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The Chicago Bulls are one of the great dynasties of the NBA. In the past, they have fielded some of the best teams that have ever played professional basketball. Any long time NBA fan can tell you stories about what the Bulls have done. As the Bulls continue with the high level of play that their fans have become used to, tickets to Chicago Bulls games remain hot sellers, regardless of whether the team is on a winning streak or a losing one. If you’re going to be in Chicago, or another city where the Bulls will be playing, tickets to see them will be must-have items.

The Chicago Bulls were organized in 1966, and they have won six NBA Championships since then—all in the 1990s. The team that they held during that time is widely regarded as the best NBA team off all-time, with names like Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, and Steve Kerr dominating the statistics charts during those years. During those years, the Bulls had big rivalries with the Boston Celtics and the Phoenix Suns. Today, they maintain a long-standing rivalry with their conference rival, the New York Knicks.

Although the Bulls have not recently matched the huge levels of success they saw in the 90s, they are still regarded as a Playoff contender on a yearly basis. Even today, there are several great players on the team and they always are competitive against the biggest names in the sport. Whether you love the Bulls or hate them, their games are always competitive and fun to watch.

They currently play home games at the United Center, right in Chicago, Illinois. Tickets to Chicago Bulls games remain popular, even when the team is not playing at their best. Chicago sports fans are dedicated and loyal, and the Bulls have benefitted from this. As a fan, you can benefit from this, too. Home games are always exciting events, even during the regular season. If you’re looking for tickets, check out sites like SeatGeek to find the best deals on the best seats, especially if it’s getting close to game time.

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