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Monster Jam is one of the coolest, most exciting events in motorsports. Technically, this event is a competition, but no matter which drivers end up winning it all, the real winners are the fans in attendance.

The good news when you’re trying to get tickets to Monster Jam is that it is a national tour—there are many shows for fans to choose from. If you are worried about getting tickets, some of the pressure is off because people will not be traveling from all over to get to the show. Ticket purchases are generally confined to the geographic area near the venue where the event is being held. Usually, there will be multiple showings from the same location, which will also minimize competition for tickets. There may even be multiple Monster Jam events occurring on the same day in various parts of the country.

All of this adds up to be beneficial to the ticket buyer.

Ready to learn how to get a good deal on Monster Jam tickets? We’ve got everything that you’ll need to know right here.

The Basics

What you’ll find is that most of the time, buying Monster Jam tickets will be the cheapest for you if you wait until the last moment. This is the time when people who have bought tickets but cannot go will start to panic and drop their prices throughout third-party ticket sites. As you can probably guess, this strategy can be quite risky. If you have friends or family members who are counting on you to get tickets, this is probably not the best way to approach your purpose. Although you can save money this way, you also are putting yourself at risk of not going at all—especially if others are waiting until the last moment to get their tickets, too.

Be Aware of Other Circumstances

The above-mentioned guidelines for getting a good deal on Monster Jam tickets will not always apply. You will occasionally find situations where buying tickets in this manner is not the best possible choice for your bank account.

For example, if you are headed to any sort of championship event, ticket prices will surge as you get closer to the day of the show. For these, buying tickets from the original vendor will be the cheapest. However, because these tickets will likely sell out quickly, that might not be a realistic option for you. Either way, the longer you wait, the more expensive tickets will be. Buying as soon as possible from a third-party ticket vendor will help you to cut down on expenses.

Another instance where waiting to buy tickets is not your best choice is when the event is a “one-night-only” type of show. When this occurs, the demand for the event will be higher than usual. So, if you live in a smaller city and Monster Jam is only scheduled for one evening, ticket prices will not drop as the show gets closer because the demand for tickets will not dissipate. The higher the demand, the higher the price.

You can fit this pricing model into other scenarios as they arise. Each city and each venue will be a little bit different, so having a decent understanding of the popularity of Monster Jam in your general area will help you to better gauge how prices and availability will look for your specific situation.

Other Types of Tickets

It’s also worth pointing out that if you want tickets that are not general admission tickets, such as Pit Party Early Access Passes (which need to be purchased in addition to a ticket) or reserved seating, you will not want to wait to buy your tickets. For these types of tickets, prices tend to increase as the date of the event draws closer. Because these are premium, high-demand tickets, you will have a tough time getting these tickets at all. When you do find them, the prices will be much higher than if you had bought them earlier. For these tickets, your best bet is to purchase them in a window of time between six and two weeks before the event. Outside of this window, prices will be higher.

Monster Jam is one of the most entertaining events out there. Even if you’re not a motorsports fan, seeing monster trucks performing stunts that the average driver can only dream about can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Getting tickets to one of these shows will be fun for the whole family. If you are trying to save money, the above tips will likely be helpful. But even if you pay full price, Monster Jam will be a guaranteed great time. If it comes down to the right time to buy Monsterjam tickets, just make it work within your budget.

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