Moda Center

Best Seats Inside the Moda Center

Best Seats in the Moda Center

In the state of Oregon sits the Moda Center just across the Willamette River. Although not located in downtown Portland, the Moda Center is the only large sports arena around. You can expect to see some great Portland Trailblazers games, other sporting events, and concerts. This location was once known as the Rose Garden and many people in the Portland area may still call it that. You have gotten to see bands such as Radiohead and Coldplay perform in the Center several years back. Now is your chance to head out to the Moda Center with some of the best seats. Listed below are some of the events coming up. We go over section seating below so be sure to read that for the best seat choices.

Best Place to Sit in the Moda Center

There are plenty of great seats inside the Moda Center. It’s our goal to break down which ones are the best for you to choose from. Starting from a budget perspective is where it begins, but as you are dissecting the seating chart remember how the experience could be from one to seat to the next. Whether you are looking courtside or on the upper deck, we feel there is a seat just for you.

Lower Level – When talking about the lower level in the Moda Center we are talking about the 100 level. You can sit behind the Portland Trailblazers bench in section 122, or if you’re a fan of the opposing team look for section 102. If you like watching players go in and out of the tunnel you can also consider sections 119 and 121.

Courtside Seats – We find that the courtside seats at the Moda Center are the best in the building. If you can afford to sit courtside you will have an amazing experience. Try to seek row AA if you can as the seats go up to EE. If you can hang in the areas of sections 111, 112, and 113, you have some extremely great views of the court. Some of the cool things that come along with buying courtside seats include a much more comfortable seat and waitstaff service so you don’t have to get in line. You also have access to the courtside club which offers drinks and food.

Upper Level – The upper level consists of the cheaper seats in the building. We suggest you only purchase tickets here if there are no seats available below or if the budget is of severe concern. The views will not be as great, however, you will still be in the building to take in a game or show.

Lexus Club Level – It seems like a lot of different venues use Lexus as their sponsor. This can change at any time so keep that in mind when going through this. These seats are in the middle of the arena offering some great amenities. They are on the 200 level so they’re a little bit further back, but the views are still outstanding. Look for smaller lines with concessions and bathrooms. You also have access to more comfortable seating.

Suites – There are several different variations of suites at the Moda Center. You can look for executive suites, studio suites, or event suites. Each one has a little bit more of an upgrade so keep that in mind. Each one also can be bigger than the other. Look for special amenities such as plush seating, parking passes, all-inclusive beer wine, and food, and plenty of TVs to watch the game if you can’t see it at that particular time.

Finding that best seat at the Moda Center comes down to your budget and what game or concert you want to go to. Obviously, during a concert, things will be a little bit different but for the most part, you can expect similar types of seating. Look for the first or second row behind a section that might be a little bit more expensive. You can determine if there is a price break in that particular location.

History and Facts

The Moda Center was built in 1995 and is now the home for the Portland Trailblazers. It was once known as the Rose Garden up until 2013. This is before naming rights were sold to the Moda Health Company. Construction of this building in 1995 cost an estimated $262 million.

With several renovations capacities have increased from around 19,000 to 21,000. If you were to go to a concert you can see a size of around 20,000 people at the event.

You can find events other than basketball including ice hockey, arena football, and lacrosse. There have been some big-time games that have occurred in the center.

Some of the biggest events include the NBA All-Star game, Monday Night Raw, Smackdown, and some UFC fights.

Some big concerts on the horizon include Twenty One Pilots, Florence and the machine, Demi Lovato, Banda MS, Michael Buble, and Panic at the Disco.

Parking Your Car

There are several parking garages around the arena. However, it’s always best to try to find public transportation to an event to avoid traffic and costs. You can be using one of the major parking apps to get a parking spot. Look for discount codes and coupon codes to save on parking especially if it’s your first time. At the end of the day, you should include around $30 for parking into your event purchase. This will help alleviate some of the pain when it comes to parking your car.

Restaurants Around the Moda Center

Part of the experience of going to a game or concert is taking in some of the local food and beverages. There are a lot of places to choose from. We listed a few options below for you to consider. Each establishment should be thought of based on your needs.

Dr. Jack’s at the Rose Quarter – This cool spot located in the Rose Quarter of Portland is called Dr. Jack’s. You can get some seriously good drinks and flatbread. This is a good spot to go before a basketball game or even after.

OX Restaurant – A nice spot if you’re looking for a meal before or after a concert is called the OX Restaurant. It’s a stylish location serving up Argentinian-inspired food. Look for some nice service and try out the beef skirt steak and grilled scallops. You can learn more about this restaurant here.

Old Town Pizza & Brewing – This is exactly what the name says. Try out some good pizza and beer while visiting the Portland area. This is a great spot before the game and they have plenty of food on hand including pizza. Family-friendly as well.

When You Arrive

Most NBA stadiums have turned into cashless locations. They do have ATMs that do reverse cash-to-card scenarios. This is a nice feature to have on hand in case you want to use cash.

We suggest you don’t bring a bag bigger than a small purse or handbag. Anything bigger will be confiscated or told to be thrown out.

Keep in mind that all tickets are now mobile as well. You’ll have to use your phone to gain access to a touchless screen that will allow you entry into the event. Please protect your barcode or whatever you may be using to avoid any situations you may confront.

Covid-19 – The Covid 19 policy is constantly in motion. Be sure to check ahead in case something might change but for the most part there are no restrictions at this time. The promoter of a concert could put in some, stipulations involving mask-wearing or other items. Just be sure to check out what might need to be done before entering the venue.

Get Out to the Moda Center

By now you have an idea of what it takes to go to the Moda Center for an event such as the Portland Trailblazers game. We want you to have the best time possible and by doing that we suggest you get the best seats inside. We know how costly events are these days but be aware that making the memory great is what it’s all about. Try to avoid going to upper-level sections so you can enjoy the show or game in greater detail. If you have any questions about buying tickets inside let us know and we’ll do our best to help you out.


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