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You have many opportunities to go see the Phoenix Suns live. This is a great year to grab some tickets and have a great time. We are here to share with you our knowledge about purchasing tickets at a fair price. Getting the best seats possible is critical to making your night special. We focus on when you should purchase your tickets, where to sit in the arena and much more.

Right below, you will find ticket listings for all of the upcoming Phoenix Suns games. These ticket listings will show both home and away games, so please be aware. Games from the beginning of the season all the way through the championship are listed below. You may even come across a parking pass. This is something we will discuss below.

Right Time to Buy Phoenix Suns Tickets

Figuring out the right time to purchase Phoenix Suns tickets is difficult. We have been watching the ticket market for years and have come up with several different strategies. Some of these strategies require a little more effort. As long as you’re willing to monitor seat locations, finding a decent price will happen.

When you’re looking for Phoenix Suns tickets we suggest searching around two weeks before the game. This is an area where buyers and sellers will start to meet at a fair price. As demand goes down, so will the price. Sellers will try to get as much as they can out of their ticket sales, however, they will have to settle. It’s when the sellers start to reduce price is when you need to press the buy button.

Think about going to a weekday game versus a weekend game. If you can get out on a Tuesday night you can save money versus a game on a Friday night. There’ll be less demand for tickets during the week.

Another thing to consider is the opponent the Phoenix Suns play. Games against divisional rivalries will definitely cost more than games against opponents that are far away. Strong fan bases will also contribute to higher-priced tickets.

Where to Sit at the Footprint Center?

With any arena, you have tons of sections to choose from. This is the most critical part of purchasing a ticket. Finding the right seat that’s going to make your experience amazing. We give you a small breakdown of what you can expect from the Footprint Center seating chart.

Lower Level – We suggest sitting in the lower level due to its location to the court. Having access to great views and the sounds of the game will make your experience special. If you would like to sit behind the Phoenix Suns bench consider section 101. If you are a fan of the opposing team you can select section 103. You can select sections 120 and 108 to sit near the tunnels where the players come out of the locker rooms.

Upper Level – Our least favorite section of any arena is the upper level. This is quite obvious due to the fact how far you are from the court. Although pricing can fit your budget we don’t feel like it’s worth your money. Try to spend a few extra dollars to get that lower level or better seat.

Luxury Suites – In any basketball arena you can have a good time in a luxury box. There are so many amenities that go along with your ticket purchase that make this area one-of-a-kind. You can expect not only great seats, but all-inclusive gourmet food and drinks, complimentary VIP parking, private restrooms, and many other perks.

Courtside Club – Although the sponsor of this section changes quite often the courtside area of the arena is where it is at. Getting access to a courtside seat will provide you with the most exciting views and in-game action. If the budget fits make this your choice.

Finding a Parking Spot

Using one of the many parking apps available will get you a parking spot. This is one thing you need to consider before heading out to a Phoenix Suns basketball game. Although it’s annoying to pay for parking if you plan on driving you will need a pass.. Look for sites like SpotHero and ParkWhiz to find your spot. You can expect to pay around $20 to park your car.

Buying Tickets in Different Ways

The nice thing about buying tickets these days is all the different ways about doing it. We want to provide you with a couple of different options. Consider these options as potentially enjoying a better season.

Season Tickets – The thought of purchasing season tickets can be quite overwhelming. If you’re willing to commit time this is a great way to watch the Suns all season long. You can go to as many games as you would like. The games you don’t attend will require you to sell your seats. If the team is having a great season you can expect to make a premium on your purchase. This will recoup the money for the games you have gone to and possibly make money on the season. There are no guarantees in this investment so keep that in mind.

Single Game Tickets – Buying a set of single-game tickets will most likely cost you the most amount.

Group Tickets – Teams will offer fans a group of games to attend. This will have a range of games. Although you won’t be able to pick the games you want to see, you will have the chance to head out to see the Suns. A lot of these tickets will be for games against weaker opponents as well as games during the week. Make sure you check your schedule ahead of time.

Last Minute Tickets – You can purchase Suns tickets at the last minute. This could be a great way for you to save big. There are chances that this doesn’t work. You have to be a little more risk-tolerant.

A Look at the Suns History

The Phoenix Suns were founded in 1968. They have always been located in Phoenix and play at the Footprint Center.

The Suns currently have three conference titles and no championships. They do have several divisional titles and plenty of playoff appearances.

Although the Suns don’t necessarily have heated rivalries, they do have games that get more heated than others. You can expect ticket prices to rise against teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers, the Los Angeles Clippers, the Utah Jazz, and the Denver Nuggets.

Some great players that have come through the organization include Jason Kidd, Charles Barkley, Kevin Johnson, Alvan Adams, and Walter Davis.

Looking for Some Good Food

Making a great night does require some food to go along with the game. Some people aren’t into arena food and would like other food options. Listed below are a couple of restaurants in the area.

Willie’s Taco Joint – This is a great spot if you enjoy tacos and burritos. If you are taking the family and would like a reasonably priced meal this is the way to go. Excellent service will be provided as well.

Breakfast Club – This is an awesome joint for a Sunday game. If the Suns have a fairly early game you can attend a nice brunch at the breakfast club. For a decent price and excellent service, you can expect a great meal.

Do you Need a Place to Stay the Night?

Some Phoenix Suns fans come from out of town. This is your chance to spend the night in one of the many hotels in the surrounding area. We suggest you do some more research to meet your requirements. Here are a couple of options to consider.

Hyatt Regency Phoenix – This hotel will provide a four-star stay with modern rooms and excellent service. You’ll be spending around $186 a night. You have access to an excellent location and an outdoor pool.

Kimpton Hotel Palomar Phoenix – The Kimpton hotel is one of our favorite hotels in the country. Not all cities have this option but they are great for the kids. They have a very hip restaurant and great drinks. You can expect a clean room and excellent service. You could pay up to $190 for the night.

Making this Experience Real

If you’ve been on the fence about attending a Phoenix Suns game, then you’ve come to the right place. We feel the information we provided can help you have an amazing experience for a decent cost. All professional sporting events will cost you money. If we can save you some money then we feel like we’ve done a good service. The NBA is filled with games all year long so it will be up to you to pick the game you want to see. Our seating chart suggestions should give you an idea of where to be looking. If you have any questions about purchasing Phoenix Suns tickets please let us know. Good luck!


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