ParkWhiz is a service that helps people find and reserve parking spaces in cities all over the country. The goal is to eliminate the worst part of going to any event, finding a parking spot. With ParkWhiz, you can browse available parking near your venue, or if you’re already near the venue, ParkWhiz lets you find open parking near you based on location. The app is extremely user-friendly on iPhone or Android operating systems.

How ParkWhiz Helps

ParkWhiz lays out all your available options for parking saving you the time and frustration of driving around in search of somewhere to park. For instance, if you are looking for parking near Madison Square Garden, which has notoriously poor parking options, you can pull up a map of the surrounding area packed with available parking spaces including prices.

You can shop around by simply tapping on the option bubbles for available spots. Tapping on the bubble will bring up an information card including address, approximate walking time to the destination, and other information. Most importantly, you can book a spot for a specific timeframe. Reserving a spot saves you the trouble of getting to your destination only to find there are no parking spots left.

Scenario: Julie buys tickets to her favorite band at a show in downtown Atlanta. Knowing that parking will be scarce, Julie opens the ParkWhiz app on her phone and puts the venue into the search bar to find available spots nearby. She browses the available spots by tapping on the bubbles and finds the one perfect for her. She uses the amazing reservation feature and saves her spot days in advance. With a few more clicks, Julie pays through the app and her spot is reserved. There’s no need for parking passes, cash on hand, or dealing with lot attendants anymore!

How ParkWhiz Works?

ParkWhiz works by compiling data from cities all over the country. By tracking available spaces, the app provides several options at several price points, so you can find cheap parking options wherever you go. ParkWhiz gives you the option to search by venue if you’re going to an event or search by address if you’re simply going to dinner or visiting a friend.

Be sure to check around for ParkWhiz promo codes before booking. Through the app, you can add a promo code at check out, and ParkWhiz partnered up with Google Play to make paying easier and simpler. By comparison, ParkWhiz vs. Spot Hero, ParkWhiz gives you the ability to prepay for spots as opposed to shuffling through your wallet onsite. Like most parking apps, finding a parking spot comes down to personal preferences, but with the discounted rates and ease of use, ParkWhiz comes out on top.

You can also create a profile with ParkWhiz to manage your purchases and add payment methods for convenience. Plus, you get a referral code to invite others. For every two friends you recommend, you receive $10 while each referral gets $5 off their first purchase.

Using the Mobile Apps

What makes ParkWhiz so useful and versatile is the ability to use the mobile app. You can control every step of your reservation from your phone. You can even use the location settings to find parking spots near you, so you can finally stop searching up and down side streets.

On the mobile apps, you’ll have a search function allowing you to view available parking options in your area (see screenshot above). You can use this information to compare prices and locations to find the best deal. The ParkWhiz app also lets you manage your account, view current and past purchases, and find support information if you are experiencing any issues.

Where to use ParkWhiz?

ParkWhiz is available in hundreds of cities and areas all over the U.S. like ParkWhiz Chicago, New York, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. ParkWhiz has another important niche with finding parking near airports. The app lets you browse and reserve parking spots near airports like LAX, Miami International, and Washington Reagan. If you need cheap parking near LaGuardia airport for a future flight, the ParkWhiz app can help reserve a spot at a discounted price so you can focus on the rest of your trip.

Using ParkWhiz for Events

The most frustrating (and sometimes most expensive) part of driving to an event is finding reasonable parking without worrying about the area or having to walk several miles to get to your venue. ParkWhiz lets you search for parking options based on event venues. If your favorite band is playing a show at the Arena, you can find parking in downtown Los Angeles with a few clicks on the app.

ParkWhiz has even partnered up with several event venues across the country to become the premier parking reservation app. Locations from Capital One Arena to the Barclays Center recommend using ParkWhiz for convenient, affordable parking for the event night.

ParkWhiz and Ticket Marketplaces

Use ParkWhiz and Ticket Marketplaces like StubHub or SeatGeek together to coordinate your event tickets and reserve parking at the same time. Browse the shows you want to see and find the best fit. Once your tickets are ready to go, you can head straight to ParkWhiz to find the best parking options near your event.

Round out your event by planning out the rest of your experience before and after by using ParkWhiz to find a central spot near dining and other entertainment.

ParkWhiz and other similar parking apps have revolutionized the parking industry by removing the hassle of searching for parking. By partnering up with ticket marketplaces, ParkWhiz is ideally placed to help you figure out the next piece of your event experience puzzle. Best of all, there are never any hidden fees or costs to worry about. What you see is what you pay.

You can find ParkWhiz on the Google Play Store and the App Store for free download.