MetLife Stadium

Best Seats at MetLife Stadium

Best Seats at MetLife Stadium

MetLife Stadium sits in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Home of both the New York Giants and New York Jets. The stadium opened in 2010 to replace the former home of both teams, but it’s still in the Meadowlands Sports complex. Since its opening, the stadium has already hosted a Super Bowl, and Sundays in the fall and winter are dominated by the NFL. Approximately eight miles from New York City, the stadium draws a large crowd from all over the densely populated area. Aside from football, the venue hosts other sports such as WrestleMania and monster truck rallies.

The stadium also hosts several concerts each season including, in the past, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Taylor Swift, and Kenny Chesney. The variety of performances means there’s something out there for everyone.

Where To Sit

For Sporting Events: As with any ticket purchase, where to sit boils down to budget vs. want. Everyone wants to sit on the 50-yard line and yell at the players, but few people get that opportunity. Let’s be more realistic.

If you’re ready to spend some big bucks and impress your company, check out sections 111C-115C. The sideline tickets put you right behind the home bench as close as you can get without being on the field. If you want to be in the thick of it, there are no better options.

For a great view of the action with a substantially cheaper price tag, look to seats in sections 235-242. The seats range from end zone to end zone, but keep your budget in mind as you browse the options.

Family outings have always been an integral part of sports, so if you’re ready to bring the family, try sections 202B-205B. These mezzanine areas have excellent accessibility for the whole crew without sacrificing your view of the game.

Sometimes, you want to go to the game, but the only focus is the price. That’s fine too! You can find inexpensive tickets when you look in the right places and search for the right times. We recommend sections 328-331. These upper-level corner seats clock in as some of the cheapest in the stadium.

For Concerts: Almost everyone agrees that the best place to enjoy a concert is on the floor right in front of the stage. If being on the floor is not your cup of tea, you can find a head-on view of the stage from sections 124-128. Just like with the sports seats, keep your budget in mind when looking at the head-on tickets.

In MetLife Stadium, the best options for a mix of price and views of the stage are sections 139-142, and 111-112. You get a blend of good proximity to the stage, excellent sound quality, and of course, much easier access in and out of your seats.

Pushing further back to sections 324-327, you’ll find some of the cheapest tickets without sacrificing the great views. If the price is your biggest concern, we suggest starting there and working your way around the upper deck to find the seats you want.

What To Expect When You Arrive

Security and Bag Policy:  All attendees are subject to metal detector screening, visual inspection, and a thorough bag inspection at the entrance The best advice is to not bring a bag at all if you can help it, but if you need one, make sure it’s small and clear. For a full list of policies and what to expect, see the A-Z help page on the stadium’s website.

Parking: MetLife Stadium offers several parking lots on all sides of the stadium. If you plan to arrive early for some tailgating, be sure to check for great deals on parking passes. There are also convenient rideshare options near the stadium entrance if you prefer not to drive.

MetLife Stadium Experience

Being close to the City doesn’t mean you have to go to the city to find some good dining and lodging options. We recommend heading down the road to The Risotto House for a relaxed but delicious Italian meal.

MetLife Stadium sits eight miles west of Manhattan and on the northern outskirts of Newark. There is no shortage of activities in any direction from the complex, so our best advice for enjoying the experience is to browse the area until you find something for everybody. Get out there and find the best seats available at MetLife Stadium.


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