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Best Time to Buy Minnesota Twins Tickets

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The MLB season is kicking in and now is the time to get tickets to a Minnesota Twins game. Although prices are always going to be more than what you want to pay, you can find some affordable tickets to many of the games.

Below are tickets available for the upcoming Twins games. You will find home and away games on this list. You will also find tickets to playoffs and the World Series should the Twins make it that far. You may even see parking prices listed below.

Best Time to Buy Minnesota Twins Tickets

We will try and help you find the best tickets at the best price.

If you are going to the game and you really want decent seats, 7-10 days out is where you want to start looking. A lot of ticket holders start figuring out they won’t be able to go to certain games and these will start showing up on the marketplace.

Weekday games will most likely be cheaper than weekend games. Should the Twins play a weak opponent, you should be able to save some money. However, say you want to see some of the biggest stars of the league. In this case, you will definitely pay more for a ticket.

Where to Sit at Target Field

Seats are what it’s all about when going to a game. The nice thing is, that you have plenty of different seating options around the field. We’ll give you a brief overview of some of the seating and where you should consider.

Target Field has a few years on it based on today’s standards, but don’t let that stop you.

Lower Level – These are the core seats you will want to get to enjoy some great action up close. The Twins dugout is located between sections 4-6. You can save a little by choosing the visiting dugout in sections 11-13.

Sponsored sections will always change so remember that when going through this part.

The Thompson Reuters Championship Club – These are the seats located behind the home plate. If you want to have in-game action, these are the seats you want. Besides great seats, you also get a lot of bells and whistles. From bigger seats to private bathrooms, you will surely enjoy the game.

Club Level – There is always a club level. These are pricey seats, but not too bad where they aren’t worth it. You have nice views of downtown Minneapolis, a personal server, and some other bar access.

Outfield Mezzanine Level – There are plenty of sections within the mezzanine level. If you’ve never been to Target Field, you’ll want to check them all out for future reference.

Catch – A pretty cool area of seats by the team bullpens. You have access to all-inclusive items and a cabana lounge. A bit far away, but that is the center field for you.

Terrace Level – These are the deep seats and will most likely be the cheapest. These are great if you are only looking to go for a few innings.

All Suites – There may be over a dozen Suite Sections around the stadium. Many are similar, but like anywhere else you can always upgrade. The Puckett Suite is behind Home Plate and provides a super cool experience.

There are so many different kinds of seats to check out. While you are there, take a walk around so you are ready the next time you take in a game.

Note – You will find endless places to grab food and beer.

Target Field Parking

Since the field is downtown, you will definitely want to buy a parking pass ahead of time. There are over 7,000 spaces within range of the park. You will pay a little more for these spaces, but it will be worth it when it is time to go home. Parking will run you between $15-$30.

Are You Looking to Eat Non-Baseball Food

With the complex so close to the city, you have a ton of options if you want to get food before or after the game. We listed a couple of highly-rated places in the area.

Fulton Brewing Taproom – Some good beer before a baseball game will go a long way. Kids can eat for fairly cheap which is not the case inside the stadium. Some cool patio seating as well.

Cuzzy’s Grill and Bar – Eat some wings and burgers before the game with a divey-type atmosphere. You will also not get gouged in cost. Check the Menu.

Staying the Night

Sometimes you have to stay the night to make the game work. We listed a couple of nearby hotels, but be sure to check out others. The nice thing is, depending on the night, prices are reasonable.

Lowes Minneapolis Hotel – You can find a room for around $115 and you will receive some really nice treatment.

Hampton Inn and Suites Minneapolis – This hotel is near the stadium as well and you can find rooms for around $130.

Picking a hotel will come down to what kind of night you plan on having.

Getting Those Tickets

Are you a big fan of the Twins, but don’t get too many games? This is a great year to get tickets and there are many ways of going about doing so.

Season Tickets – How about taking the leap? You can get a full book of games and use the ones you want and sell the rest. This is the best option for those that really want to see a lot of games. Also, ask for package deals.

Last-Minute Tickets – We talk about this a lot. Baseball is definitely the best sport to get tickets at the last minute. If the Twins are in the first place and having a killer year, yes, this may not be the best move. However, you can find really cheap seats at the last minute if you decide to go to a game.

A Little Minnesota Twins History

The Twins were established in 1901 and have been located in Minneapolis since 1961. They’ve been in the American League since then.

They do have some titles to their names including three World Series and six AL Pennants. Pretty impressive.

A few big names that passed through the Twins organization include, Rod Carew, Jack Morris, Steve Carlton, and Kirby Puckett.

You can expect tickets to go up against some of their rivalries. Teams like the Milwaukee Brewers and Detroit Tigers will bring a crowd. This will always come down to how the season is going.

What to expect from the ticket process?

It’s fairly easy to get tickets these days to games if you are committed to going. You need to know ahead of time a budget you want to be at. This will really help when picking seats. Just saying you want them to be cheap isn’t the right approach. You will learn quickly where some seats are better than others. Just keep all variables in mind when selecting.


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