NCAA Basketball March Madness

Best Time to Buy NCAA Basketball Tickets?

Best Time to Buy NCAA Basketball Tournament Tickets

March Madness is here! Are you ready to watch a ton of NCAA basketball? Whether you are attending the games or watching at home this is one of the best times of the year for sports. Let us help figure out if you are in range for some games. The best seats for the NCAA Tournament can be yours.

We break down all the locations below. Each region has a few locations where the games will be held leading up to the final four. You have a few different ticket-purchasing options so make sure you read everything below. You can find some pretty good deals if you act now.

**Dates and Locations Updated for NCAA Tournament 2024

First Four – March 19-20

Each year four extra teams get a fighting chance to come into the round of 64. Since this is a tournament, if you win and you’re in, these games get everyone excited for the big dance.

The location is in Dayton, OH. These two games will be held at the University of Dayton Arena.

If you’re in the area this would be a great way to watch two hard battled games. With a capacity of 13k, you will most likely be able to get tickets. For these games, you can buy tickets the day of. No guarantee of the seat quality. You will have the option to watch one game or both games. This could help you save a little money if you only care to watch your team.

Round One and Round Two – March 19-22

One of the most exciting things in sports is the first round of the NCAA B-Ball Tournament. People can’t get enough of all the action. You’re checking brackets and watching some exciting finishes.

You have a couple of different options to see the NCAA games. Each location will have different prices of course and they will most likely change as we move forward. We will try to list the tickets for each region the best we can. You will have a few different options per round. You can purchase tickets for session one, session two, or the full strip. We always found it interesting to see people leaving before the second set of games while new people are just getting there for the next two games. Games with better matchups or better teams will most likely have a higher price tag.

During these two rounds, each location will carry four games on Thursday or Friday.  These games will then be followed up by either two games on Saturday or two games on Sunday. Each arena has similar capacities. This will be a fun place to watch a game up close if they can fill the seats. You’ll have to make a choice when it comes to the seating chart. We always suggest you get the best seats to increase your experience. Make the outing one you will never forget.

The Rocket Mortgage Arena carries a lot of seats and is one where you should be able to find tickets.

Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight – March 28-29 and March 30-31

The teams that make it this far know these games are the hardest. You’ll either be playing an opponent better than you or a team that is coming off a big upset and is really hungry.

This is the time when fans start rooting for the Cinderella teams. The bigger the underdog the more exciting the game potential can be. This, of course, isn’t always the case. However, tickets for these games will vary based on who is in and who is out.

You can buy your tickets for the full session or the strip. This gives you options on which games you want to see. Each region will have enough games for you to enjoy. Getting the full package will also allow you to sell tickets if you can’t make the games.

Midwest Regional

Little Caesars Arena – Detroit, MI

West Regional Arena – Los Angeles, CA

South Regional

American Airlines Center – Dallas, TX

East Regional

TD Garden – Boston, MA

Final Four and NCAA Championship Game

This is one of the most hyped weekends in sports. You usually have four great teams going at it. Two games will be held on Saturday afternoon and evening. The two winners will then face off in the final championship game. The location of the 2024 Final Four and Championship game is in Glendale, AZ at State Farm Stadium.

They will pack them into this stadium. Most likely over 60k will be able to attend. You have to consider many different options here. If you want a great experience you need to get tickets within range. Otherwise, you are better off watching it on TV. Anytime a football stadium turns into a basketball arena, there are always 10k+ seats that are not worth the ticket price.

You can purchase your tickets in three different ways. You can purchase tickets for just the semifinal games or the Championship game or you can purchase tickets for a combo of both the Semi-final games and Championship game. You do have options if you want to go only to see your team or if you just want the full experience. The better the matchup the higher the ticket prices will go.

Ticket Packages for the NCAA Tournament

Remember for each of the 4 rounds including the first four, you have different ticket options. If budget is a concern you can dial it down and select seats for half the games. Watching NCAA basketball all day live isn’t for everyone. Choose wisely and make the best selection in your area possible. For a great experience, we suggest you go after the best seats in the building. If you are too far from the court you’ll find yourself watching the game on the big screen. Good luck finding the tickets that work for you. Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about NCAA Tournament tickets.

Yes. You will have to list your tickets on such sites as StubHub or SeatGeek. You can then transfer the tickets to the new buyer once they are sold.

Most likely yes. There could be some restrictions but since most of the games will not fall on a college campus, this shouldn’t be a problem. 21+

Just like all the other basketball games, the closer you are to the action the better. There are seats available but you will pay a premium. Look for near courtside in round one.

Most definitely. These tickets will be available all the way up to the time the game starts. You’ll want to see how prices change to get the best get in price and seat.

Yes, since most tickets are verified resale, you will see a price fluctuation based on the matchups. These will change as soon as the seeds have been set.

No, You can buy tickets in three ways. The first session is the first two games, the second session is the last two games or the full strip, which is all four games.

During rounds one and two you will most likely be able to find tickets the day of the game. Keep an eye out for the price situation as we get closer as you may get a better deal.


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