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The Miami Dolphins are one of the most widely followed teams in the NFL, having a large fan base in Florida and the rest of the United States. The Miami Dolphins hold the distinction of being the only team in the NFL to have had a perfect regular season and to have won the Super Bowl in the same year. A few other teams, and most recently the New England Patriots, have had perfect seasons, but the 1972 Dolphins were the only ones to ever take home the championship in the same year. Tickets to Miami Dolphins games have been hot items ever since then, even when they have an off-year.

The team was founded in 1965, and they play their home games at New Miami Stadium, right outside of Miami, Florida. They’ve won the Super Bowl twice—once in 1972, and again in 1973—and have been to the playoffs many times. They are big rivals of the Buffalo Bills, who play in the same division, and when the two teams meet, tickets to Miami Dolphins games—both home and away—become even more popular than normal. If you want to go to one of these games, you need to act quickly in order to secure the best seats.

Greats like Dan Marino, Bob Griese, Larry Little, and Larry Csonka have played for the team over the years, and although their current team is pretty young, there’s a lot of potential for top-level talent to emerge from them. Whether you love the fish, or you’re chanting “squish the fish” when you watch them play, the Dolphins are an entertaining team to watch, and their home games are always a great outing for friends and family. If you’ve never been to a professional football game, this is one of the best teams to go and watch. They play in a great area that is often warm during the winter months and offers a lot of other things to do, and they have a unique, intense style of play that will keep you going no matter what team you usually root for.

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