tobias Jesso Jr. This last track is composed as a scenario in which the singer intends to confess to her loved one, once he wakes up, a terrible sin. Her silent turmoil is begging for her loved one to believe she loves him, although he may not believe anything she says once her secret is out.

All in all, “Trustfall” album is likely to represent a new step in Pink’s impressive career which translates into 6 studio albums, 1 “Greatest Hits” album, more than 75 million singles sold, 42 million albums sold, and 15 singles in “Billboard Hot 100”’s “Top Ten”. With 15 million copies sold around the world, “Missundaztood” from 2001 was Pink’s most successful album to date.

Pink has been around for 18 years and “survived” the eras of other pop-rock female voices such as Avril Lavigne, Fergie,  Kelly Clarkson, Lady Gaga, and Taylor Swift. Yet, as she declares in a “New York Times” profile from last year, “if you look at any paragraph about pop music, I don’t get mentioned — my name doesn’t come up. And yet, here I go again, right under the wave, duck-diving.”

Without major changes in her sound or personality throughout the years, “the singer had demonstrated an epic workout of vocals, stagecraft, and stunt-work without missing a note”, as Rolling Stone magazine states.

In 2018, Pink seems to have reached an artistic maturity that enables her to perform without the fear of losing something and, most importantly, with the satisfaction of entertaining new generations of fans everywhere.

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