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Penn State University consistently ranks as one of the premier teams in NCAA football each year, and this season is no exception. To ensure that you have a memorable time at the game, we’ll guide you through key aspects such as where to sit at Beaver Stadium, team history, ticket prices, and more to enhance your game day experience.

Firstly, let’s look at some ticket details. The list below comprises tickets for upcoming Penn State games for this season, encompassing both home and away games. If the game you’re interested in isn’t immediately visible, make sure to click on the ‘Load More’ button at the bottom of the list. This will redirect you to a page containing details of the remaining games this season. Remember, securing the best seats is crucial to fully experience the electrifying atmosphere at a Penn State game.

September 07
03:59 am
September 07, Sat, 03:59 am
Beaver Stadium - University Park
September 07
05:00 pm
September 07, Sat, 05:00 pm
Beaver Stadium - University Park
September 21
05:00 pm
September 21, Sat, 05:00 pm
Beaver Stadium - University Park
September 28
05:00 pm
September 28, Sat, 05:00 pm
Beaver Stadium - University Park
October 05
05:00 pm
October 05, Sat, 05:00 pm
Beaver Stadium - University Park
October 12
08:00 pm
October 12, Sat, 08:00 pm
LA Memorial Coliseum - Complex - Los Angeles
October 26
06:00 pm
October 26, Sat, 06:00 pm
Camp Randall Stadium - Madison

Best Place to Sit at Beaver Stadium

The Nittany Lions play at Beaver Stadium in University Park, Pennsylvania. It’s considered to be the second-largest stadium for any sport in the United States, second only behind Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the home of the University of Michigan. With a seating capacity of over 106,000, you might not expect it to be tough to find tickets to a Penn State game, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, because the team is so popular, oftentimes it’s hard to get the tickets that you want. The team has been voted as having one of the best student sections in all of college football, making tickets all the more popular.

Navigating the layout of Beaver Stadium, with its elaborate naming system for sections, can be a daunting task. Its immense size led to the adoption of a North, South, East, and West section model. In order to make your experience exceptional, let’s check out the specifics of the seating chart and identify the prime spots to sit.

Student Section – Ideal for individuals under 30 who manage to procure student tickets. The vibrant energy here is sure to enhance your game experience and redefine how you perceive football.

North End Zone – Sections NF, NG, and NH are the prime spots in this area. Try to opt for seats that are a bit further back during certain times of the year, as these come with an overhang that offers protection from rain and snow.

East Lower – These are the coveted seats of Beaver Stadium. Sections EG, EE, and ED boast the best views. Aim for seats within the letter rows. Beware of the confusing transition from letters to numbers outside of the U section.

West Lower – Similar to the East Lower, your optimal seats will be in sections WC, WD, WE, or WG, within the alpha character rows. Prices will be comparable to the East Lower, but occasionally, a real bargain can pop up. Be ready to act!

Upper Level – This section encircles the entire lower level. Keep in mind that it can get windy up here, so opt for seats on the sidelines over the endzone.

Upper Upper Level – Ideally, these seats are to be avoided. Given their altitude, you’ll have a better experience soaking in the atmosphere at the tailgate.

Club Level – The sideline seats in this section offer impressive views and come with the bonus of several amenities. Endzone seats here, however, may not provide the best location.

Remember to play the ‘row game’. Compare prices row by row within the sections where you aim to sit. You might spot some price anomalies that could lead to substantial savings. In some cases, you could get closer to the action than you anticipated for less money. Always compare section to section, and if you spot a bargain, seize the opportunity. These are typically from sellers less concerned with profit and more about ensuring their tickets find a home.

A final tip – Consider seats on the West side during colder months, as the sun’s warmth will be a welcome comfort. Obviously, this wouldn’t apply to night games.

The Team

The Penn State Nittany Lions are one of the oldest NCAA football teams. Their first season was played in 1887, and the team quickly became one of the most popular in the nation. That reputation for greatness endures today. Penn State is one of the biggest colleges in the U.S., and they have the fan base to make the team one of the biggest.

The football team has a long history of success. They have had two consensus National Championships, both under former coach Joe Paterno. These occurred in 1982 and 1986. However, there are also a handful of unclaimed National Championships, ranging between 1911 and 1994. On top of this, the team has had seven perfect seasons, where they neither lost nor tied in a single game. The most recent of these was in 1994. In postseason Bowl games, the team is 33-18-2.

The Nittany Lions are currently a member of the Big Ten Conference, which they share with other big names like Ohio State, Maryland, Purdue, Michigan State, and Rutgers. Some of these matchups have helped to build up rivalries, especially amongst the better teams in the conference.

There are several fierce rivalries between the Nittany Lions and other teams, but the rivalry between the Ohio State Buckeyes is probably the most famous. This rivalry dates back to 1912 and has only heated up since Penn State joined the Big Ten in 1993. Since then, the two teams have played each other annually. Ohio State-Penn State games are some of the most popular in all of college football. Tickets to these games can go quickly.

Some Beaver Stadium Details

Beaver Stadium opened up in 1960 and has been renovated and expanded many times since then. The most recent expansion was in 2011 when the stadium was updated to be fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Today, the stadium is seen as one of the most impressive in the college football scene thanks to the team’s longevity and perpetual strength.

Tailgating parties at Beaver Stadium are a big deal. There are even a handful of catering companies that will help you to host the most epic tailgate party of all time. This has been a tradition throughout the years at Penn State, dating back to the early days of the stadium. Even when the weather is nasty and cold, you can count on there being an epic party going on in the parking lot.

The stadium is an outdoor one, and the weather can get cold in this part of the U.S., especially toward the end of the season. It’s not unheard of to see snow at a game, so dress appropriately!

You do need to pay for parking if you want to get a good spot near the stadium. Buying ticket passes online ahead of time can help you to save money. Tickets tend to range from $20 to $40, but they can vary depending on how big the game is. Buying these ahead of time can help you to guarantee that you get a spot and save a few bucks, too.

Getting Tickets

There are a number of ways to get tickets to a Penn State game. The easiest is perhaps to be a member of the Alumni Association. If you have gone to Penn State, the Alumni Association tends to have great rates on season tickets. The seats are usually some of the best that you can find, located in VIP sections. However, not all of us are Penn State grads, which can make getting tickets a little bit tougher.

If the box office is sold out (this happens often), then your next best bet is to head to a third-party ticket site. StubHub, SeatGeek, and a handful of others have good reputations for safety and security and they allow you to shop for exactly the section that you want. You can even pick and choose which price you will pay for your tickets.

If you’re in a pinch and really want to catch a game, these sites can even help you to find last-minute tickets. Be sure to download the app on your phone so that you can buy tickets while you’re on the go. If you choose to purchase electronic tickets, you can often even download the tickets onto your phone and present this at the gate. If you are trying to get tickets right before kickoff, this is often the best way to get into the big game.

Ticket Prices

Are you looking for Penn State ticket prices? Well, we provide you with the get-in price for many of the home games this season. These prices are subject to change based on how the season is going and other variables. Always remember this. You could take a risk and not buy now and if they have a great season, prices will go up. On the other hand, if you wait you could get in for very cheap if the season goes south. It’s your call.

Opponent Lowest Ticket Price
West Virginia Mountaineers $147
Deleware Blue Hens $29
Iowa Hawkeyes $158
Indiana Hoosiers $32
Michigan Wolverines $130

Evidently, matches against formidable opponents command higher get-in ticket prices, even for a venue as expansive as Beaver Stadium. There’s a notable decrease in cost when the opposition is perceived as less challenging. Away games against prestigious teams like Ohio State University and Michigan State Spartans similarly carry hefty price tags. Essentially, the economic principle of supply and demand remains the fundamental driver of ticket pricing, regardless of other circumstances.

The Town

State College is the iconic college town, being comprised mainly of Pennsylvania State University, students, and employees of the school. Still, there’s a lot to do here if you’re visiting for a game. There are plenty of on and off-campus activities, including hotels, plenty of restaurants, activities for kids, and of course, sports.

If you are visiting State College from out of town, be sure to book a room well ahead of time. Rooms can fill up when it’s close to a big game. You can also see prices of rooms go up five times their daily rate. Another option to consider is Airbnb or other housing apps. There are plenty of students and local families who rent out their homes for a weekend. This is a great option if you have more than two families.

Making a Game Memory

You now have all of the information you need to get tickets to the game. From where to sit inside Beaver Stadium to the history of the team all the way up to find a place to stay. We want you to enjoy your weekend and by having the best seats with a fair ticket price, you’ll be in really good shape no matter the game outcome. If you have any questions about attending a Penn State game please let us know.


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