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Christopher Comstock, who is better known by his stage name Marshmello, is a DJ from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was born in 1992 and is also sometimes referred to as Dotcom. He mostly produces EDM music. Marshmello is one of the classic names in the electronic scene and he is known for wearing a marshmallow helmet that covers his whole head in all his public appearances. This could be the best time to buy Marshmello Tickets. All of the upcoming shows will be listed below for you to check out.

In early 2015, Marshmello first gained traction because of a single he posted on Soundcloud. Other EDM musicians such as Skrillex enjoyed the single and started talking about this new
DJ. At this time, Marshmello’s identity was anonymous but people thought he might be Dotcom. It was not until 2017 that this was confirmed. However, his anonymity did not stop Marshmello from becoming a life of its own.

He started working with famous musicians such as Khalid and Selena Gomez as early as 2016. Marshmello proved that his success could not just be contained within America. Many of his singles have reached high positions on Billboards and charts throughout the world. They have also been certified by platinum from several countries. In 2017, Forbes named Marshmello and placed him 8th on their world’s highest-paid DJs list. Forbes estimated Marshmello’s earnings at $21 million.

Right from the beginning, Marshmello performed at many large EDM events. He was seen at VELD in 2016 and Airbeat One in 2018. He performed to large audiences who partied with him throughout his long sets. In 2019, Marshmello collaborated with the video game called Fortnite and held a concert for it. The concert was held online and in the game. This innovative concert drew in 10 million players who came and watched him online.

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Marshmallow Music

In the EDM scene, Marshmello has an immensely trendy and hip reputation. He is also one of the rare EDM musicians that have attracted people who normally do not enjoy EDM. His instrumentals are almost sugary. His beats create light and uplifting vibes that can make you feel like you are flying in the sky. The hooks and drops are not as intense as a lot of other EDM songs and they are wonderful and wholesome instead.

At Marshmello’s live concerts, everyone is having as much fun as possible. His light hooks are great for dancing because they make your feet feel light too. There is a dreamlike atmosphere at his concerts that brings his sets to an almost fantasy setting. You can escape reality for a bit and feel completely free. His beats lead the way, you just have to follow and let your heart go with all the rest of his fans.

Sugary Experience

Marshmallow has collaborated with many famous musicians from different genres. You may be surprised to find one of your favorite rappers or singers has worked closely with Marshmello. His work is proof of his talent and how recognized he is in the music industry.

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