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You have a chance to go see the Philadelphia 76ers live. Are you prepared to get tickets at affordable prices? We are here to help you find those seats. We break down everything from when to buy your tickets, where to sit, interesting tips, and some history about the 76ers.

Below you will find ticket listings for upcoming 76ers games. You will find both home and away games so keep that in mind when researching. You could also come across a parking pass. These are important if you plan to drive to the game.

Best Time to Buy Philadelphia 76ers Tickets

Figuring out the right time to purchase 76ers tickets has taken a lot of research. Basketball is way different than purchasing tickets for an NFL game. You have dozens of games to choose from throughout the year versus only eight home games.

Depending on how the 76ers are playing will determine how much ticket prices will sell for. It’s up to you to find several games you want to go to throughout the season. As supply diminishes ticket prices will start to rise. It’s finding that sweet spot to allow you to get the best price.

Around two weeks prior to the game you want to see is where you should start looking. Price moves significantly around 7 to 10 days before the game. This is when sellers will make a push to sell their seats and try to get as much premium as possible. As demand goes down, this is when you need to strike.

Unlike the NFL, you have seven days of the week to choose from. We suggest if you are with a larger group to look for games during the week. You will see a significant difference in price between a Tuesday night game versus a Saturday night game. Keep this in mind if you have a large family.

Where Should You Sit at the Wells Fargo Center?

There are thousands of seats to choose from in the Wells Fargo Center. Picking the right seat will determine how good your experience will be. We always suggest you spend a little bit more money on tickets to get better seats. We know how expensive they can be, but it won’t be worth it if you’re sitting far away.

Courtside Seats – Obviously, courtside seats are the best seats in the arena. You will have access to plenty of amenities including VIP parking and waiter service. Having this seat can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Lower-Level – The lower level is another section you should consider when going to an NBA basketball game. If you would like to sit near the 76ers bench consider section 102. If you are a fan of the opposing team consider section 124. You can also look for sections around the tunnels for the players to come in and out.

Club Boxes – Always consider a premium seat when going to a 76ers game. These are pricey seats to give you access to VIP parking, a private bathroom entrance, more comfortable seats, and other amenities.

Luxury Suites – There are several luxury suites around Wells Fargo Center. You can expect great service within these suites. You have access to the Cadillac Grille, private restrooms, and a private attendant.

Mezzanine Level – The mezzanine level is considered the upper level of Wells Fargo Center. We suggest you try to go to the lower level if you are looking for seats here. You will be very far away from the action which is the whole point of going to the game.

Seating charts are always difficult to really dial-in. We have so many Philadelphia venues that we talk about.

Parking Near the Wells Fargo Center

There are parking spots around Wells Fargo Center due to its location. This isn’t always common near NBA arenas. Unfortunately, if you have to drive you will pay around $20. Look for parking passes ahead of time. You can use one of the many ticketing apps to find parking passes.

Ticketing Options for the Sixers

There are several ways about going to a 76ers basketball game. We would like to discuss a few of these options with you. Keep in mind, not all these choices will work for your budget or risk level.

Season Tickets – We always mention season tickets ahead of anything else due to its investment. If you would like to go to more than a couple of games a season you may want to consider purchasing season tickets. You can go to the games you choose. It will be up to you to sell the rest of your tickets to recoup the money spent on the season. When the 76ers are playing well you can even make money on your investment.

Single Game Tickets – We suggest you order single-game tickets for the game you want to see around 7 to 10 days before tip-off.

Group Tickets – Buying group tickets allows you to select anywhere from 2 to 8 games on the season. This will give you access to enough home games with some decent seats.

Last Minute Tickets – The NBA has a lot of games throughout the year and there are a lot of seats that go unsold. If you are more risk-tolerant, you can actually walk up to the arena and purchase your tickets as you’re walking in. There will be last-minute sellers trying to unload tickets at a very affordable price. This is where you could get into a game for much less.

History of the Philadelphia 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers were originally the Syracuse Nationals. In 1963, they became the Philadelphia 76ers. They currently play in the Eastern Conference in the Atlantic division.

The 76ers have five conference titles and three championships. They also carry a lot of divisional titles and have had many playoff appearances.

When it comes to divisional rivalries you can expect not only price tickets to go up, but a much more heated game. Look for teams like the Boston Celtics, New York Knicks, Washington Wizards, and Los Angeles Lakers. Tickets to these games will always be more than other teams just based on fan base and rivalries. When it comes to sports events and rivalries, these are some of the best.

There have been many great players that have come through the Philadelphia 76ers organization. These players have made what the 76ers are today. Some of these players include Moses Malone, Allen Iverson, Julius “Dr. J.” Erving, Bobby Jones, Charles Barkley, and Maurice cheeks.

Restaurants Around the Arena

If you plan to make an extraordinary night going to a game you may also want to consider eating outside of the stadium. You do have several restaurants to choose from in Philadelphia. Here are a couple of options to think about when attending a game.

Gatehouse – This is a great location for you to take the family before or even after a Philadelphia 76ers game. Look for great appetizers and a wide selection of beers and cocktails. Go during a warmer part of the year and you can sit outside as well.

Chickie’s & Pete’s – This is a cool local sports bar offering plenty of crab food options. If you’re into shellfish then this is the location for you. You’ll have excellent service and plenty of food to get you into the game.

Making the Deal Happen

If you have been wanting to go to a 76ers game for a long time this is a great year to make it happen. We’ve given you a ton of different options when it comes to purchasing your tickets. No matter what you do Philadelphia 76ers tickets will not be cheap. There are ways to save money so keep that in mind when doing your event research. If you have any questions about purchasing tickets please contact us. Good luck!

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