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The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, more commonly dubbed “Jazz Fest,” is one of the longest-held annual music festivals in the United States. Starting in 1970, the major tourist-attracting event features some of today’s best music, spanning musical genres more than its title would suggest. Jazz Fest was founded by the New Orleans Hotel Motel Association and produced by local festival legend George Wein. Originally, the festival was all about the jazz scene. Production staff went to popular black clubs to find the best non-pop performers. The first artist ever booked was Snooks Eaglin, a street performer who went on to perform for numerous consequential Jazz Fests. The two four-day weekend event has since featured more prominent artists by the likes of Santana, Logic, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Leon Bridges.

The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival has developed a reputation for protecting and celebrating soulful music. Even though only local jazz performers were invited originally, other legendary performers like Alanis Morissette, the Doobie Brothers, and Dave Matthews Band are modern lineup staples.

Aside from the obvious focus on music, Jazz Fest features numerous creative activities, food options, and cultural displays. The Congo Square African Marketplace is filled with the “music, art, and energy” that has made Jazz Fest what it is today. You can find crafts from both local and international artisans that embody African heritage. Contemporary Crafts is a nationally recognized showcase of handcrafted clothing, leather goods, and musical instruments. Louisiana Marketplace presents photographs, furniture, and jewelry representative of the state’s best traditional and contemporary art. While exploring the festival grounds, you’ll also come across a handful of cultural “villages.” These villages feature generations-old art technique demonstrations, historical indigenous peoples displays, and special Louisiana food exhibits.

Buying Tickets to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

Getting your tickets to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is easy when you look above. Tickets are sold only as single-day passes specific to the weekend you are attending. The event is held over two weekends in late spring/early summer. After choosing which weekend you will attend, your single-day pass can be used for any single day of that particular weekend.

No matter which weekend you attend, there are ticket price variations for the Early Bird Advanced Ticket, Advance Ticket, and Child’s Ticket (which only cost a very small percentage of the normal ticket price). There is an additional discount for Louisiana residents who attend the event.

What You Need to Know

Jazz Fest is a beloved local event, and there are a variety of hotel and travel packages available for ticket-holders. Be sure to research which specific hotels are offering discounts and free shuttle transportation to and from the festival grounds. Normal transportation services will cost you an additional fee.

Even though the New Orleans festival is held before the typically hotter weeks of southern summers, the weather can be quite unpredictable. Some years are comfortable warm, some are quite rainy and wet, and others can be incredibly hot. In general, it’s recommended to dress in cool, unrestrictive clothing. Most of the festival venue is not shaded by tents or trees, so sunglasses, sunblock, and drinking water are essentials.

Get Your Fill of Louisiana’s Best

Experience the culmination of southern history and diversity by getting your tickets to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Discover some of the best seafood, soulful music, and more at either of the event’s fun-filled weekends. The best ticket deals for Jazz Fest are here. Don’t miss your chance to see some amazing acts live.


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