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Marc Anthony has announced he will embark on a tour to support his album “Opus”, released on the 10th of May. The tour kicks off the 13th of September in Los Angeles, features stops in locations like Las Vegas, Atlanta, and Chicago before wrapping on the 15th of December in Puerto Rico. Other locations may be added to the tour in the following period.

“Opus” is Marc Anthony’s first album in 6 years and is the result of the singer’s collaboration with the producer/pianist Sergio George. The two have worked together before on “Toda a Su Tiempo” from 1995 and on the album “3.0” from 2013, which received Latin platinum certification 8 times. This is also Anthony’s eighth salsa album since “Otra Nota” released in 1993. The album is dominated from beginning to end by Anthony’s impressing voice, which can transmit the deepest emotions, just like he always did.

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Filled with romance and drama and with contributions from songwriters like Oscarcito, Erika Ender, Maluma and Beatriz César, “Opus” displays complex instruments arrangements and sensual lyrics. One more interesting topic is that Anthony turns once again to the musical style that made him famous: salsa. There is salsa in the bass lines and the magnificent coordination of piano and horns that we can hear in the single “Parecen Viernes” released in April this year. There is salsa also in the first single of the album – “Tu Vida en La Mía”, released at the beginning of the year. The single reached #1 on “Billboard’s Tropical Radio Airplay” thanks in part to the high-speed instrumentation line it features.

In tracks “Soy Yo” and “Si Pudiera” Anthony shows why his voice is one the most appreciated in entertainment business: the first minute of “Soy Yo” is a nearly acapella majestic performance, with a soft touch of piano before the song bursts into the chorus, providing the impression we have just been to one of Anthony’s live performances. “Si Pudiera” relies again on the piano and voice, this time for putting in scene a Broadway musical-like track that displays a climbing intensity in both voice and instrumentation up to its peak, only to stop and restart.

All in all, “Opus” is one of Marc Anthony’s best albums, a proof that the Puerto Rican artist remains a landmark in modern, Latin-influenced music.

Born Marco Antonio Muniz on 16th of September 1968 in New York City from Puerto Rican parents, Marc Anthony got his name after Marco Antonio Muniz, a popular Mexican singer. Growing up in NY, Anthony showed early signs of talent. He realized he had a singing voice and needed a supporting stage presence. He achieved that by featuring as a backup vocalist for acts like “Latin Rascals” and “Menudo”. He changed his name to avoid being confused with Marco Antonio Muniz and in

1988 he released his first record called “Rebel”. He wrote songs with Todd Terry and Little Louie Vega and continued to sing in the local clubs of New York In 1992 he served as an opening act for Tito Puente who performed at “Madison Square Garden” from NYC.

He started to become successful locally after he shifted to a more Latin-based musical style, influenced by Spanish language singers such as Juan Gabriel, Ruben Blades and Tito Puente.

His first Spanish-language album called “Otra Nota” was released in 1993 and included the salsa hit “Hasta que te conoci” (“Until I Met You”).

His second salsa album was released in 1995 and was called “Todo asu tiempo”. It received golden certification in U.S. and Puerto Rico, won a Billboard award and was nominated for a Grammy.

3 years later, he played in the stage musical “The Capeman” for 68 performances and a year later he released a new album called “Contra La Coriente”, which won two “Grammy Awards”.

Anthony did also a TV special called “Marc Anthony: The Concert from Madison Square Garden” which was broadcasted by HBO. The next step was the featuring in screen movies:Big Night” (1996) and “Man on Fire” (2004) are just two of the titles from his acting career.

 Released in 2004, the album “Amar Sin Mentiras” had a dancing version in the album “Valio La Pena” which won two “Latin Grammy Awards”. “Amar Sin Mentiras”, released in 2005, brought another “Grammy” to Marc Anthony.

In 2010, the musician paid a tribute to the most important Latin artists such as Juan Gabriel with the album “Iconos”. The salsa album “3.0” released in 2013 received platinum certification and benefited from the supporting tour “Vivir Mi Vida World Tour” named after the hit single with the same title. Marc Anthony continues to enchant his fans, preparing to go on tour to support the newly released album “Opus”.

As for personal life, Marc Anthony was married 4 times. The most famous of his wives is Jennifer Lopez, whom he married on the 5th of June 2004. They split up in 2011 and divorced in June 2014.

A few months later, in November 2014, the singer married the Venezuelan model Shannon De Lima, but they split up in 2016.


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