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It’s fascinating to consider that Nationwide Arena was constructed in 2000. Time certainly has a way of passing quickly. Situated in Columbus, Ohio, Nationwide Arena is the venue for a wide array of events annually, ranging from NHL games featuring the Columbus Blue Jackets to concerts by artists like Olivia Rodrigo and Tim McGraw. We will cover all the essential information you need to select the best seats for these events. Additionally, we’ll look into some historical aspects of the arena and offer insights on what to keep in mind when planning a visit to the area.

The listings above cover ten upcoming events at Nationwide Arena. With the venue hosting a multitude of events each year, if you can’t find what you’re looking for right away, the ‘load more’ button will guide you to a page that displays the entire event schedule. From hockey games to concerts, these listings are constantly updated to stay current.

Best Place to Sit in Nationwide Arena

We will discuss the optimal seating locations for both hockey games and concerts. While there are similarities in seating preferences for these events, distinct differences, such as floor seating, are noteworthy. By examining the seating charts of a 20,000-capacity arena for each type of event, we will identify the best seating options available.

Seats at a Hockey Game at Nationwide Arena

Choosing the right seat at Nationwide Arena for a hockey game is crucial for the best experience, and budget is an important factor to consider.

Lower Level – The layout is ideal for avid hockey fans, offering great views from any seat. For those wanting to watch the Blue Jackets’ line changes, section 103 is optimal, while section 104 provides a view of the visiting team’s bench. Sections 114-115 are perfect for fans who prefer to sit behind the penalty box.

Lexus Glass Seats – Offers an unparalleled experience with amenities such as private restrooms, lounge access, and parking passes. Though these seats are rare, they’re worth seeking out for the immersive experience they provide.

Club Seats – Provides excellent views and benefits, including shorter lines for bathrooms and concessions, as well as access to exclusive lounges, despite not encircling the entire arena.

Upper Level – These are the most affordable, suitable for fans deciding to attend a game last minute. While these seats offer a broader view of the action, they don’t provide the same level of detail as closer seats.

Sky Terrace – These are located on the upper level and don’t offer the close-up experience some fans seek, but it’s an option for those looking for a different viewpoint.

Lexus Lounge – This is positioned behind the penalty box, and Loge Boxes, which offer privacy amid a lively crowd for groups of 4-6, are both excellent choices with numerous amenities.

Loge Boxes – These have become big in these types of arenas. It gives you privacy while also being among a large crowd. Usually, you’ll need 4-6 people. If you can get seats here, these will be worth it.

Terrace Tables – These are just above the Loge Boxes, accommodate up to 40 individuals, and offer a bar-like atmosphere for watching the game, with the potential for price reductions closer to game day.

A final tip for those wanting to catch the Columbus Blue Jackets in offensive action more frequently, section 120 is where the team shoots twice, offering a chance to witness more scoring attempts.

Concert Seats at Nationwide Arena

Thinking about attending a concert in Columbus? Chances are you’ll be going to Nationwide Arena to catch some big-name acts or other events like Disney on Ice or a Monster Truck Show. Whatever your choice, there’s plenty to do. In this instance, let’s focus on selecting some good seats for a concert.

Stage layouts vary, yet they often share similar features. Take a Tim McGraw concert, for example. The stage includes a sizable catwalk extending about the length of a lower-level section, offering unique seating options.

Floor Seats – This show lacks a general admission or pit area, resulting in numerous floor seats. The central floor section is relatively small, with the outer wings stretching from front to back. We don’t recommend the rear floor seats over lower-level sections nearer to the stage. The most sought-after tickets are in the front rows, particularly from A to H. Beyond row H, the view may not justify the cost.

Lower Level – Similar to watching a hockey game, these seats immerse you in the experience. With abundant availability for this concert, you have the luxury of choice. Start with the closest rows and gradually move back, section by section. Observe how ticket prices fluctuate as seats get sold.

Club Level – Club seats offer a more private and spacious experience, often in a lively atmosphere with access to arena clubs. Prices vary depending on the performer. For instance, Olivia Rodrigo’s club-level seats start at $500, whereas Tim McGraw’s start at $140. While these are excellent seats, keep an eye on the pricing.

Upper Level – For this concert, tickets are available at below face value. We recommend aiming for a central view of the stage from the lowest possible row. However, your choice should align with the specific concert experience you desire.

A Brief Bit of History

Since it opened in 2000, Nationwide Arena has become the top place for big sports games, concerts, and lots of other cool events. It can hold nearly 19,000 fans for a hockey match and up to 21,000 for a concert, making it one of the biggest venues in the US.

As for sports, there’s a bunch to watch. It’s where the Columbus Blue Jackets play, and it also hosts games for the Columbus Landsharks and the Columbus Destroyers. The NCAA Basketball tournament even plays some of its March Madness games here. It’s a great middle spot in the country for these events. Plus, don’t forget about the WWE and MMA fights that happen here too.

The arena is famous for bringing in some huge music stars. Over the past few years, big names like Olivia Rodrigo, Morgan Wallen, Taylor Swift, U2, Zac Brown Band, Drake, and Chris Stapleton have all performed here. Adele was also here back in 2016.

Arrival Expectations

Before you go to Nationwide Arena, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, parking is important. Luckily, there are over 15,000 parking spaces close to the venue. Using a mobile parking app can help you secure a spot before your event starts.

If you’re bringing a bag, it will be checked. To make things easier, use a small bag and only pack what you need. This will help you get through security faster and avoid holding up the line.

The arena is great for people with disabilities. They’ve got stuff like hearing aids and places where wheelchairs can easily get through. It’s a good idea to call ahead and make sure all the elevators are working so you can get to your seat without any trouble. If you have regular seats but need one that’s accessible for wheelchairs, check if you can switch before the event. Whether you can will depend on if there’s one available.

If you’re looking for a place to stay, there are hotels like the Holiday Inn and Courtyard close by. Prices might vary from $90 to $200, depending on what you’re looking for.

Head Out To Nationwide Arena

Now that you’re all set with the know-how for a great time at Nationwide Arena, the only thing left is to grab your tickets and go. Whether you’re into the thrill of hockey games or the excitement of live concerts, there’s plenty to pick from all year round. Use this guide to help you pick the best seats for whatever event you’re attending. With your tickets in hand and a bit of venue history in mind, you’re ready to make the most out of your visit to Nationwide Arena.


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