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There is a substantial amount of history about the Philadelphia Phillies. Today we will share with you some of that history as well as many other important things you need to know about going to a game. We will first focus on the best time to buy Phillies tickets and then offer some advice on where to sit inside Citizens Bank Park. We will even go over some parking and food options outside the stadium. Let us begin by showing you some tickets that are available. These seats will be for home and away games as well as playoff and World Series appearances. If you don’t see the game you want to go to make sure you hit the load more button to get every game.

Best Time to Buy Philadelphia Phillies Tickets

Finding the right time to buy baseball tickets comes down to several different factors. You’ll most likely not catch the bottom cheap tickets when going to the resale market, but you can follow a few simple things to avoid overpaying.

Two to three weeks before a Phillies game is when you want to dig deep. This is when most season ticket holders will decide if they are going to a game or not. They will then list their tickets for people like you to buy on places like SeatGeek. It’s up to you to start watching several areas around the park. You can then determine if prices are swinging up or down.

Another thing to think about is when the game is being played. A game on a Monday or Tuesday could be an easier ticket to get than a game on a Saturday. You will notice prices are far less on those days, especially against a weaker opponent. You could also save money this way since you may not want to drink as many beers since you have to go to work the next day. Weekday specials are also provided by the team. This helps gets fans in the stands for less.

Another thing to think about is taking the day off for a midday game. This doesn’t happen all of the time, but this could be the way to go. More than likely this game won’t be sold out and tickets somewhere around the park will be there.

Another major contributing factor is the opponent the Phillies will face. A team like the Los Angeles Angels or New York Yankees will definitely carry a heavier price tag. Look for teams like the Texas Rangers or Colorado Rockies. These teams are much further away and you won’t be up against as many fans looking for the best seats.

Where to Sit at a Philadelphia Phillies Game

Choosing where to sit is what getting tickets is all about. It will be up to you when find the best seats. We will do our best to go over certain areas of the park to consider. There are many factors involved when coming up with the perfect seat. It’s important to not only think about cost, but by keeping experience first, you’ll end up having a better time. A better seat will make things worth it in the end. He is our breakdown of the Citizens Bank Park seating chart.

Field Level – Always try to get field-level seating no matter which side you are on. This gets you close to the action where you can actually see players. Prices will get pricey here, but follow the supply and demand of tickets and pick the right game to attend. Look for sections 116 and 117 to sit behind the Phillies dugout and 130 and 131 to sit behind the opponents.

Homeplate Diamond Level – The best seats in the building are in the Diamond Club. These are the seats surrounding the home plate. These seats will give you the vantage points we all want. These tickets are not only the best but the most expensive. You will also get access to a lounge and restaurant as well as in-seat waiter service. You’ll have smaller lines for everything inside.

** You may want to go several sections left or right to save a lot of money and still get one of the best views.

Club Level – This is considered the middle level at Citizen’s Park. All of the 200 levels of seating will come with a great view and some amenities. Besides field level, these are the next best thing.

Upper Deck – Also known as the terrace level, we only suggest you get tickets here if you can’t afford otherwise. You will be far from the field so do your best to fork over some more money for a better seat. Depending on the time, day and team, you can get fairly cheap tickets here.

Bleachers – Fun seats for those looking to have a good time. We don’t suggest you sit all game in the bleachers, but if that is your thing, go for it.

Luxury Suites – We would all like to sit in a luxury suite, but for baseball, we feel like you can get a better deal and have a better experience for less money.

Other Suites – There are other suites around the park you can get with a big group. The views are pretty distant, but the space is really nice. There are plenty of amenities to go along with it.

There are plenty of venues to check out in the Philadelphia area.

Parking Near the Field

There are plenty of parking lots around the stadium. You can expect to pay an average of $20. This isn’t bad considering the professional sports model. Try to get your spot early or get to the game ahead of time. Some people like to arrive at a baseball game late. There are mobile apps you can use to get your parking passes ahead of time.

Grab a Bite to Eat

Unfortunately, there really isn’t anything to eat super close to the stadium. It is surrounded by two other stadiums and parking lots. However, south Philly is loaded with places to check out. You’ll be driving anyway, so keep that in mind. Here are a few places to consider eating at before or after a game.

Tony Luke’s – You have plenty of cheesesteak options while in Philly. We suggest you check them all out if you can. Tony Luke’s is well known as the best. Go check it out for an incredible south Philly cheesesteak experience.

Scannicchio’s – This is a classic spot serving up Italian cuisine. You will have some great service. The menu is loaded for a small restaurant as well.

SouthHouse – The last choice we have for you is Southhouse. This is a pub-style location serving up some great beers and American fare. The staff is a lot of fun and the food is delicious. You can read more about them right here.

Diving Into Some Phillies History

The Philadelphia Phillies were established in 1883 and are still going strong. Reaching the World Series in 2022, they’ve been part of the National League and East Division since day one. They are one of the oldest Major League Baseball teams in the league.

They have played in several different stadiums throughout the years, with the latest one being Citizen’s Bank Park. They currently have two World Series titles, 9 NL Pennants, and many east division titles.

You can expect some of the bigger games against some of their biggest rivals. These teams are the New York Mets, and Pittsburgh Pirates, and you can even throw in the Washington Nationals. These games will always be pricier based on demand.

Some of the biggest names to play for the organization include Mike Schmidt, Roy Halladay, Robin Roberts, Steve Carlton, Garry Maddox, Pete Rose, and Richie Ashburn. There are certainly other greats that have come through.

Time to Head Out to Citizens Bank Park

We’ve now given you enough information on making an informed ticket purchase decision. There are plenty of tickets available on the secondary market. Be sure to check out certain sections each week and determine if the price is going up or down. Find your price point and get the best seats for a Philadelphia Phillies game. Make it all about the experience and the money won’t really matter. Enjoy your next Phillies game and let us know if there is anything we can do to help you get tickets.


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