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If you’re thinking about going to a Montreal Canadiens game this season, there are several things you should keep in mind. While tickets and where to sit are important, there are other details we’d like to share with you. We’ll talk about the best places to sit for a game and when it’s best to buy your tickets. We’ll explore options for getting tickets that might save you money over time. Plus, we’ll share a bit about the team’s history and give you an idea of how much tickets might cost.

Montreal Canadiens Scheduled Games

The schedule above shows upcoming games for the Montreal Canadiens, including both home and away games. Because listing all the games takes up a lot of room, we’ve added a ‘load more’ button. If you click on this, you’ll go to a page that shows all the upcoming games. This includes home games, away games, playoffs, and Stanley Cup tickets.

Best Seats in Bell Centre

We’re going to take a good look at the Bell Centre seating chart to help you figure out the best spots to sit for a Montreal Canadiens game. There are lots of choices, so try sitting in one area for one game and a different spot for another. Your own experience will show you which seats are the best. We’ll talk about all the sections, but keep in mind that ticket prices can change for many reasons.

100 Level – This is also called the Rouge level, and it goes all around the rink. The seats right against the glass are the platinum seats. Just behind the very front rows (AA) are the prestige seats, which are super great for watching hockey but they’re more expensive. Sections 101 and 102 are right behind the Canadiens’ bench, and sections 101 and 124 are behind the other team’s bench. If you want to be behind the penalty box, look at section 113. For watching the Canadiens shoot twice, sit behind the net in sections 119 and 107. And don’t forget to wear red.

200 Level – Known as the Desjardins level, these seats are like the club-level seats you find in many arenas. Try to get seats in the middle of a row to save some money. You’ll get to enjoy extras like coat check, comfy seats, private lounges, and a special entrance.

300 Level – This is the Blanc Level. If you’re in the first 6 rows or rows AA-FF, you should wear white. You can find better prices here, but if you move a few rows back, you’ll save even more compared to the front rows.

Gris Level – The Grey level. Remember to wear grey, especially in rows A-D. The prices are similar to other levels.

400 Level – This is the Blue level, where wearing blue is recommended. The views are pretty far away, but this is where you can find cheaper tickets.

Molson Canadian Zone – This is a fun place to watch a game, with 4 rows in sections 407-413. There’s live music on the concourse, and while there’s a bit of a price increase, it might be worth it for the extra fun.

Suites – They’re tough to get unless you know someone, but they’re worth mentioning. You get free food and drinks, a private entrance, and a concierge service.

Hot Tip – Sitting in the designated “color” seating will cost more, so try sitting just behind those areas. You might be surprised at how much you can save.

Best Time to Buy Montreal Canadiens Tickets

We’re going to talk about ways you can save money when buying tickets. Sometimes, fans are willing to pay more when their team is doing well, but not all strategies work for every fan.

Schedule Matters – Look ahead a few weeks and compare a few home games. Check if you can find similar seats at lower prices by comparing games side by side.

Pick Your Day – Choosing to go to a game during the week could save you money. Weekend games usually cost more because more people want to go, no matter who the Canadiens are playing.

Ticket Sites Matter – Using different websites to buy tickets can help you find better deals. We recommend checking out reviews for Vivid Seats and considering StubHub as a good option.

Picking the Game – The team the Canadiens are playing against can change how much tickets cost. Games against big teams like the Bruins and the Maple Leafs will be pricier than games against teams like the Arizona Coyotes.

Montreal Canadiens History

When you talk about NHL history, the Montreal Canadiens are a key part of the story. They were founded before the NHL was even created and have enjoyed a lot of success over the years. While some teams haven’t won a Stanley Cup, the Canadiens boast 24 Cup victories. However, it’s notable that their last win was in 1993, marking a long drought for such a successful team.

Players like Guy Lafleur, Jean Beliveau, Henri Richard, and Patrick Roy have been pivotal to the team’s success. Patrick Roy was especially important, helping the Canadiens win the Cup in 1986 and again in 1993.

If you’re looking to attend some intense games, the Canadiens have plenty of rivals. Games against the New York Rangers, Detroit Red Wings, Boston Bruins, and especially the Toronto Maple Leafs tend to drive up ticket prices due to the high demand from fans eager to see these historic rivalries.

Montreal Canadiens Ticket Prices

We picked a few games from the Montreal Canadiens schedule to give you an idea of ticket prices. The prices we’re talking about are for the cheapest seats available right now. Remember, these prices will change over time. Since these are the least expensive tickets, they might not offer the best views of the game. Think about this when choosing which game you’d like to go to.

Opponent Lowest Ticket Prices
Boston Bruins $123
Philadelphia Flyers $56
Florida Panthers $51
Toronto Maple Leafs $115
Detroit Red Wings $56

Head Out to a Home Game

You now have plenty of details to help you find not just the cheapest Montreal Canadiens tickets but also the best places to sit. Make sure to match your outfit with the seating area’s color theme to avoid any hassle or the need to buy new gear at the game. There’s a wide selection of games every season, so choose one that fits your budget for the best experience. If you’re unsure about where to sit or have any questions about the seating chart, feel free to send us a message.


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