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One of the biggest names in pop music lately has been One Direction. The band has taken the world by storm in much the same manner that boy bands before them have, ranging from The Beatles to The Backstreet Boys. Whether you are looking for tickets to One Direction for yourself or for someone else, they always go fast thanks to the huge popularity of the band. They might be a young group of guys, but they have a very mature and strong stage presence.

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The band rose to prominence in 2010 on the show The X Factor. The members had entered the competition as solo artists but hadn’t advanced to the next stage on their own. They were placed together during a boot camp session of the show and suddenly began to gain more and more traction amongst viewers of the show. The band ended up only finishing third in the competition, but they were almost immediately signed to Simon Cowell’s label after the completion of the show. Cowell was also one of the main judges on American Idol, responsible for discovering Kelly Clarkson. Their debut album came out in 2011, and they have only become more and more popular since then. There was a bit of a shakeup in the band in 2015 when Zayn Malik left to pursue a solo career, but the remaining members of the band are still together and still going strong. They’ve now put out five albums, all while touring around the world.

In addition to having a large fan base, One Direction has become one of the highest-earning bands in the entire world. Forbes had ranked them at number four in the world for earnings at one point, having generated $130 million in a one-year period. Even if you are not a particularly big fan of the band yourself, tickets to One Direction concerts always are big money items and it can often be tough to find them. The faster you act when they become available, the more likely you are to get good seats. The fans in your life will thank you for them!

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