Philadelphia Eagles Tickets

Best Time to Buy Philadelphia Eagles Tickets

Best Time to Buy Philadelphia Eagles Tickets

Fly Eagles Fly is the chant you will hear when attending a Philadelphia Eagles game. This is your chance to sing along at the next game. We will do our best to help you find cheap Philadelphia Eagles tickets with seats that meet your budget. While keeping your price point in mind, always remember it’s the experience that counts when attending a game.

Right below, you will find listings of tickets to all upcoming Philadelphia Eagles games. These tickets will be everything from the preseason all the way up to the Super Bowl if they are so fortunate. All games will be listed, so be aware of away games as well. A parking pass is also something that may show up on the list. This is something to be aware of if you plan on driving to the field.

August 09
11:30 pm
August 09, Fri, 11:30 pm
M&T Bank Stadium - Baltimore
August 15
11:00 pm
August 15, Thu, 11:00 pm
Gillette Stadium - Foxborough
August 24
05:00 pm
August 24, Sat, 05:00 pm
Lincoln Financial Field - Philadelphia
September 07
12:15 am
September 07, Sat, 12:15 am
Arena Corinthians - Sao Paulo
September 16
03:59 am
September 16, Mon, 03:59 am
Lincoln Financial Field - Philadelphia
September 17
12:15 am
September 17, Tue, 12:15 am
Lincoln Financial Field - Philadelphia
September 22
05:00 pm
September 22, Sun, 05:00 pm
Caesars Superdome - New Orleans
September 29
05:00 pm
September 29, Sun, 05:00 pm
Raymond James Stadium - Tampa
October 13
05:00 pm
October 13, Sun, 05:00 pm
Lincoln Financial Field - Philadelphia
October 20
05:00 pm
October 20, Sun, 05:00 pm
MetLife Stadium - East Rutherford

Right Time to Buy Philadelphia Eagles Tickets

When it comes to buying tickets to an NFL game you have to accept the fact that you could be paying way more money than you want to. Prices for going to live sporting events keep going up each year. We will try to give you some tips to help save you money on the game you want to see.

It would help if you tried to have a couple of games you want to see on your radar. Try to watch certain sections leading up to the game. Around two weeks before your game kicks off is where you will see the most action. Sellers will try to make a strong push to sell their seats. This is also the time when more buyers are looking as well. Price fluctuations can occur within hours of looking at the seating chart.

If your team is struggling during the season, you will most likely not pay a premium for seats. However, if the Eagles are playing average or better you can expect to pay more. If they are coming off a loss this is a great time to look for tickets. Not that you want them to lose, however, sellers will be more eager to sell their seats for a little less to get their money back.

No matter the case, you’ll most likely run into situations where prices don’t budge. This is where you need to decide if your budget is big enough for better seats.

Where to Sit at Lincoln Financial Field

Picking the right seat in the stadium is half the battle. We know that you want the best seat but don’t want to pay too much. Honestly, there are seats for all kinds of budgets. However, we think it’s critical to take into consideration what kind of experience you will have. Can you afford more so your memory of going to the game is even better? Listed below are some of the sections to consider when picking the best seats at Lincoln Financial Field.

Lower Level – Get right into the game with lower-level seats. When the stadium is hopping, these are the seats you want to be in. Look for sections 101 and 102 if you want to sit behind the Philadelphia Eagles bench. Save a little on tickets when you sit behind the opponent’s bench in sections 120 and 121.

Club Level – We like the club level. These seats give you more legroom and possibly a bit more of a relaxed atmosphere. You will pay a good amount for these seats, but they are great for taking in a game. You also have access to lounges, higher-end food, and better restroom options.

Mezzanine – Here is a section within a section. Get the same views as the club level, but you won’t get the amenities that are received from a club-level seat. Make sure your Mezz level seat is cheaper than the club level seat.

Upper Level – We cover this on most pages here at Ticketsto. We feel like upper-level seats are not worth the price. You’ll find yourself in the stadium, but the action will not be there. Please consider getting better seats if you can afford them.

Suites and Special Clubs – Like most stadiums, Lincoln is no different when it comes to high-end suites and boxes. Look for seats in the Touchdown club or the Axalta Tunnel Club. These locations will give you a party atmosphere with a lot more. Some of the perks you will get with suites are VIP parking, all-inclusive food, and soft drink, climate-controlled seats, more legroom, lounges, private bathrooms, and much more.

Parking Around Lincoln Financial

The good news about parking around the stadium is that there are plenty of spots. Parking for an Eagles game will run you $40 on average. A bigger oversize vehicle will cost you more. If you are looking to tailgate, you’ll want to go into certain sections of the lots. Try to get a parking pass ahead of time from one of the many different ticket sites.

Where Should You Eat?

If you aren’t in the mood to eat stadium food all day you do have some options for before or after a game. There are hundreds of spots you can check out. We listed a couple of places that may be convenient for your trip to the game.

Xfinity Live! – This is a great location with a ton of options for you. Get access to great food and beer before or after the game. You can’t get a better location.

Cadillac Grille – Although this can get a little more expensive than you want, you do have access to some great food. It’s in a perfect location for game day.

If You Need a Place to Stay

Depending on where you are coming from or the time the game starts, a place to stay the night may be in order. Being such a large city, you have a ton of hotel options. Here are a couple of places to consider.

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Philadelphia Airport – This isn’t the most elegant location for the night, but it will get the job done for a decent price. Some minor amenities available include a restaurant. Prices can start at around $120.

Courtyard by Marriott Philadelphia South at The Navy Yard – A great location if you need to be near the stadium. Also, expect clean rooms and other great things to go along with your stay. You are looking at around $210 for the night.

Ticket Purchasing Options

When we think about attending a Philadelphia Eagles game we think about just that one game. What if you wanted to attend more than one game in a season? On another note, what if you aren’t sure about going to a game until that day? We have a couple of options you should think about before making your purchase.

Season Tickets – This is a pretty big investment into an NFL football team. Season tickets are a great way to go if you would like to go to more than one game a year. Each year will be different, but you can expect a decent return on your investment each season. If you can break even while also enjoying a couple of games, why not?. Do some research and consider a season ticket package.

Game Day Tickets – If you aren’t sure about attending a game there is a way to get tickets at the last minute. You can consider going to the game that day and purchasing seats from your phone. Using sites like StubHub and SeatGeek will give you access to tickets sellers are trying to unload last minute. You may score but be prepared should it fall through.

A Brief History About the Eagles

Like all teams, the Eagles have a strong history. We would like to share some items with you that may get you excited about going to your next game.

The Philadelphia Eagles were founded in 1933 and have been part of the NFC East since the merger in 1970. The Eagles have had four conference championships and have won one Super Bowl.

Divisional rivalries go a long way in the NFC East. Look for ticket prices to jump when the Eagles play the Washington Football Team, Dallas Cowboys, and the New York Giants. You can also expect some heated games when they play the Pittsburgh Steelers.

After all of these years, you would imagine there were some amazing players that have come through. Here is a short list of players that helped make the Eagles such a great team.

Players such as Ron Jaworski, Mike Quick, Stan Walters, Timmy Brown, Reggie White, Randall Cunningham, Eric Allen, Brian Dawkins, Brian Westbrook, Donovan McNabb, David Akers, and Harold Carmichael.

It’s Time to Act

You’ve come this far with your research. It is now time to buy Philadelphia Eagles tickets. We shared plenty of wise information on getting cheaper tickets and the best seats. Always consider the experience for Philadelphia events first when thinking about your budget. A better seat will go a long way if you really want to take in a game. If you have any questions about buying tickets, please ask us. We are here to help.


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