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Let’s go Mets!!! The sound of the crowd and the crack of the bat makes going to a Mets game worth every moment. There are a ton of games available this year and if you can make it to one of them then all the better. This is your chance to get the best seats for a Mets game.

We have access to tons of tickets for all Mets games this year. Check out the listings below to find a game you want to go to. Notice there may be tickets for both home and away games. Should the Mets make the postseason, tickets to those games will be listed as well.

Best Time to Buy New York Mets Tickets

The most common question when it comes to buying tickets is, when should you buy? We’ve studied this process for years and have determined many different things.

The sellers of tickets will of course want to sell their tickets as soon as possible. However, they know the sweet spot for when the best time to sell is. Around 7-10 days before the game, is usually when we see the biggest influx of new tickets. This can vary depending on the opponent.

Look for weekday games vs. the weekend to also save some money. We all want to see the star players from visiting teams, but remember sometimes you can save a lot of money watching a weaker opponent. Major League Baseball is filled with 1000’s of games each year. There is always a better time to buy a ticket, just feel comfortable with your purchase and not worry about it.

Where Should You Sit at Citi Field?

The options are wide open when it comes to finding a seat at Citi Field. Let us share with you some sections to keep an eye out for, where you can save some money and much much more.

There are several different levels to consider when selecting a seat at Citi Field. Remember, this park was opened in 2009 and provides spectators with a much clearer view than the old Shea Stadium.

Field Level – This is where you get the most action out of the game. These sections are where the team dugouts are located. Look for sections 111-114 to be behind the New York Mets section and sections 121-124 to sit behind the visitor section. All other sections starting with the 1 will give you a field-level view. You also have bullpen views in sections 101 and 142. These are the first and last sections on the field level.

Within all of these field-level sections, you have access to all kinds of club seats, box seats, reserved seats, and great hook-ups. These areas will be more expensive, but you could find a nice deal if you watch a certain area closely.

Excelsior Level – These are kind of mid-level section around the stadium that is filled with boxes and other cool seating areas. Be sure to price out tickets in the Coca-Cola corner and Bud light Landing. These are some nice seats and the price could surprise you.

Upper Level – Promenade – Although these sections are priced in several different categories, you should consider these seats when you are with a large group. A budget spectator will love these seats as well.

First Data Club – Some great club seat action. Get access to all-inclusive items a private bar, private restrooms, and more.

Hyundai Club – Do you want to sit behind home plate? These seats are in-game action seats with style. You will have access to many great features including super comfortable seats.

There are tons of different club sections and party decks around Citi Field. Be sure to price out some areas and see if you can find one of these cool sections to watch a game.

** Note – Look into the middle of the row to save more. Most likely you want seats on the aisle, but the savings are clear when you purchase the middle-of-the-row seats.

Finding a Parking Spot Around Citi Field

Another expense when going to a game is parking. If you can take public transportation please do. In the case of Citi Field, you are looking on average $25 for a parking spot. It is crazy that parking can be more than the ticket itself. Be sure to check out the different parking apps to make your life a little easier on the day of the game.

Need Something to Eat Nearby

You will have a ton of options when it comes to food inside Citi Field. Sometimes, you may want something with a little more love. In this case, we suggest you look around at some of the restaurants nearby. Here are a couple of highly reviewed places.

Park Side – How about an Italian dinner before or after a game? This is a nice local spot serving your favorite Italian dishes. See the menu.

The COOP Restaurant & Bar – A great spot for some service and Korean Style wings. The atmosphere is great and the food options are abundant.

Looking for a Place to Stay Around Citi Field

No matter the reason, you may need to stay the night. The location of the hotels is relatively close to the field and not as expensive as one may think. Here are a couple of hotels to check out.

SpringHill Suites by Marriott New York LaGuardia Airport – You have the name backed by Marriott, so if that is important to you then great. Nice clean rooms, but nothing crazy to make your stay amazing. Gets the job done. You can book a room here.

Hyatt Place Flushing/Laguardia Airport – It’s interesting how a lot of stadiums are right near airports. In this case, you are by Laguardia airport and the price will be around $161 for the night. This will depend on the day.

Grabbing the Right Tickets

You decided this is the year you are going to go to some Mets games. Here we are and it’s time to press the buy button. You have a lot of ways of going about it. Here we will discuss a couple of options that may help.

Season Tickets – Maybe you’ve wanted season tickets your whole life, but either couldn’t afford it or didn’t want the commitment. Nowadays, it is so much easier to get your seats and sell your seats when you have season tickets. Go in with a group of people and you may be surprised. You can make money in the end potentially.

Last Minute Seats – So, you want to go to the game and you decided you want to go to tonight’s game. Well, the cool thing is, you can. With so many ticket providers offering last-minute seats, you can do that. Also, this is a great way to save money if you are a solo spectator.

A Look Back at the New York Mets

When you look back at New York baseball, you look at all the different teams that originated in the area. The New York Yankees, which we will discuss elsewhere. It was in 1962 when the New York Mets were established.

They’ve been in the National League since its first game. They have two World Series Titles and Five NL pennants. They’ve had some great teams over the years and they are working hard to get back to greatness.

Some of the great players that have come through the organization include Gary Carter, Roberto Alomar, Mike Piazza, Willie Mays, and many more.

Look for some great games versus some of the great rivalries. Witness matchups versus the Philadelphia Phillies and Atlanta Braves. These will always be more expensive games.

Final Ticket Thoughts

Now is the time to go see the New York Mets. Go watch them take down some great teams. If you need help finding seats we are here to help you. Tickets will cost some money, but don’t let that stop you. Try to look for those club-level seats for an even better experience. Let us know if you have any questions.


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