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Maná, one of the most successful Latin rock bands of all time, will hit the road with their first tour in the last 3 years. The “Rayando el Sol” tour kicks off the 4th of September in Corpus Christi, Texas, includes stops in venues like Dallas, Phoenix, San Diego, Denver and wraps up on the 30th of November in Oakland, California. The tour features several dates stops in Los Angeles, in the longest run of shows at “The Forum” by a Latin group

“Rayando El Sol” tour is named after one of the band’s greatest hits, which defined an impressive artistic career rewarded, among others, with 19 “Billboard Latin Music Awards”, 4 “Grammy Awards” and 8 “Latin Grammy Awards”.

Tickets have already been released for general sale and you can get yours today. The band’s previous live tour took place in 2016 and brought an inspirational message of empowerment and unity to the Latino communities living in the U.S. “Latino Power Tour”, with its 80 tons of live tour gear and sold out venues אתר רשמי.

In 2018, Maná has been honored as “Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year”. The distinction has been awarded for the first time to a band, for the group’s constant support of human rights and preservation of the environment, for their creative achievements and for their consistent contributions to Latin community causes. Carlos Santana, Plácido Domingo, Gloria Estefan, and Julio Iglesias are just a few of the former winners of this distinction.

Maná was formed in 1986 in Guadalajara, Mexico by lead singer Fher Olvero, bassist Juan Diego Calleros, guitarist Ulises Calleros, and Cuban-Colombian drummer Alex González. They released in 1992 their debut called “Falta Amor”. After Ulises’ departure from the band and his replacement with guitarist Cesar Lopez and keyboardist Iván González, the group released “Donde Jugaran los Niños?”, which opened their way to success. It was followed by the album “En Vivo” in 1995, a year in which the guitarist Sergio Vallin first appeared with the band.

Their fame started to become a global one with the release of the album “Sueños Liquidos” in 1997 and the hit “Corazón Espinado” included in Carlos Santana’s “Supernatural” album. In return, Santana performed on the band’s record released in 2002 – “Revolución de Amor”. The album won a Grammy for “Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album” and was followed, 4 years later, by the album “Amar Es Combatir”.  This album reached Top 5 in “Billboard 200”, is the highest debut for an album in Spanish, a language that Fher Olvera, the lead singer of the group, uses for writing the band’ songs. Even though the fans requested also albums in English, Olvera decided for the moment to keep Spanish as his language for writing lyrics, e, especially since even Coldplay’s Chris Martin, encouraged him to stick with the composing in English.

After a live record in 2008, the group released in 2011 the hit album “Drama y Luz”, which reached #1 in “Billboard”. The band’s favorite musical themes, like social and political issues, environment and human rights protection have turned the group into a consistent campaigner for communities’ development. The live tour that supported the album “Drama y Luz” sold around 12 million tickets and was followed by a break, one in which the band composed several singles in the next years. The success of the group and their music crossed borders, musical genres, prejudice, race, and other obstacles. Either in Israel or New York, the band’s reggae and pop-flavored rock is sung out loud, with all the emotion they transmit. The group has worked also with other artists, such as Shakira and Olvero in the single “Mi Verdad” and Dhruv Kumar on “Creatures of Habit”.

In figures, the band’s achievements state more than 40 million albums sold all over the world, 10 singles that reached #1 in charts, as well as one No 1 album in the same chart, numerous platinum and gold certifications.

But Maná represents a lot more than sales and awards: for the past 3 decades, the band has become a voice of the Latin communities around the world, bringing to fans profound messages promoting social justice, the exercise of citizens’ rights, immigration, global equity. Their vibrant music, a crossover of funk, pop, rock, ska, reggae, bolero, and other Latin rhythms draws crowds of all ages to their unique arena shows. Classics hits like “No Ha Parado De Llover” “Rayando el Sol”, “De Pies A Cabeza”, “Labios Compartidos” or “Bendita Tu Luz” have become authentic musical anthems which highlight the best that Latin communities have to offer to their fellow citizens: resilience, strength, endurance and a highly valuable cultural heritage.


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