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Best Time to Buy New York Knicks Tickets.

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No matter the season, the New York Knicks are facing, it’s always a great time to see a basketball game at Madison Square Garden. Are you looking for some cheap Knicks tickets? We’ll discuss some important information about getting Knicks tickets as well as things you should know about the Knicks organization.

The listings below will show upcoming games of the season. This will include playoffs should they be in the NBA playoffs all the way up until the championship game. Below the listings, you will find information about the Knicks that might help you decide on whether to go to a game or not.

Best Time to Buy New York Knicks Tickets

New York City is one of the most expensive cities in the world. No matter if you’re going to the Knicks game as the best team in the NBA or the worst, you’re most likely going to pay a heavy price for your tickets.

Are you going to a game during the week or are you going to a game on the weekend? This will help determine the price as well. Are you looking for one ticket or are you looking for six tickets? This will also determine the price and seat location at Madison Square Garden.

Remember the New York Knicks carry a lot of opponent fans from other teams because New York has people from all over the world. This will also increase the price of tickets for certain games such as games against the Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, and other big cities.

Are there cheap New York Knicks tickets available for today’s game? This is a question we get asked all the time. That is why we created this site. We will list the best possible tickets available.

If you decide to take the family to the next game, you may want to consider a weekday or weeknight adventure. Games on weekends and holidays will cost more than a Monday night game at home. This will allow you to see the team for a little bit less money than you want to pay.

You always want to consider the opponent the Knicks are against. If they are having a great season any team is a good opponent to see, however, you want to see a win you’ll most likely want to see a weaker opponent. This will also determine the price of the ticket. Should they go against the Chicago Bulls you are most likely going to pay a lot more and if they went against the Sacramento Kings.

Where is the best place to sit at Madison Square Garden?

Courtside seats are always the best seats if you can afford them. These tend to sell out and will most likely cost an exuberant amount of money should you try to purchase them. The Madison Square Garden carries several club levels that give you a nice view of the court. Some of these include great buffets and free drinks. The prices of these tickets will be very expensive but it could be worth it if you really want to take in a great experience. Avoid the nosebleeds at the Garden. It’s not worth the price no matter what it is.

If you want to save a little bit more money other than the day of the week you can look for tickets in the middle of the row. Middle-of-the-row seats tend to be a little bit cheaper than seats on the aisle. People have a tendency to want to sit on the aisle for easy in and out. The middle the row provides the same view as the ends but it just requires a little bit more maneuvering when getting to your seat.

What should you know about Madison Square Garden?

Constructed in 1968, Madison Square Garden is one of the oldest major sporting facilities in the New York area. You can expect to see teams like the New York Rangers, New York Knicks and other great events such as concerts, and plenty of other fun family events.

A recent renovation of the Madison Square Garden took place in 2016 with a $1.1 billion price tag. This created multiple different amenities within the Garden.

The garden can hold 19,800 people for a basketball game, 18,000 people for a hockey game, and over 20,000 people for a concert.

The garden will most likely go through a few more upgrades over the years to provide for all the extra events that may occur at this facility.

Is there a place to park around Madison Square Garden?

We definitely recommend public transportation into the garden. The best thing about this location is the amount of city transit you can take. Multiple subways, buses and if you have to Uber are available. The best form of transportation to the garden is by walking if you can do it. If not, here are a few locations you can check out for advanced parking and possible discounts.

Restaurant Options

New York is famous for the number of different food varieties in one area. No matter what you are looking for you will most likely find the delicacy you seek. No matter if it’s pizza, steak, burgers, a salad, you’ll find it near the garden. Picking a great restaurant is one thing but remember to give yourself some extra time if you plan on going to dinner before the game.

Hotel Options Near MSG

Of course, there are plenty of hotels near the garden. Depending on how much you want to pay,  you can look for hotels from the Hilton to the Marriott all the way to boutique hotels. Prices will range from anywhere from $100-$500 depending on what size room and day of the week. There are plenty of websites out there that provide hotel information so make sure you check those before work go.

What Type of Tickets are Available?

Season Tickets – Depending on if there is a waitlist, the New York Knicks provide season tickets for all home games. You have to contact them directly to find out if you can get tickets for the whole season.

Single-Game Tickets  – This is probably one of the most sought after tickets. Most people don’t go to more than one game throughout the year. This allows you to get the ticket for a particular game you seek. Depending on the opponent and the day of the week will determine the price of your ticket. Be willing to spend a little bit more than if he were to buy season tickets. Sites like SeatGeek and StubHub will have all the seats available that you need.

Group Tickets – This is a great way for the Knicks to sell games that might not get a lot of action. They provide variable numbers of games for you in groups of 2,4,6,8 and so on. This allows you to get a better price for your tickets but maybe not the best team available. Usually mixed in will be a good game and a bad game. Either way, you get to see the New York Knicks live at home for a fair price.

Last-Minute Tickets – Can you get game tickets on the day of the game? This is quite possible and should be one of your ways of seeking out tickets. Sometimes people don’t decide to go to the game in New York until the day of. This allows you to check certain websites to find a price that fits your budget. If you decide to go the day of the game just watch how prices will fluctuate getting closer. You can wait until the tipoff even to get your tickets.

Some New York Knicks History

The Knicks were established in 1946, in New York City. They have a pretty strong history and a huge following of fans. They won two NBA championships in 1970 and 1973. Although they’ve won several conference titles and division titles they haven’t won a championship in quite some time.

The Knicks have gone up and down and through rebuilding phases for quite some time and are looking to really take on the challenge. Several different coaches have filled the mark but no one’s actually taking them to the championship for a very long time.

Some great players from the past include Walt Frazier, Patrick Ewing, Bernard King, and Jason Kidd. There are tons of different players that come through the organization that helped them compete but they’re still waiting for that coveted prize.

Knicks Ticket History

We closely monitor several different sites for the best value for tickets. The sites include StubHub SeaKGeek and many more. If you can find tickets to the game you want to see, you most likely find one at one of the sites. There are always times to look for certain deals and promo codes source be on the lookout for those.

According to SeatGeek, over the last 10 years, we have seen some major price fluctuations in the average ticket price. Currently, we are seeing averages around $130 but we have seen an average ticket be around $215. This makes the New York Knicks one the highest priced NBA teams in the league. Depending on the season they are having, although you will spend a fortune on tickets you won’t spend as much. Look for the best seats possible and try not to get suckered into seats that don’t have a good view.

Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about the Knicks. We hope we can help you with your ticket purchase and let us know if there are any questions you might have.

This all depends on the season. Even great seats during a bad season are expensive. Watch how certain sections will change during the week vs. the weekend.

We highly recommend a couple of different options. If you didn’t get your tickets early in the season we suggest you check out SeatGeek or StubHub. The options will be the best.

This is obvious. Try to avoid the upper levels at the Garden. If you can site in the lower bowl you’ll at least have a better view. It may be worth the extra money.

No. We mention this a lot on our site. You are better off either parking far away and walking or taking the many forms of public transportation. Don’t venture your car to a game and overpay.

This is one of our favorite ways to buy tickets. You can purchase seats all the way through tip-off. Depending on your schedule this gives you a lot more freedom.

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