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Best Place to Sit in the Moody Center

Best Seats Inside the Moody Center

One of the newer venues in the country is the Moody Center. Opening its door in April 2022, the Moody Center has already brought in tons of great guests to perform. We will go over some things you should know about the Moody Center from how it came about to find the best seats inside. We’ll even discuss some parking tips as well as give you some options when it comes to restaurants. In the listings below you will find all of the upcoming events at the Moody Center. If you are looking for something specific go ahead and hit the load more button. This will take you to all of the upcoming events and provide tickets.

Best Place to Sit Inside the Moody Center

There is a lot to know when heading out to the Moody Center. Some seating is definitely better than others. We will try to break down where you should consider sitting. We will also highlight some of the premiere sections in the venue. The main thing to consider is that the Moody Center is so fresh that it offers some of the newest ways to take in a game or concert.

It appears Ticketmaster has their claws gripped into the Moody Center. We are looking at an upcoming Daddy Yankee show. This show has some standard admission seats still available but for the most part, are either far away or just not great.

We then see official platinum tickets all over the place that are still available. These seats are some of the best. Just the way the map is laid out you know they have this on purpose. We can see these seats selling for much less as the event gets closer. Don’t get stuck buying official platinum seats.

If you miss the presale event, then you may want to check out StubHub or SeatGeek. These sites could offer you better seats at a better price.

You will most likely not find any seats available in the first row of any section. If you are early to the buying, try to go back section by section to find the best price.

Each concert or basketball game will be different. The bigger the performer or the bigger the opponent the more expensive the ticket. Try to act early to get the best seats inside the Moody Center. If you see a lot of seats still available be patient as prices could come down drastically on the secondary market.

Here is a Breakdown of Some of the Better Areas Inside

There are over 40 suites, three clubs, and over 50 Loge Boxes. Each of these will require some kind of connection or direct purchase from the Moody Center Box Office.

Sponsorship names will change all of the time so keep that in mind when looking at the seating chart. As of today, we have the Germania Insurance Club. This is an upscale club providing all kinds of amenities for a nice night out.

Dell Technologies Club, Indeed Club, and Moet & Chandon Imperial Lounge will all provide an amazing fan experience. There are dance areas and super cool seating areas.

Porch Suites – These were inspired by Matthew McConaughey and stand out as a great location to watch a basketball game. It is also the closest suite to the stage when going to a concert. It provides a more modern feel.

Sideline Suites – Closer to the midcourt area of the venue, these suites are excellent when going to a concert. You’ll pay a premium for these if they are available so keep that in mind.

In the image below you can see all of the different areas mentioned above. You can also check out the maps here for more details.

Moody Center Maps

Parking Around the Area

The one thing you need to add to your budget is a parking pass. Being part of a college campus you know parking is already going to be scarce. The garages around the center know this and will charge a minimum of $30 for an event. If you have a way to get there by walking or public transportation we highly suggest it. Also, it is best to get your parking pass ahead of time so you don’t get left out. You may also be able to find a promo code to help save money on parking. Mobile apps are available to help you get the passes.

Places to Eat Before the Show

Since the Moody Center is part of the campus there really isn’t anything restaurant-wise right around the corner. However, just off campus, you will find yourself immersed in some great dining options. This way you can take in some food before or after your event. We listed a few options for you to check out. You do have some options so try to decide on something that meets your budget and appetite.

Acre 41 – This is a cool spot if you are looking for some burgers and steaks. You may even find yourself in a happy hour scenario if you go early enough. It’s a very chill spot and the service is fantastic. Try the Belly-on Pork Chop. You won’t want anything else that night. Here is some more information.

Olamaie – Within a 20-minute walk of the Moody Center, you can try a farm-fresh southern-type restaurant. This restaurant is on the pricier side, but it is worth it. Try some creative dishes before you head out to a concert.

Otopia Rooftop Lounge – This may not be the ideal spot if you are in a rush, but if you are looking to really kick up your event you should check out Otopia. You can get all kinds of drinks to go along with your view. It is part of the Otis Hotel, but don’t let that hold you back.

A Little History of the Moody Center

It was in the making for some time, but finally, the Moody Center came into the picture in April 2022. This large venue is located on the University of Texas Austin campus. It was a much-needed venue to help bring in large performers and help build their basketball programs.

The first major event occurred on April 20, 2022. The headlining performer was John Mayer. Since then, big acts have come through and will continue to come through in the future.

This is the new home for the Texas Women’s and Men’s Basketball teams. This was a huge add-on to help the recruiting of better talent. Some great college basketball seats are available inside.

The good news is they were able to break ground just before the Covid pandemic in December 2019. The cost of the structure cost $375 million. Maybe they could have gone 5000 seats bigger but the need wasn’t there at the time.

You can expect to see around 15k seats/PIT for concerts. This is a perfect number of people to see a big show like George Strait.

When it comes to the men’s & women’s basketball teams you can fit 10,000 fans. Looking for seats should be readily available at this time.

You can see bands such as Muse, Blink-182, Bruce Springsteen, Arctic Monkeys, Grupo Firme, Lizzo, and many others performing here. Even Chris Rock, Cirque du Soleil, and the Trans Siberian Orchestra will perform inside.

Things to Know Before Entering

Each venue has there own rules, but for the most part, you will find a lot of similarities. These are some of the things to think about before you head out to the Moody Center.

Mobile Ticketing. – Like most arenas around the country you will find mobile tickets is the way to go.
Cashless – Make sure to bring your cards or phones for purchasing items at the Moody Center.
Bags – Only bring a small bag if you have to. If you can avoid bags of all kinds you will be better off. (Clear Only)

Covid-19 – Currently there are no restrictions in terms of Covid. Keep an eye out before your event to make sure nothing has changed. Masks and vaccinations are not required.

Alcohol is available inside the arena. However, there is no tailgating allowed outside the property. You may want to pre-game elsewhere if that is what you are into.

Harry Styles at the Moody Center

When it comes to big-name acts one of the biggest performers to come through was Harry Styles. He spent several days performing some great shows. He may not be back for a while, but the Moody Center was center stage for some time.

Making Your Event Happen

Now that you have a good idea of what the Moody Center is all about it will be up to you to get tickets to the show or game you want to attend. The best seats in the Moody Center are available. If you see an area of the venue you want to sit in we suggest you take action. Don’t get left out of big events. There are times when you can be patient with your purchase. Try to get on the presale of the event and if you miss it don’t worry as there will be seats on the secondary market. If you have any questions about buying tickets please let us know.


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