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Pearl Jam is one of the biggest names in rock music, and tickets to Pearl Jam shows are still big money items. The once tiny grunge band from the Seattle area is now one of the most iconic groups in the world. Often mentioned in conversation with bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam is a very different sounding band, one that transcends the grunge scene and has become more ubiquitous in everyday American pop culture.

Formed in 1990, Pearl Jam started out as a group of musicians from Seattle. Eddie Vedder, of California, soon joined the band after listening to a demo tape and coming up with some lyrics. The band signed a record label with Epic and eventually settled on the now-famous name Pearl Jam. Despite all of the stories about where the name came from, the real story is that the word jam came to members of the band after watching Neil Young play. Young was famous for adding 15 to 20 minutes to the ends of many of his songs as he and his band just jammed during their live shows. Pearl, which Eddie Vedder has claimed came from his grandmother’s first name, was more of an arbitrary addition. Like many other great bands’ names, Pearl Jam’s seems to be a very mundane story.

That doesn’t mean that the band’s music is, though. Pearl Jam is famous for its great rock style, all with very emotional lyrics and heartfelt performances. Tickets to Pearl Jam concerts are very popular because of this unique mixture of things. After their first album—Ten—came out, the band quickly earned a reputation for putting on amazing shows. Much like so of the jam bands of the past, Pearl Jam has a huge following when it comes to live performances, and many of their fans claim that these shows are far better than any album that the band has put out. All of the members have a great stage presence, and a Pearl Jam show is something that you will never forget going to. The sooner you see them, the better, as the band has talked about retirement several times in the past.

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