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Metallica announced a pretty massive tour and will be performing all over the world. They will have some major stops in the US, so don’t miss out on getting your Metallica tickets.

The tour will kick off in France in May of 2023 and will end in Europe sometime near the end of that year. Huge 2-day passes will be available for shows. Whether you want to see them in Mexico, SoFi Stadium, or AT&T Stadium, you will have some options.

Listed below will show all of the upcoming events. You can always load more when it comes to finding the best time to buy Metallica tickets.

After firing up the fans in arenas from Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, or Nashville, Metallica will end the tour with a performance at Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, on March 13, 2019.

The party that will take place before the show will feature comedian Jim Breuer and a DJ whose name has not been yet revealed to the public.

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“World Wired” tour follows the release of the band’s tenth studio album – “Hardwired… To Self-Destruct”, which had been nominated in the “Best Rock Album” category of the 2018 Grammy Awards.

The 78-minute double album has been produced by Greg Fidelman and is imprinted under the band’s own label, called “Blackened Recordings” (founded in 2012).

With the longest tracks written by James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich, the album contains echoes from the 1991 eponymous album and from “…And Justice for All” album, released in 1988.

“Hardwired… To Self-Destruct” is the first album without any writing contribution from Kirk Hammett since he joined the band. And that’s because he lost in an airport from Copenhagen his iPhone, which contained the riffs he wrote for the album. However, his absence as a songwriter is fully offset by his highly creative solos.

The 12 tracks album opens with “Hardwired”, proof that Hetfield’s voice sounds good even 35 years after his debut in the band.

In the seventh track of the album, called “Dream no more”, the fans of the band will hear again the reference “Cthulhu” and an intro similar to “Sad but true” song.

The track “ManUNkind” has been co-written by the bassist Robert Trujilo and its dark atmosphere sound is kind of contradicted by its less pleasant black-metal video.

“Murder One” is an alternation of a quiet-loud-quiet-loud performance and pays homage to Lemmy Klimister.

The double album ends with an apocalyptic image of Earth ruled by the technology man created and that has removed its creator. Lars Ulrich transforms “Spit out the bone” into the heaviest track of the album, using powerful drums and galloping riffs.

“Metallica” has released also a deluxe edition of “Hardwired… To Self-Destruct”, which includes a re-recorded version of “Ronnie Rising Medley” and remastered versions of 9 songs originally performed live in California at “Rasputin Music”. The deluxe edition also contains covers for “When a blind man cries” by Deep Purple and “Remember Tomorrow” by Iron Maiden.

Fans all over North America are expecting their favorite band to perform during the “World Wired” tour and also some of its “classic hits” like “Enter Sandman”, “The Unforgiven” or “One”.

Metallica is one of the greatest heavy metal bands of all time and a master of live concerts. The band has won over the years several awards, such as Grammy (for “Best Metal Performance”, “Best Hard Rock Performance “and “Best Rock Instrumental Performance),  2 American Music Awards (for “Favorite Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Artist”), 3 Billboard Music Awards, 2  MTV Video Music Awards and other recognitions.

The band got together after Lars Ulrich posted an ad in the newspaper, looking for a musician he could jam with. Thus, Lars met James Hetfield, who answered that ad. The two musicians came from different environments: James was raised in a strict Christian Science environment, while Dane Ulrich was supposed to become a tennis player like his father. But the interest in the music of “Motorhead” band was the element that united so many different teenagers. They were joined by guitarist Dave Mustaine and bassist Ron McGovney and pretty soon they started making demo tapes and composing songs.

But the structure that defined Metallica as a world-known band came into place only after two replacements: McGovney had been replaced by Clifford Lee Burton (in 1982) and Dave Mustaine (fired from the band due to substance abuse) had been replaced by Kirk Hammett.

In the ‘80s, Metallica was creating a profile that contradicted the image of nice-looking pop-rock bands such as Bon Jovi and Van Halen.

Instead, the band sang about deep subjects: retribution and justice, fear, death, drug addiction, despair, anger, political violence, or mental illness.

And their first success came in 1983, with the album “Kill Em All”.

Yet, three years later, in 1986, the first difficult moment in the band’s existence occurred: bassist Clifford Lee Burton was killed after the band’s tour bus hit a patch of ice on a road in Sweden. It is said that after the accident Hetfield threatened to kill the driver of the bus.

Being the most affected by Burton’s death, Hetfield had agreed to carry on with the band only after Ulrich convinced him to.

His decision was rewarded by the commercial success of the album “…and Justice for All”: the song “One” became the most requested music video on MTV.

It was in 1991 that Metallica gained the status of an international rock star band, with the release of “The Black Album”. However, the strong personalities of both Hetfield and Ulrich have collided several times during the making of this album.

One year later, in 1992, the band was once more struck by tragedy: during the tour with Guns ‘N’ Roses, a technical malfunction ignited a flame that inflicted second-and third-degree burns on James Hetfield’s body. This didn’t keep him away from the music, though: he appeared bandaged 3 weeks later in a performance with his bandmates.

In 1994, after settling outside the court their lawsuit against “Elektra” record company, Metallica thought it was time to adjust to the new era of music, in which the tone was set by bands like Nirvana.

In 1996, the band released the album “Load” and changed its image –  the band members cut their hair – and their songs’ themes, by exploring a few non-metal influences.

In 2000, Metallica lost some of its fans after a battle with “Napster”, a website where fans could download music for free. Aside from the suit against Napster, Metallica asked for the estimated 335,000 users who had downloaded free music belonging to the band, to be banned permanently from the website’s service. But the success the band had the same year on the stadium tour performed with  Kid Rock and Korn showed the fans were pretty forgiving.

In the last 18 years, other interesting things occurred to Metallica: Newsted left the band due to his conflicts with Hetfield (in 2001), “Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster” documentary was released in 2004, “Death Magnetic” album was launched in 2008 and one year later the band was inducted into the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”.

2018 and 2019 seem to be the years in which Metallica will take over once again the senses of their fans, by providing a high-quality live tour in Europe and North America.

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