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When it comes to musicals, we discuss many of the big shows to hit Broadway. Today, we will discuss Moulin Rouge and how it has taken center stage. The entertainment factor is high when going to a show like Moulin Rouge. The key to a great night out is having one of the best seats in the theater. We will discuss where you should sit when attending Moulin Rouge, some information and history about the show, the best time to buy tickets, and what to expect when heading out.

Listed right below are some of the dates Moulin Rouge will be performing. No matter, if it is located on Broadway at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre or a traveling show, the seats, will be listed just below. If for some reason the date you want to attend doesn’t make the list, the load more button is there to help you out. This will take you to a location that has every show that is set to take the stage.

Best Place to Sit at Moulin Rouge!

Having a good time at a musical on Broadway will come down to where you sit. Having the best seat in the theater doesn’t mean you have to pay the most either. This show has several different sections to consider. Some really immerse you into the show and should be considered first.

We discuss the experience over price all day long. We know sometimes the price is out of reach, but sometimes you have to dig deep. There are two sections we will discuss first and then you have to decide if you want those seats or standard seating.

Can CanTable Seating Left and Right

These are the seats you should try to go after first. Depending on the day, you can expect to pay around $300 a ticket before fees. Sometimes you will see prices jump to $350 if it is a holiday or a perfect weekend. These seats get you right inside the action. In fact, there is a stage all around you. You are part of the show. This is something you should experience once. If this isn’t your type of thing then you do have plenty of other options.

Orchestra Left – Center – Right

After the Can Table seating, the orchestra seating area is your next best thing. You don’t have to sit stage center for a good time. In fact, we are seeing seats for $99 on either side and in the same row in the center, we are seeing them for $200. This is a big difference. Yes, the show will be way better in the center, but is it worth $100 more per ticket? Another thing to consider is going row by row. Look for the price break areas and try to get the first row where the break occurs. You will see drop-offs of $25-$40 in some areas.

Mezzanine Seats

If you do plan to sit on the mezzanine level be sure you can walk up some stairs. Currently, at this theater, there isn’t an elevator. Strange, but it must have been grandfathered in. Try to sit center stage at this level if you can. You will also see price drops as you go row by row.

The show will have seats available for all budgets. There are definitely experience levels when picking a seat. There are always seats better than others, but if you want that full Broadway experience look at the Table seating first. Spend the extra money and make it a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you have questions about the touring stage seating please let us know.

Some of the Finer Details

When Moulin Rouge hit the stage in 2019 it was clear that this was going to be a Broadway hit. With the closure due to Covid, the backseat could only be held in check for too long. It is now officially crushing it in terms of sellouts and awards.

The 2001 movie was a huge hit and it was only a matter of time until they adapted it into a Broadway Show. This happens quite often with successful movies.

The music is the major component of the show. Like any musical, the music usually dictates the emotion of the characters. You can expect all kinds of genres of music. This includes pop, rock, and disco. Each character will bring their taste to the song.

Between the stage set pieces and costumes, you’ll be blown away from the moment you sit down inside the Al Hirschfield Theater. In fact, if you are seeing the show off-Broadway you can expect similar details in the set and costumes. These are key to a good performance.

Expect a romantic and emotional ride while you take in this turn-of-the-century cabaret. If you can immerse yourself at the moment, you are more than likely to have a wonderful time. Between the music and choreography, the energy is destined to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Anyone with a musical appetite should certainly get tickets to the show. It’s set up for all ages, but some younger folks may be a little confused. This shouldn’t stop you from checking out Moulin Rouge on Broadway or in its traveling form.

Best Time to Buy Moulin Rouge Tickets

We talked about seating and the show itself and now it’s time to talk about the best time to buy tickets. This will vary from each event. However, when it comes to a Broadway show, you do have options.

Unless you are seeing the big shows like Hamilton at the Richard Rodgers Thater or The Lion King, you can wait for one to two weeks leading up to the show. You may want to act sooner if you only want a Saturday or holiday. Middle-of-the-week shows will carry some of the most amounts of tickets.

Watch some of the sections we mentioned above in the best place to sit to help you determine if there are price drops. If you see price holding and nothing is selling, you can expect some kind of price drop so they don’t get left holding the tickets.

Once your mind is made up, pull the trigger. We are talking savings of $10-$50 a ticket potentially.

Head Out to Moulin Rouge! The Musical

Now that you have all of the information about the show, the best places to sit, and when you should buy tickets, it’s up to you to make it happen. Buying tickets to any event can be tough these days. We’ve been around a long time and we’ve seen shows sell tickets for way too much money, while on other days we’ve seen tickets come down significantly. If you time your purchase just right you could come out ahead on your Moulin Rouge! The Musical Experience. If you need help with finding seats please send us a message and we’ll do our best to help you out.


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