The New York Rangers are an NYC Classic

By on September 24, 2017
new york rangers

The New York Rangers are one of the biggest fan favorites when it comes to professional hockey. Not only are they one of the most popular teams out there, they also have the distinction of being the first team based in the United States to win a Stanley Cup. The Rangers might be one of the hottest teams out there, and that makes tickets to New York Rangers games tough to find sometimes. But that doesn’t mean they’re impossible. Be sure to check out SeatGeek to speed up your search.

The Rangers were founded in 1926 and have become one of the most popular teams in all of the NHL over the years since then. Part of this is because of where the Rangers are located. They play their home games at Madison Square Garden, right in the heart of New York City. The other half of their popularity is their success. They’ve won four Stanley Cups, with their latest happening during the 1993-94 season. And even though it’s been more than 20 years since their last championship trophy, they have still been a constant playoff threat since then. They recently won their Conference Championship, and have boasted some Hall of Fame quality players.

In fact, they have had a number of great players over the years. Glenn Anderson, Luc Robitaille, Eric Lindros, and even the great Wayne Gretzky have played for the Rangers. These players have all been inducted into the Hall of Fame. The Rangers have formed some fierce rivalries with some of the other teams, especially those located nearby. The Boston Bruins, the New York Islanders, and the New Jersey Devils are three of their biggest rivals, and tickets to New York Rangers games against any of these teams are always big sellers. The Bruins are especially popular when they’re in town thanks to the fact that both are members of the original six and both have had huge levels of success over the years. So if you’re looking for New York Rangers tickets, be sure to move fast. They often sell out, and the bigger the rivalry, the more likely they are to sell out.

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