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The New England Patriots are one of the winningest franchises in the NFL. What the future holds is unknown, but that shouldn’t stop you from buying tickets this year. Here, we will go over some pertinent information that will help you get tickets. You may find that one tip can get you to the game for less.

Below are ticket listings for the upcoming games. You will find tickets to preseason games all the way up to the Super Bowl. These listings will also include away games as well. You may want to go to a Patriots versus Colts game in Indianapolis. You can find tickets to that right here. You may even find some parking passes mixed in. A parking pass is a significant part of going to a game and we will discuss that in more detail.

Right Time to Buy New England Patriots Tickets

You are here, so that means you are looking to purchase some Patriots tickets. There is a lot more involved than just buying tickets on one of the major ticket sites. We will go into some of the things to consider that may not only save you money but get a better seat.

The Patriots are notorious for selling out their stadium. This is a big factor when you decide to buy tickets. If the Patriots are on a winning streak you can expect prices to stay fairly steady or keep rising.

Consider purchasing tickets after a loss or two weeks before the game you want to see. This will give the sellers time to react to the demand for tickets. A two-game losing streak would be even better, not from a team perspective but from a spectator’s buying view. Sellers of Patriots tickets will start to panic a bit and want to sell their seats as soon as possible before a new floor in prices is established. This is when you need to pull the trigger and try to get the best deal.

Tickets will get sold, so don’t always wait for the prices to keep dropping. Keep an eye out on several sections of where you want to sit to help monitor price swings.

Always remember, the opponent the Patriots will face could dictate the price. You can expect to pay more when they play divisional rivalries or teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers or Kansas City Chiefs. Try to find games against weaker or less followed opponents to get cheaper-priced tickets.

Where to Sit at Gillette Stadium

Each NFL stadium has there own personality. Meaning, you will find something in Gillette stadium that you won’t find in other stadiums. We will go over some of the sections to consider when purchasing Patriots tickets. There is one thing you should always keep in the forefront of ticket buying and that is to make sure the experience is above all else. Money may be the issue, but it could be totally worth it in the end.

Lower Level – Gillette Stadium starts with the 100-level section. This is how you get close to the action and really take in the atmosphere of the crowd. Look for sections 100 and 109 if you want to sit behind the New England bench. Sections 131-132 will put you behind the opponent’s benches. These seats bring more entertainment value since you can see what happens on the bench.

Club Level – The 200 level is one of our favorite seats at any stadium. It gives you just enough to feel good about your purchase. Within the 200 level is the Putnam Club. These seats will cost you a lot of money. These premium seats give you some great amenities, including private bars, bathrooms, VIP parking and so much more.

Upper Level – We know how expensive NFL tickets can run. That is why we are trying to help reduce some costs. Here is where you need to make a hard decision. You can sit in the 300 level and be in the stadium, but will it give you the experience you really want? Always consider spending the extra money for some better seats.

Suites and Lounges – Just like any NFL stadium, Gillette has their fair share of Suites. Be ready to drop some money on these seats, but you do get some great stuff. You will have private waitstaff, big-screen TVs and much more. A cool spot to hang out is the Optum Field Lounge. Field level terrace view, which is really cool, premium bar and food as well as a climate-controlled atmosphere

Grab Yourself a Parking Pass

One of the annoying things about going to the game is parking the car. Yes, it’s great when you want to tailgate, but you have to pay a small chunk of change just to park your car. We totally recommend getting your parking pass way before the game. This will alleviate the stress it can bring come game time. You can expect to pay anywhere between $30-$60 just to park your car. Tip – If you see tickets for sale that include a parking pass, you should definitely consider that as an option.

Places to Eat Around Gillette Stadium

If you don’t want to eat stadium food all day long you do have several before and after restaurants you can go check out. We list a couple of hot spots around the stadium.

Bar Louie – This is a very chill spot where you can get rib sliders, wings, and so many other football-style foods. They have a big menu in terms of both food and drinks. See what is on the Menu.

Skipjack’s Foxboro – How about some fish tacos before or after the game? This is a football-friendly establishment with all kinds of neat options. From oysters to beer the menu is loaded.

Looking for a Place to Stay Overnight

If you decide to spend the night around Foxboro, you need a place to sleep. There are a lot of hotels around the Stadium so keep that in mind when pricing. Here are a couple of spots you can check out.

Residence Inn Boston Norwood – This won’t be the most formal location to stay the night, but it will provide a nice bed. You can also save some money based on other hotels around the area. You can even use the shuttle to the game or concerts.

Courtyard by Marriott Boston Foxborough – This is one of the closer hotels to the stadium and will provide you the Marriott feel you’ve come to expect. You’ll find plenty of the amenities you need for a 1-2 night stay but watch for price hikes on football weekends. Check upcoming rates.

Other Ticket Purchasing Options

You’re all in and ready to make the big purchase. We wanted to throw out something that you may not have thought about. These two methods of buying tickets can be applied to most major sports.

Season Tickets – The glory of owning season tickets is here. For the right price, you can get a season tickets package for the New England Patriots. You’re kidding, right? No. Assuming there are licenses available, you can purchase a license to get tickets. This is of course a big upfront commitment but think of it as an investment. You will have access to all home games, preseason, regular season, and any home playoff game. What you do with the tickets is up to you. The marketplaces for tickets are huge. You can then sell tickets to the games you don’t plan to attend. It is much easier to manage season tickets to eight home games than the other major sports leagues. Also, if you skip out on some of the bigger games, you can actually make money on your season ticket investment. Do some research and give it some consideration.

Last Minute Tickets – This is the opposite of season tickets but is still a neat way to get tickets. If you have a little more risk tolerance in your blood, you could literally purchase tickets just before or after the game has started. Last-minute sellers will do what they can to sell the seats they haven’t sold. This isn’t the best option if you are taking the family, however, if you are a solo spectator this could be a great way to get a ticket for less.

Some Cool History About the New England Patriots

What is the one thing you think of when the team New England Patriots gets mentioned? Tom Brady, of course. We will share a brief look at some of the history of the Patriots, some great rivalries, and some players that have been very important to the franchise.

The New England Patriots were founded in 1959, with their inaugural season in 1960. After merging with the NFL, the Patriots were part of the AFC East. The stat lines are pretty amazing. With 6 Super Bowls, 11 Conference championships, and over 20 AFC East titles, you can say the Patriots are one of the most successful franchises in the league.

Here is an Interesting Field Stat. They’ve played at several different places throughout their path to greatness.

Nickerson Field (1960–1962)
Fenway Park (1963–1968)
Alumni Stadium (1969)
Harvard Stadium (1970)
Foxboro Stadium (1971–2001)
Gillette Stadium (2002–present)


Up until 2001, the Patriots had some great teams and made it to the Super Bowl a few times, however, it was Tom Brady that took care of business and won them the Lombardi trophy six times.

Besides the divisional rivalries with the New York Jets, Buffalo Bills, and Miami Dolphins, the Patriots also have heated matchups against the Colts and Ravens. These games will be way more expensive than most others.

Besides Tom Brady, there have been plenty of other players that have come through the organization that is worth mentioning. Some of these players include Randy Moss, Richard Seymour, Vito Parilli, Steve Grogan, Ben Coates, Drew Bledsoe, Troy Brown, Tedy Bruschi, Ty Law, and Rodney Harrison. We can probably list another 20 names, but you get the idea.

There is a lot of history behind the Patriots and there is more to come. Knowing this information may help you enjoy the next game.

Making that Big Ticket Purchase

You’ve come this far which means you are ready to make the buy. We hope the information we discussed will give you some insight into how to get a better deal while still making the most of the experience. Remember, when all is said and done, it’s the memory you make that counts. Spend a few extra bucks to get the most out of the game with some of the best seats. Good luck with your ticket purchase.


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