New York City FC Tickets

Best Seats To See New York City FC

New York City FC Tickets

The season is upon us, and to attend a New York City FC game, you’ll need tickets. Our primary goal for all events is to assist you in finding the best seating options within your desired venue. Our focus is on the upcoming schedule for New York City FC. We’ll discuss the best places to sit at Yankee Stadium, provide some background on the team, give an overview of expected ticket prices for specific games, and more.

Above, we have listed tickets for upcoming games featuring New York City FC, covering both home and away matches. It’s possible the game you’re looking to attend isn’t immediately visible. However, clicking our ‘load more’ button will solve this issue by directing you to a page that includes every future game New York City FC will be playing.

Best Seats in Yankee Stadium

We’re still a few years from discovering the best seats inside The Cube, the future home of New York City FC. This team has navigated through various homes, moving from Citi Field to Red Bull Arena and Yankee Stadium. Currently, our focus remains on the seating arrangements at Yankee Stadium. We’ll provide updates on the new and exciting Cube as it becomes available for games.

Field Level – Sections 25-30 are the places to be if you can buy tickets there. While there are other sections at the field level, these offer the best experience. Sections 103 and 104 also provide good views, although you might feel a bit distant from the field.

Double Digit Sections – This category includes some field-level sections too. Seats behind the goal are considered a good spot to watch the match.

Main Level – Regarded as the upper deck at Yankee Stadium, this level can offer a great atmosphere, though it is somewhat removed from the action. This area includes the bleachers, which we’ll discuss next. It’s best to avoid these if you’re looking for comfortable seating, though ticket prices tend to be lower in the bleacher areas.

Bleachers (GA) – For supporters wanting to feel part of the action, the bleachers behind the west end are the place to be. These seats are general admission, so arriving early is advisable.

Tip – Converting a baseball stadium to fit a soccer match can make the layout quite confusing. Keep an eye out for the new stadium, which promises to be amazing. For now, we just have to be patient a little longer.

Quick History About New York City FC

New York City FC wasn’t among the original teams that formed the MLS. The team was established in 2013 and made its debut in the 2015 season. With the New York Yankees and Manchester City of the English Premier League as its owners, high expectations were set for the club.

The Hudson River Derby against the Red Bulls stands out as the highlight match of the year. The intensity of this rivalry makes it a must-watch game annually.

NYCFC has been home to some outstanding players, and the future promises more exciting acquisitions. Notables such as David Villa, Frank Lampard, and Andrea Pirlo have worn the NYCFC jersey.

The year 2021 remains memorable for NYCFC fans as the team won the MLS Cup, a significant achievement for such a young club. Their victory over the Portland Timbers, decided by penalty kicks, marked one of the club’s greatest moments.

New York City FC Ticket Prices

MLS is one sport where attending a game at a reasonable price is possible. However, prices can vary significantly depending on the game. For instance, matches against Inter Miami FC have become particularly sought-after following Lionel Messi’s arrival. The ticket listings provided indicate the starting price for attending the game. Remember, premium seats will generally cost substantially more than the prices listed. Also, all ticket prices are subject to change.

Opponent Lowest Ticket Prices
Inter Miami FC $196
FC Cincinnati $33
Charlotte FC $54
Chicago Fire $56
Inter Miami FC $321

Away Game Situations – Rivalry’s

While they haven’t reached the level of a Mets vs. Yankees type of rivalry, the matches against the New York Red Bulls are becoming some of the best to watch. As mentioned earlier, the Hudson River Derby is a match you won’t want to miss as a fan.

Games against the New England Revolution are also turning into entertaining matches. These games can become heated, and ticket prices may rise as the game approaches.

The matches against the Philadelphia Union are shaping up to be a great rivalry as well. The proximity of New York and Philadelphia contributes to the intensity of these contests.

Don’t forget, if you’re traveling, try to get into the supporter section if possible. This will ensure you have the most fun at an away game. Being among your fans will make the experience even better.

How to Get Cheap New York City FC Tickets

Is there a way to get cheap New York City FC tickets? We’d like to suggest some options, though there’s no clear and direct method. You can use our exclusive promo code “TICKETSTO10” to potentially lower the cost of your tickets. Besides that, monitoring ticket prices as the game approaches is advisable. Start looking a few weeks in advance and track the ticket availability to see if prices are trending up or down. Typically, games against high-profile opponents will be more expensive. However, choosing to attend a game against a less popular team might help you save money and find cheaper tickets. Remember, aim for the best seats you can afford to enjoy the action up close. Don’t just settle for the cheapest options. If you have any questions about purchasing tickets for an NYCFC game, feel free to send us a message, and we’ll do our best to assist.


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