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It’s Brewers time. Are you a baseball fan looking to grab some Milwaukee Brewers tickets? This is a great time to see the Brewers play live. Whether you’re a fan of the Brewers or baseball, in general, seeing a game is a great way to spend your day.

Below, you will find listings for the upcoming Brewers games. These games are for both home and away so keep that in mind when you’re going through these listings. We will try to show you the best available price along the way.

Once you get past the listings you will see information about the best time to buy tickets, the top seats at Miller Park a little history about the Milwaukee Brewers, and much more.

Best Time to Buy Milwaukee Brewers Tickets

Baseball is an interesting sport to buy tickets for. You can look at multiple ways of purchasing tickets throughout the year. Are you interested in just seeing one game anywhere in the park or are you interested in having a wonderful baseball experience?

You can also be looking to take the family on a budget and this can play a role when selecting the game you want to see.

If you don’t have your tickets already it’s best to start looking around two weeks before the game. Anywhere between 7 to 10 days will be your sweet spot to find price fluctuations, hopefully working in your favor. Depending on the team that year you’ll see prices vary.

If you’re looking to go by yourself or with one other you can purchase the tickets the day of the game. If a particular seat is in your interest it’s best to take it when you see it available. Sometimes missing out on the seats you want could be upsetting if you don’t have a good vantage point of the game. We’ll discuss seating below so don’t worry.

Remember that purchasing tickets for the Milwaukee Brewers game or baseball for that matter is best done during the week. If you can select a game during the week you will save a lot more money and then if you purchase for a weekend game.

Where Should You Sit at Miller Park?

Most of the baseball game is played in the infield. Wouldn’t you want most of the action right in front of you? Yes, long foul balls and home runs can go the distance in the deep upper deck seats but paying a little more might be your best bet to getting a better experience.

Sometimes baseball can get a little slow and the family won’t be as excited to watch from such a far distance. If you bring your son or daughter to their first game and they have the potential to catch a foul ball think about how excited they will be.

We think the best seats in the house are the seats behind home plate. Within 20 rows is ideal for viewing all the pitches. If you can afford club level or behind the dugout, these seats will allow you to really be part of the game. Also, you have the potential to catch an out ball from a player. This is a cool feature that teams do to get more people to sit down lower.

Always consider deeper seats when playing against better opponents if you are looking to save. If you want to see the New York Yankees will most likely pay more than if you were going to see the Arizona Diamondbacks. Should you decide to go to a couple of games that year try to do one in the seats a little bit further and then get yourself a home base section for the other.

What Does Miller Park Have to Offer?

Miller Brewing Company sponsors Miller Park of course and it was built in 1996. The cost of this construction was $400 million in 2019. another $578 million was put into it. Starting in the 2021 season, the Brewers will officially have a new sponsor. It definitely won’t be as cool as a beer franchise but the American Family Insurance will take over naming rights in 2021. It will be called the American Family field.

Parking Near Miller Park

The nice thing about Miller Park is the number of parking spaces available right off the interstate. If you can get a parking pass ahead of time the better you will be. The only problem is that you can pay anywhere from $30-$60 to park your car for a game. This could be close to the cost of your ticket.

Dining Around Miller Park

The ballpark has many restaurants within close walking distance. These restaurants aren’t necessarily right next door but within range. For example, Story Hill BKC, Saz’s State House, Maxie’s, and Mad Rooster Cafe are all nearby.

Are You Planning to Stay the Night?

The closest hotel is about 1 mile away from the stadium. You have options such as the Fairfield Inn, Aloft Milwaukee downtown, The Brewhouse Inn and Suites, and several others. Prices are reasonable for both weekdays and weekends but if you are looking for a more exciting adventure, you may want to consider driving to downtown Milwaukee after the game.

Beer Drinkers Unite

We are not sure what will happen in the 2021 season but for now, Miller will bring in their beers and microbrews connected to them. Once American Family takes over it will be interesting if they create other beer agreements. It’s very surprising that all this time, Miller did not give discounts on their beer. You can expect to pay anywhere between seven to nine dollars for a Miller beer. They do have other beers and better quality ranging up to $15 per beer.

Getting Your Tickets

Season Tickets – If you’re a big baseball fan and wish to see plenty of games this year a season ticket may be your best bet. There are scores of games each year at home and no one is expecting you to go to every game. This will allow you to either give to friends or sell on sites like StubHub or SeatGeek.

Group Tickets – Another way to get multiple amounts of tickets for different games and varieties. The cost will remain about the same per ticket but the opponent will vary from weak to strong. Price savings will add up fast if you get a group ticket package.

Single-Game Tickets – This is probably the most expensive way to purchase tickets. If you decide to go to any game throughout the year you will most likely pay more than a season ticket holder. Even if the team is playing poorly you will still pay a good amount of money on top of what you would’ve paid had you gotten season tickets.

Last-Minute TicketsBaseball is well known for people purchasing tickets the day of the game or just before the first pitch. If seats are still available people may be willing to sell their tickets for much less. You have an opportunity to get your tickets in multiple sections throughout the stadium. Just be aware that you may not get the exact seats you wish for.

Let’s Look Back at Some Milwaukee Brewers History

The Brewers were founded in 1969 and competed in the central division of the National League. Once known as the Seattle Pilots before they moved to Milwaukee.

The Milwaukee Brewers have yet to win a World Series. They’ve yet to win a pennant in the National League but did win a pennant as an American League team. They have a couple of central division titles and have made different wildcard births.

Some of the Milwaukee Brewers Hall of Famers include Hank Aaron and Rollie Fingers.

More Ticket Information

Listed above are many of the games coming this season. You can always check out sites like  SeatGeek and StubHub for more ticket options. Each game will depend on several different factors so keep that in mind when you’re making your purchase.

Ticket Price History

With baseball interests fading a bit over the last decade you can expect to pay an average of around $30 per ticket, according to SeatGeek. This will, of course, depend on all the factors we talked about on this page. This also includes how the season is going for the particular team. It will not be difficult for you to take the family to a game for a reasonable cost.

You’ll find our frequently asked questions below. These questions will help answer some of the things that may come into your mind when going through the ticket process.

Yes, most games, especially during the week, will have availability on the day of the game. Even last-minute seats will pop up. Keep an eye out for the different sites offering seats.

Waiting for the day of the game against a weaker opponent will get you the cheapest tickets out there. Not to mention deep seats in the park.

We like to think behind the plate within the first 20 rows is your best seat for the experience of the game. If you can afford behind the dugout you’ll definitely have a great time.

We like to think tickets can be purchased when you are ready. Should you see a certain day of the week or opponent you may find better deals than a weekend or strong opponent.


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