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A lot is riding on the Dolphins every year when it comes to winning. Will this be the year they break out and take the AFC East? We are here to help you find the best seats for the game you want to go to. You’ll have a lot of options so be sure to read through what we have to say.

Below is a start of what you can find when buying Dolphins tickets. This includes the preseason, regular season, home/away, and all playoff games should they make it that far, oh, and the Super Bowl. If they are fortunate enough to make the Super Bowl, you will also find those tickets here.

When Should You Buy Miami Dolphins Tickets?

This is probably the most asked question here at TicketsTO. There are some formulas you can use when timing your purchases. At the end of the day, you’ll sometimes save money or pay a little more. Whatever happens, don’t let the purchase price determine the experience you are going to have.

Here is what we know. Two games before the game you want to attend is going to be your best bet. You can take this a little further if you wish. You can look for a game where the Dolphins lose and then make your move on tickets. If the Dolphins are on a winning streak, you may want to be a little patient if you think you’ll save money.

Sellers have a tendency to drop prices if the team is coming off a loss or losing a strong player. There are several different tangibles if the price is going to drop. Keep in mind, that should they go up against a weaker opponent, you may not find significant savings.

Where Should You Sit at Hard Rock Stadium?

Picking the right seat will have all kinds of variables. This will start with price, but in the end, you will have to look at all of the different pieces to the puzzle. Here we will go over some of the sections you should consider.

Lower Level – Anytime you can get a cheap lower-level seat at a football game, you have to take advantage. If you can get access to the Club 72 section, you are going to enjoy the game. If you want to save some money with the same kind of seats, look at sections 117-119. These seats are behind the visitor bench.

The 200 hundred Level –  This is almost always known as the Club level in stadiums. You’ll find some great seats here with some style as well. You’ll have access to really nice lounges around the stadium with a nice assortment of food options. Cleaner bathrooms are a plus as well.

Upper Level – You probably know what this means. Yes, far away seats. Although you’ll be at the game, the view will never be that great. You’ll end up watching a lot of the game on the big screens. Keep this in mind when trying to save some money.

Clubs and Suites – If you are looking to go in style this is the way If you have some money to spend, one of the many different clubs or suites is for you. You’ll have access to all kinds of inclusive food and drinks, personal bathrooms, and many other VIP perks. You will also find way better seating options in terms of furniture. If you want to see replays you can do this as well on the many different TV options.

Park By the Stadium

One of the most annoying things about going to a football game is if you drive. You’ll have to compete with over 20k+ cars for a parking spot. You will have to pony up $20 on average and you should do this ahead of time. If you can find a cheap parking pass, jump on it early. Get this expense out of the way before you go to the game. Get some parking details before you leave.

Food Outside the Stadium

Buying food and drinks in a stadium can cost you an arm and a leg. If you want to save a little money you can check out some of the local restaurants in the area. We listed a couple of options and you can be sure to get a good meal before or after a game.

Lorna’s Caribbean & American Grill – Give some Caribbean a taste before or after a game. It’s a pretty chill spot before you enter a super loud environment like a football stadium. Get your Jamaican jerk going as well. The menu looks great.

World Famous Miami Gardens – This is a great spot for you to check out before a game. A wide range of food with some decent drink specials as well.

Places to Stay Near

If you need to stay overnight in Miami there are plenty of places to choose from. Each hotel will have its benefits over the others, but it will be up to you on what kind of stay you are looking for. Below, we list a couple of different hotels among the dozens available. Remember, Miami is a fairly expensive area so savings on hotels will be a stretch.

Stadium Hotel – This is a fairly reasonable cost hotel considering the area. You may miss some of the amenities you hoped for, but this could be a good spot if you’re looking for a bed on game day. A cool spot to spend the night.

Hilton Aventura Miami – A four-star hotel in the area, the Hilton will always give you a consistent product. You will also pay for that as well. Starting around $175 a night if you are lucky. You will most likely pay a lot more when there is a game in town.

Ticket Considerations

A lot of football fans don’t consider going to a game because they know how expensive the event can be. We’ve taken a step back and hope to provide you with the help you may need. These are two of the many options you have when buying Miami Dolphins tickets.

Season Tickets – If you are a sports fan, you have most definitely heard of season tickets. In football, season tickets are much easier to manage than in other sports. Each year, you will receive tickets to preseason and the normal eight home games. You will have access to playoff games as well if they are good. You can get the seats you want and go to the games you want. You can then sell the tickets to the rest of the games and recoup your money and then some. It’s a great way to purchase tickets in the long run.

Last-Minute Seats – Have you ever thought about going to the stadium without a ticket? Here is your chance to use one of the many amazing ticket apps to get your tickets at the door. Sellers that were asking too much will now have to come down to a level people are willing to pay. You can get last-minute Dolphins tickets right at kickoff and save. This is great for single spectators or people willing to take a little risk.

Miami Dolphins Football History

There is a lot of history behind the Miami Dolphins organization. Here we will break down some of the interesting facts and other things of interest.

The Dolphins were established in 1965 and played their first season in 1966. They’ve always been located in Miami and have been part of the AFC East since the NFL was established.

They have two Super Bowl rings, five conference championships, and several AFC East titles.

If you want rivalry games, you can look directly at the AFC East teams like the Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots, and the New York Jets. Another great rivalry is the cross-state opponent, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

There is so much history about the Miami Dolphins that you can read about, but the one thing that we like to mention about the team is some of the amazing players. In Miami, we have Dan Marino, Larry Csonka, Larry Little, Bob Griese, Jason Taylor, and many more. Be sure to read up on all of the history before attending the next game.

Getting the Tickets to a Game

We work closely with sites like SeatGeek and StubHub to help find you the best deals on tickets. Each year we see prices fluctuate, but there are times when you need to make your move. Always remember to grab the best seats for the experience and don’t worry about saving a few bucks. A lot of people will buy the seats you are looking for and you’ll end up not only losing the seats you want but prices will go up. There are usually only eight Miami Dolphins games a year so you are better off making a strong effort this year to get seats. Good Luck!


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